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  1. Bayfire, You can start a game and send it to me if you want. We could play SC2 or SC2 WaW. I'm not that good but trying to get better. I don't know how to play TCP/IP. After Christmas I will have a few days. I could learn how to set it up and we could get a game going TCP/IP. In the meantime you can start the game and send the turn to Juanpata@hotmail.com. I'm in Maine so 3 hours ahead time wise. Let me know of any ground rules you prefer. The only one I know of is not moving neutral navies. Hope to get a turn from you soon. John Mac
  2. I don't have the ad-ons yet. I am strictly a poor intermediate player but I'll play anyone at this point even if I will be crushed. I don't know how to play on a network yet and I don't generally have the time to do it. But I will try if you prefer. I like e-mail because I can do a turn or two per day. I probably will get the ad-ons after the new year. John Mac
  3. I just got the game about a month ago. I'm still playing the AI. I am trying to have an early, successful Sealion without triggering the Russians. I have read some hours worth of previous posts and have not come across strategies. Anyone willing to share a strategy vs. the AI? Thanks. Mac
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