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  1. I'm in the tournament and I can't get the saved game file to load. Neither can one of my opponents. I've read over the manual, and seem to be doing everything right, yet when I try and load a saved turn from one of my opponents it reads "file error" and will not load.

    It's in the proper directory, can anyone who's done this before suggest anything? This is my first experience with an e-mail game, and so far it's not good!!

    Help a brother out!

  2. Speaking of HQ's - has anyone seen the AI using them as advanced units - driving forward, taking empty towns, etc.? It's been doing a lot of that in the game I'm playing now. I'm the Allies against the Germans in the 1939 scenario - and those HQ's have taken quite a few empty towns and cut off units too.

    Doesn't seem quite right, and I never noticed this in former versions of SC either.

  3. I'm surprised and confused that you haven't taken Antwerp, and have left Ostend and Ypres in Belgian hands (if I'm reading the map right).

    Is there a reason for this? I always take them, but I never get as far into France as you have either. Hmmm - am I blowing it by taking these places? Are you planning on taking them later? Could they be used to land Allied troops in your rear?

    I'm just full of questions aren't I?

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