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  1. Well, congratulate me, and then commiserate with me. I completed the mission with one PT boat intact! http://www.subsim.com/ssr/pt_boats/review/review36.jpg But after heading south, I ended the mission...it will not let me go on to the next mission. Why won't it let me progress to the next mission? Has anyone completed the whole campaign? So I guess that's the end of my campaign, time to write my review
  2. HOW do you manage the patrol boats? There are at least 5 of them and only two of us. Can't let the rocket boats get anywhere near them or they get crushed in a second.
  3. I believe this is the 4th campaign, 2nd mission, where I need to take two PT boats and two rocket PT boats, fight off 8 enemy patrols and take out the airfield on the island. After about 30 tries, I am stumped. Any suggestions? Anyway to hack the mission and get rid of about 5 of the enemy boats?
  4. Thanks for that, worked like a charm. Neal
  5. Any updates on this game? thanks Neal
  6. Yes, we would like to do a preview in Subsim.com when the time is right.
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