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  1. NO its WE GO the resolution of each phase is simultaneous. But not real time (you almost had me there)
  2. If the action takes place simultaneously it is not turn based. Think of chess being turn based, you both don't simultaneously move, or XCOM2 which is classed as turn-based tactical, the player makes all the moves while the AI opponent stays frozen. WEGO, Realtime, and UGOIGO aka tactical turn based. Those are the 3 types. CM definitely is WEGO switchable to Realtime.
  3. Once you have figured all settings that are optimal, I would like to see a screen shot or list. I would like to try these settings as well.
  4. Great Idea @omelet. Kind of like what we have with the canadians speaking Mercan. But it works, which is good enough for me.
  5. I suffered from Montezuma's revenge once. But I was in the middle-east at the time. Go figure.
  6. Hey, that's false advertising 😀😀😀😀😀
  7. I was about to think things did not look as detailed. Then i remembered whenever a module is added to check my settings. Sure enough 3D and texture quality was bumped back to mid from the install. So I maxed them out again. Looks great!
  8. Even before I scrolled down to your thread I was just thinkin we need PBR Streetgang!
  9. Actually Kriegsmarine battalion commander in game is Kapitänleutnant by all appearance, not Ensign according to UI.
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