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  1. ...Doesn't matter how bad I might feel, stop in here for a bit and I have a smile on my face.
  2. yes, you're right. After High School I joined the army in July of 68 ..18 yrs. old. Yes I said joined ..not so bright I guess but I did it. Got out of the army and home from nam in 71.
  3. LOL ...yes, I'm pretty sure I did not dream that I was there.
  4. What he said. I like your kind of annoying. Small unit action is what I crave. We must be a very small minority.
  5. I'm sorry ...I read your post wrong. I thought you were saying you had to re-buy to get the master installer. I just re-read and see I was wrong. My apologies.
  6. If that is a true statement ...then that is why I have not bought the vehicle pack or the scenario pack and probably never will. I'm not going to do the Falcon dance ..(any old Falcon 4.0 devotees know what I mean).
  7. I too have a problem with Deadlines just like you ...in scenarios, but we won't go there.
  8. I turned 66 this month and I served in nam 70-71
  9. So ..I took another look at the shaders being off when starting the game. I didn't try all of the scenarios but it seems that it only happens with one in particular. Kind of odd but I would say nothing to worry about.
  10. Forgot to add ...I am not using a laptop, it's a desk top gaming rig. Also this is not a game breaker by any means, just a little quality of life thingy. Not a big deal at the moment, just a fyi.
  11. Same thing here, full game, win10. Shaders turned on in options, start a battle ..shaders are off. Turn shaders on with hotkeys, exit out and shut game down. Start game back up and check options, shaders are on. Start battle shaders are off ..have to use hotkeys to turn on. Never noticed this until someone pointed it out. So, yes it's happening.
  12. I thought they said around the first of May or after.
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