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    WIN10 and CMAK/CMBB

    Thank you very much for this detailed answer. I have the CVD 1.03 version of CMBB installed on my Windows 10 PC. I have installed in another than the default folder, I am running in administrator mode and I have tried all of the available compatibility options. The game simply does not start; nothing happens at all when I run the .exe. I would purchase the battlefront store version to run this game again, but I do not know if it would work on my PC. I wish they would make CMBB work again, this was my favourite all-time game, unmatched in detail, in scope, in editor use, in moddability and replayability.
  2. Krautman

    WIN10 and CMAK/CMBB

    Pardon me Tom, how did you get this problem solved? I have the same (CDV version + Windows 10), and neither 1.03 nor 1.04 CMBB seems to work at all.
  3. Hi Battlefront staff, I recently re-discovered my old CMBB CD (European CDV version) and decided to install the game on my Windows 7 PC. Since I have a Radeon, I got some ugly big splotches hanging in the sky, usually black, but changing colour whenever I moved them over another dark surface. Anyhow, a forum user reported the 1.04 patch helped with that. I thus downloaded the 1.04 demo and it worked nicely - no splotches. I then bought the patch and installed it. My cursor looks glitchy, I had to do some renaming of folders (my original version being German), and now my game is effectively English (language-wise), but other than that, no problems so far. No splotches. You might imagine my joy when I finally rediscovered a CD with all my favourite graphics and sound mods (AndrewTF - you're the man). The $5 were a great investment. Thanks for keeping the old classics playable!
  4. Thanks for the replies. agusto, the modern codpiece you refer to is indeed impressive in its size, but unfortunately it is part of a garb that tries to make its wearer look like dirt. Modern soldiers' dress simply is aesthetically unpleasing; some soldiers even have, after millions of years of evolution, made it their highest ambition to turn into plants. They are appropriately named after a little bird with an erratic flight pattern; in German, that bird even is proverbially known for its promiscuous behaviour. Michael, the game you mentioned actually seems to be set in the 16th century, during the great religious wars and the Habsburg-Valois strife; I found it on Boardgame geek. So thanks again!
  5. In modern wargaming, the codpiece is most shamefully underrepresented. At least to my knowledge, but perhaps I err. So is there any good 16th century game around? I'd prefer something not too complex (John Tiller complex) maybe, depicting, e.g., Habsburg vs Valois, Swiss vs. Landsknecht, Huguenot vs. Papist, Dutch vs. Spanish, pike vs. shot vs. lance/pistol vs. artillery? Could be grand strategic, strategic or tactical; could be board or computer. If you know a must-have book, I'd also be interested (I got Oman, Parker, Black already). Let's return the codpiece to where it belongs - the centre of attention of wargaming! Thanks in advance.
  6. - too impatient, post deleted -
  7. Thanks for your interesting and helpful answers.
  8. I do not own CMBN as I plan to stick with CMBB for the time being. However, I have a question to those of you who played both CM1 (I mean CMBO, CMBB and CMAK) and CMBN. In CM1, infantry firepower was highly abstracted in form of a firepower value for the entire squad. In CM2/CMBN, there is a much lower degree of abstraction in that, to my knowlegde, each shooter is simulated individually. Does CMBN infantry nevertheless behave similarly to CMAK infantry? For instance: If an American and a German rifle squad encounter in CMBN, are the result similar to what would happen in CMAK? The reason I ask is that I really like the way squads were represented in CM1. I wonder whether this representation was one which got credible results despite the high degree of abstraction, and CMBN seems to enable a good comparison. Thanks in andvance K.
  9. Hello, I would like read about two somewhat grognardish topics, could you perhaps recommend to me the most useful books and/or internet sources? I can read English, German and French. These are my questions: 1. How actually could Germany bring the Soviet Union to the brink of destruction with what it had available in 1941-1942? I know, it sounds like a very stupid question, but from reading through this forum I guess a convincing answer is not that easily given. 2. How did infantry and tanks attack and defend in the World Wars? I mean, on lower (maybe up to battalion?) level? Is there a comparative synchronic or diachronic account which evaluates different tactical approaches? What impact did technology and mentality have on the development of such tactics? And which difference - on local as well as on operational level - did tactical improvements make once they were successfully implemented? There is a reasonably-priced copy of "Das Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg 4: Der Angriff auf die Sowjetunion" available. I also could get Erwin Rommel's "Infanterie greift an" and Rudolf Steiger's "Panzertaktik 1939-1941". Are these worth buying? Which other books could you recommend? Thanks in advance, K.
  10. Krautman

