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  1. Hi Schrullenhaft, Thanks .. I did that yesterday, .. and even though the Ticket I submitted specifically indicated that I required RE-activations, .. I received an e-mail asking if my request is for 'manual' or 'additional' activations. ??? I have replied to the e-mail. Thanks Tom
  2. Hi, I posted this yesterday in the General Discussion forum as it covered all the CMx2 modules. However, It's been suggested that I post it here. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=110378 Thanks Cheers Tom
  3. Good Day, I recently had to change my Motherboard, and, consquently, all my CMx2 games and Modules need re-activating. All my CMSF & Modules .. re-activated fine. Attempting to run CMBN + 2.0 upgrade plus Commonwealth Forces, results in License Error. I did try to re-install CMFI and Gustav Line, .. but, attempting to run CMFI results in 'Error: Errorcode' (very informative .. ) So, my question is: Do I have to submit a ticket for every Game & Module, or, would one ticket suffice, ... with the additional game & module info posted in the Message Details section of the Support Ticket? Thanks and Regards Tom
  4. Hi, Thanks, .. I know what a desktop.ini is and does. I want to know why CMFI is creating one on my desktop. Plus, if you read my earlier post .. it contains no data whatsoever. No other Programs create one on my desktop , including CMBN & CMSF. CMFI should not be doing it. Cheers Tom
  5. Hi, Everytime I load CMFI, a desktop.ini (hidden) file gets created and placed on my desktop. It has 0 bytes and contains nothing. What's that all about? Running Windows 7 - 32bit Regards Tom
  6. Amazon App Store is ONLY available in the United States, thus, for those of us NOT living in the U.S., .... CM:Touch is not available. Please get in on Google Play soonest ... Thanks Tom South Africa <--- NOT United States ..
  7. Hi, After having played CMBN for the past couple of months, and activating it the first time on the day of purchase, May 21, .. when I clicked on the Icon to play today, ... the advert banner thing popped up, prompting me to 'Buy Now'! Huh!? Although I was able to activate it ok, no doubt using one of my 'remaining' activations, is there any 'logical' reason why CMBN became de-activated? I hadn't played CMBN since last week, but, aside from installing a new mouse, nothing else has changed. Prior to that, numerous other bit and bobs had been changed, or re-configured, with no 'apparent' adverse affect on CMBN. It ran fine, ... until today. I checked the Admin Rights, and what-not (Windows 7), and all seems ok there. However, the one thing I did notice, is that neither the desktop icon, nor the actual .exe itself, has the little blue and yellow shield. Can't say that I noticed if it ever had the shield. My CMSF desktop icon and .exe both have the admin shield. Not really sure if that is in any way significant. Anyhoo, I'm obviously 1 additional activation down, for no apparent reason. I'd very much like to know why? Colour me disconcerted ... :-) Any Ideas ... ??? Cheers Tom
  8. I find this very confusing as well. Anti-Tank crews that abandon their Guns, should have either a crew or infantry icon. Kinda weird to see AT Guns guns running all over the place. Sometimes I'm very hesitant to advance my armour, as I can still see an enemy AT icon. Meantime, the AT gun has been knocked out, and all I'm seeing is the crew. Is this something that will get fixed in a future patch? Regards Tom
  9. Hi .. and Happy New year Update on my 'Quick Battle' troubles. As I mentioned previously, .. I purchased the CMSF+Marines as a combined install. I experience all of the problems aforementioned, .. by myself and others. However, .. if I disable the Marines Module (by renaming the Modules folder), ... then 'Quick Battle' works perfectly. I've tried various force sizes, .. terrain etc. etc., .. and it all works perfectly everytime. ... not even a stall at 77% ... it just breezes through .. :-) As soon as I re-enable the Marines, .. all the problems return, .. i.e. stalling, crashing, switching sides, disappearing units, difficulty levels not correct, .. etc. etc.. Might there be some issue with the Combined Install? ... I only say that, as some in this thread have mentioned that they have Marines as well. Not sure whether they installed as an Addon, .. or 1 Combined Installation, .. as in my case. Well, .. at least I can play Quick Battles now, ... albeit without Marines ... :-( Cheers Tom
  10. Hi I said previously:- Update: I uninstalled everything, .. and re-installed CMSF+Marines Version 1.10 ... (no patch), .. and still have problems with Quick Battles. Now, having played around with it a whole lot more, .. I sometimes get crashes as well. Once it gets to 77%, .. it sits there for a loooonnnng time, .. then crashes. A couple of times with the same offset value .. i.e. 0001ceb8 (App Name: cm shock force.exe) A couple of times, it has just crashed out to the desktop, .. without any errors at all. Seems very intermittent and inconsistent. Thus far, .. I have had no problems with Battles or Campaigns. Cheers Tom
  11. Hi Mark No, .. not upset at all. The nature of your posts suggested that, .. whatever the problem was, .. was MY problem. You seemed fixated on the 77% stall issue, .. which, in itself .. may not be a/the problem. I am/was more concerned about thingies disappearing (like most of my Tanks) during a Quick Battle, .. the Question Marks floating about (Basic Training), .. and the inability to save a Quick Battle. Anyhoo, .. no harm done, .. I appreciate you trying to help anyway. .. :-) Hopefully the issue will get sorted ... Cheers Tom
