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  1. Hi everybody I was wondering while currently playing H2H PBEM games (with no floating icons because I prefer immersion, so I won't change that) that in CMRT if I toggle the trees to "stumps only" I get a comfortable viewing distance where the foliage toggles away for the near trees, so I can easily find my guys and further out the trees have there foliage still on and i am able to see what terrain has trees, so I get the best of both worlds. But in CMBN I feel that the "tree toggling distance" or rather "the trees get their foliage back although toggled" distance is much farther out and therefore looking not really good .... So my Q is, anybody knows if there is a value in a ini. file or something where I can set the "disappearing distance" for foliage ?
  2. Nice vid about 9M123 Khrizantema http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a6e_1382516899&comments=1
  3. That is my understanding as well ...... kinda like the invisible stealth StuG
  4. What about this in the OP ? "recon units with binoculars on a hill directly observing that spot for the better of 15 mins"
  5. Anyways, just for fun I will try to shoot a clear path with a few Tigers with area fire ... let's see if that works ......
  6. And thats what confuses me, I can blow a hole in the bocage with is visually far more "unpenetrable" as those light undergrowth areas unpassable for AFVs .....
  7. And I am talking about very small strips of undergrowth with maybe on or two trees between them, not dense woods areas ..... but you guys made valid points .. if you want to check out what I mean, it is the CMRT Firebrigabe Van Saucken map and it is on the far left side of the german setup area move along that map edge far towards the road objective ....
  8. Thanks guys. I wonder why I always get these Panzer Engineers on maps with lots of woods and no urban areas ..... maybe those satchels are there only for .... ?
  9. I tried with a blast command through the undergrowth but nothing, they just move - I tried with giving a area fire command but they just fire weapons and throw the occasional grenade but don't use a satchel .... I need to clear a path for my AFVs ... it would seem like the pioneers should be capable of this or otherwise they are a little useless without mine fields .....
  10. I find the deadliness of the russian infantry in the woods magnified by the reluctance of the german troops to throw their damn grenades ...... they die without throwing even one nade with the enemy close, but have readily 10 in their posession - frustrating as hell - and they don't throw them most of the time even if given an area fire order close by ...
  11. Sadly this is how it ends for the ppl who enjoy and treasure those mods - someones butthurt spoils it for everybody - why not keep it to PM at first instead of assaulting ones (Veins) character frontally on the board ? Pls Vein don't stop, mate - your mods are freaking fantastic !
  12. I volunteered and hope my long time H2H partner will agree ;-))
  13. Now that we should have fire, actually I never really saw real fire ingame yet, only some teeny bits of it inside buildings, we should have Molotov Cocktails too, like in CMBB - that sound of breaking glass alone was worth the price of admisson - Ahh sweet, sweet memories ! Maybe in a game down the road dealing with russian front in '41
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