    Russian front

    Well, to be honest, it was not until the second reading that the lightbulb appeared on my head... And yes, you're absolutely right, I do prefer an early late war game to a late early war game. Lately, however, I've come to realise - early enough - that I'd wish for an early war game which comes earlier, in summer at the latest, later to be followed by a late war game, to be published as early as next winter.
  11. Krautman

    Russian front

    I wish they would proceed chronologically. Is the general gamers' preference/sell-ability with late war games then? I always found lots of opponents who were willing to take me on in summer '41 battles. Wait - maybe that was because I chose the Axis...
  12. Krautman

    Russian front

    Too bad no East Front 41-42 title is definitely planned. I really prefer nice squeaky T-26s and Pz 38(t)As to big cats and 34/85s. Hail to the tin can!
  13. Thanks all for the replies. I checked the AGEOD game and it looks promising, maybe a bit too much complexity for me. I also found a Horse & Musket 2 demo. Works fine, and in the editor, you can change each and every single parameter you would ever think of. The graphics are very basic - that's no concern for me. Yet the game itself is strange. The initiative system is WEIRD, I'm not sure I like it. As to BFC not wanting to publish a musket age title, that's a shame. Supreme manliness is not crawling on the ground in camo dress, hiding in a trench or an armoured tank, but showing yourself erect and openly to the enemy in a fancy bright uniform with laces and quillings. Maybe AndrewTF could be prevailed upon to do a powdered whig mod for the CM infantry skins.
  14. Hi lads, I am an 18th century uniforms enthusiast, and ever since getting the hang on wargames (the CM series hooked me up, CMBB being my most favourite game ever), I have a deep yearning to play men in brightly coloured coats, tight pants and knee-high gaiters, whose officers, as true men of valour, wear make-up and powdered whigs, waving perfumed hankies in battle. Maybe once there will be a 'Combat Mission: Lobositz to Hubertusburg' (CM:LH)? BFC, please fix or do somefink. After all, Wehrmacht greatcoats and Red Army officers' caps look nice and such, but they can't even remotely stand up to Zieten's parade dress with the leopard skin and the yellow boots. Until CM:LH, there must be other alternatives. Recently, I stumbled across Matrix Games, and they have this "Horse and Musket: Volume I" Game which really looks nice. Does anyone know whether this game is worth the purchase? And can you create own scenarios from scratch with a comparable liberty as the CM editor offers (i.e., completely open design of terrain, forces, victory conditions)? Furthermore, I live in a remote region and might have to download the game. My problem is that I don't have an internet connection at home. Is it possible to pack the downloaded game files onto a CD and get them to another PC, or does the downloaded game only work on the PC you downloaded it to? Finally: Could you recommend other strategy/tactics games on 18th ct warfare or the WWII eastern front of intermediate to advanced complexity? And will there be a new eastern front CM (who cares for Normandy anyway)? BFC: I know this is not really the right forum to post this, sorry, but the Matrix Games forums are not well frequented, and guys around here always seemed willing to help.
  15. Krautman

    New CMC screenshots

    It's maybe the wrong place to ask this question, but will there be a CDV(or CDV-compatible) version? In the FAQ it says CMC will only be available via mail order, which to me implies there's no CDV version.