  12. Mark Sorry, .. but I'm beginning to get a wee bit peeved by your responses. Did you NOT read my 1st post in this thread. I bought CMSF+Marines on Monday (this week) and installed. I then installed the Marines 1.11 Patch. Quick Battles ONLY do not work correctly. Battles, Campaigns etc are working fine. On a 2nd machines I did the exact same NEW install, .. BUT, .. did NOT install the Marines 1.11 patch. Quick battles work FINE on this install. No Idea what the heck this means!! ... are you saying you have CMSF only, .. and NOT the Marines Module? Umm, .. I think it's Battlefront that need to find the cause. Something is wrong, .. a few people are experiencing the same problem. Cheers Tom
  13. Mark Umm! ... sorry, .. not sure where you are getting your info, .. but a 6 drive RAID 5 (7200 rpm in my case), .. will load (read) +- 6x faster than any standalone drive. My average read speed is 285 Mb per sec. Even using 5400 RPM drives, .. It will still be +- 5x faster than a standalone drive. RAID 5 reads from all drives simultaneously, .. so, .. if 1 drive could xfer at 50 Mb per sec, .. then 6 drives are each xferring 50 Mb per sec, .. and because of the striping across the drives, .. that would equate theoretically to 6x 50 = 300. BTW, .. the difference between RAID 5 and RAID 6 is that, whereas RAID 5 uses 1 drive for redundancy, .. RAID 6 uses 2. These are not SPARE, .. they are read from as per normal, .. but, because of the methodology utilized, .. you effectively lose the capacity of 1 (RAID5) or 2 (RAID 6) drives. i.e. 6x 500 Gb = 2500 Gb usable capacity for RAID 5 and 2000 Gb for RAID 6. Even a 2x RAID 0, .. will, on average be twice as fast as a standalone drive (albeit with no redundancy). In any event, .. the stalling is NOT a hardware issue at all. BOTH my machines stall at 77%, .. and when I stay stall, .. I'm talking +- 15 secs on Machine 1 (RAID 5), .. and +- 25 secs on Machine 2 (RAID 0). Hardly a major issue really, .. but, .. one that a few other people have noticed, ... when running a Quick Battle. Whether it's related to the funny goings on that occur with Quick Battles, .. I can't say. Cheers Tom
  14. Hi Mark Using Windows XP Pro with SP3 on both Machines ... Machine 1: ( CMSF 1.11) .. Intel E8400 (C2D Dual) .. @ 3 Ghz .. 2 Gb Ram .. GTX 260/216 Machine 2: ( CMSF 1.10) .. Intel Q6600 (C2D Quad) .. @ 3.2 Ghz .. 2 Gb Ram .. GTX 8800 Quick Battles on both machines are set for 'Small' .. Doubt it very much indeed, .. as Machine 1 (CMSF 1.11) has a 6 Drive RAID 5 Array .. so, should be blinking fast. Machine 2 (CMSF 1.10) .. has a 2x 500 Gb RAID 0 Array. So, BOTH machines are stalling at 77% ... so, highly unlikely that either of my machines is at fault here. Bear in mind, .. that although both machines stall at 77%, .. only Machine 1, .. running CMSF 1.11, .. has the problems with Quick Battles. Cheers Tom
  15. Good Day I did mention that I was experiencing the same issues with Quick Battles, .. in the general discussion area, .. but, I'll re-iterate here, .. and note some other observations I have made since my previous posting. I purchased and downloaded CMSF and The Marines module (combined), .. from Battlefront, .. on Monday. I also downloaded the Marines Patch version 1.11 Installed version was 1.10 ... I launched the game, .. did the License thingie .. changed my options etc., .. and exited. I then installed the 1.11 patch, .. and re-launched the game. Battles and everything else seemed fine. Tried a Quick Battle, .. and that's when I started having problems. I was experiencing the same symptoms as many others on this thread, .. including the stalling at 77%, .. and unable to Save the Game, .. given the gibberish in the File Name field, .. which cannot be deleted or changed. Now, .. being new to the game .. I set the difficulty level at .. Basic Infantry. Played a few QBs now, .. where I essentially have 4 Abrams Tanks, .. and have tried Attack and Meeting Engagement scenarios. As soon as the Mission starts, .. and I 'START' the game, .. as soon as I select one of the Tanks, .. the other 3 either disappear completely, .. or I get the '?' icon, .. where the other Tanks should be. Double clicking on any Tank (select all), .. brings them all back again. Anyway, .. once having advanced somewhat, .. and have made contact with the Enemy, .. I get '?' marks for them as well. Occasionally, .. the '?' will change to the identified Unit Type etc.. BUT, .. I'm in 'Basic Training' level, .. and, it should be displaying 'Identified' Unit Types at all times. Another thing I noticed, .. is that, even though I have selected "Basic Training' as the difficulty level, .. if I exit the QB, .. and/or Exit the game, .. the next time I go back into a Quick Battle, .. it defaults to the 'IRON' difficulty level. Huh? ... it should be retaining the previously set Difficulty level, .. as it does in 'Battle'. ... Could there be some glitch in the Difficulty levels??, .. that is causing these problems. Not sure if it would affect the File Name issue though. Anyway, .. what I did today, .. was install the CMSF+Marines (vers. 1.10) onto one of my other PCs. However, .. I did not install the Marines 1.11 patch. Quick Battles now work correctly, .. i.e. at 'Basic Infantry' level, .. I get no '?' and no disappearing units. However, .. I did notice that I still get the 'apparent' stall at 77%, .. so, not sure how relevant that is, .. to the problems. SO, .. the problems with 'Quick Battles', .. seems, .. for me anyway, .. to be related to the 1.11 patch. Hope you fellas can resolve it soon, ... as I do love my Quick Battles .. :-) Bring on the Brits ... (it's one of the reasons I decided to purchase CMSF) .. I'm a patriot .. :-) Cheers Tom
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