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  1. Hi, ChrisND-- Thanks for hosting these sessions; I took a several year sabbatical from CM but am now back with CMFB, and yesterday's live stream was very helpful and informative. It definitely got me motivated to jump back in and start playing. I did have a quick question on the JagdTiger's deployment by the AI, though. If you were managing the German defenses, would you have allowed the JagdTiger to move up and into the town? I would have thought that it might be a better use of this asset to keep it as far away as possible from enemy forces (particularly those in a built up area), perhaps in an overwatch position up on the ridge behind the town (I missed the first 20 minutes of your live stream when I suspect you overviewed the terrain, so perhaps there wasn't as good of a LOS from there as it seemed...)? Anyway, thanks again for a very entertaining and educational session (BTW, don't drop the soap in Leavenworth...)! :^)
  2. I finally tried an experiment on this, and if anyone cares :^) you will indeed lose the entire game if you try and "end" the 1.10 game under the 2.0 installation of H2HH (that is, you lose your Dropbox folders, etc.). At least, that's what happened to me.... Everyone can sleep easier tonight now knowing the answer. :^)
  3. I know that everyone has been hanging on the edge of their seats about the resolution of this problem, and it can be found here: http://webandofbrothers.yuku.com/topic/16173/Re-HTH-and-MP2?page=-1#.UPsYgugYLmE. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Kip-- Thanks very much for your help! I have gone in and verified that the game name ("Attack on Verrieries Ridge (H2H)") and the game file folder name ("/Users/myname/Dropbox/Attack on Verrieries Ridge (H2H)") all seem to match and to be accurate. I've also gone into "Game > Edit" and used the browse function to ensure that H2HH is going to the right Dropbox folder for the CMBN game in question, just to be sure. Additionally, I've verified that my CMBN 2.0 installation in H2HH is pointing to the right game version of CMBN ("/Applications/Battlefront/CM Battle for Normandy/CM Battle for Normandy.app") as well as the correct installation executable ("/Applications/Battlefront/CM Battle for Normandy/CM Battle for Normandy.app"). Moreover, the CMBN installation in H2HH seems to be pointing to the proper Dropbox location as well ("/Users/myname/Dropbox"). As you suggest, I can go in manually to my Dropbox folder and copy and paste my game files and manually put them into either my incoming or my outgoing folder so I can see them in the game, but for some reason H2HH 2.4.3 has stopped working, at least for my most recent game. Lastly, as I alluded to above, the only real change I've made recently is to have both CMBN 1.10 and CMBN 2.0 side by side in H2HH, so I can finish some ongoing PBEM games but start my new games, such as "Attack on Verrieries Ridge (H2H)", with CMBN 2.0. Interestingly, my existing 1.10 games show up both under the CMBN 1.10 installation of H2HH as well as the CMBN 2.0 installation, but this new game only shows up under the CMBN 2.0 installation of H2HH. It's not updating to show when new files are added, even manually, and oddly enough the "number of days waiting" section started at 15714 days, and just incremented today to 15715 days. Of course, I have no idea what any of this means or if it's relevant in any way.... :^) If you or anyone else has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate them as H2HH is a phenomenal tool and makes the whole PBEM experience far superior to playing without it. I'm very tempted to go in and "end" my 1.10 games that are showing up under my CMBN 2.0 installation to see if that helps, but I'm afraid that this will end those games completely. Anyway, sorry to ramble on but I'm desperate for any suggestions to get my H2HH 2.4.3 iMac installation up and running again. Thanks! Sabot6
  5. Hi, Kip-- I've seemed to run into some difficulties with H2HH recently as well, and I was wondering how you were able to see your game files? I've recently created two installations of CMBN on my iMac, one for 1.10 for ongoing PBEM games and another for 2.0 for new games. From what I can tell, all of the directory paths seem to be correct but now H2HH 2.4.3 doesn't seem to be pulling game files from Dropbox; instead, I need to go into my Dropbox folder, copy the turn and then paste it into my incoming folder to be able to see the turn when I load CMBN. I also need to do something similar for my outgoing turns: it seems as if I need to manually copy and paste them into my Dropbox folder for my opponents to be able to see them. Thanks!
  6. Hi-- I've installed both CMBN + CW 1.10 and CMBN +CW 2.0 on my iMac, and all now seems to be well. I noticed in H2HH, though, that my 1.10 games also show up under the 2.0 installation in H2HH, and vice versa. Does anyone know if I "end" the 1.10 games showing up under the 2.0 installation, will that tidy things up so that my 1.10 games only show up under the 1.10 installation in H2HH, or will I end up ending the games completely? I hope this question makes sense, and thanks in advance for any and all responses!
  7. Hi, Mac Users-- I'm still relatively new to the Apple environment, and am not particularly technical (at all). I want to upgrade CMBN to 2.0 (after first upgrading to the 1.11 patch, which I believe I have to do), but I do have a few games that are still going on under CMBN 1.10. I know that I can play these games in CMBN 2.0 if both parties upgrade, and if I save my PBEM turn during the "Command" phase (I think). Rather than try and do all of this coordination, though, I believe I can also copy my CMBN 1.10 folder and rename it to something clever such as "CMBN 1.10", and then patch my base CMBN game to 1.11 and then upgrade it to 2.0. I also understand that H2HH will be able to support this as well, and will show the multiple instances of CMBN (which is very cool!). Assuming that this makes some sense, is it as simple in the Mac environment as using the "copy" function (right click to bring the "Copy" function up when my CMBN folder is highlighted), paste it to my desktop, rename it to "CMBN 1.10" and then move it back to the "applications" section of my hard drive? Then, I patch my original CMBN game to 1.11 and then upgrade it to 2.0? Sometimes when I try to move files back and forth (for example, when I'm trying out new mod's in my "Z" folder), I end up with something which I believe Apple calls an "Alias" file, which never seems to be the file itself but some sort of place holder. When this happens, I'm never able to find the original file, even when I use the "Finder" function. So, I'm a bit reluctant to just jump right in without some adult supervision. Anyway, if some one could verify that this is the right procedure to follow (or alternatively, provide me with the remedial steps to have both CMBN 1.10 and CMBN 2.0 residing on my Mac), I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, Stephsen-- I'm running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5, and it looks like all of my software updates are current. I'll keep my eye out for the patch; thanks! Hi, Phil-- I actually cannot hear either the incoming "whoooosh" or the resultant explosion, which gives a whole new meaning to the colloquialism "silent but deadly".... :^)
  9. Hi, Stephsen-- I downloaded your sound mod of GAJ's CMMODS site, unpacked it and installed the master folder entitled "SFX_1.2.5" into my Z Folder (I also removed my existing sound mods--AKD's v2.01, Dietrich's German Voices v1.0 and Vein's sounds v1.0--but kept Mord's Immersive American Voices v1.0A). Anyway, the sounds I heard sounded great--many thanks for the hard work! Unfortunately, though, for me the sound would periodically cut out completely, and would fade away rapidly as I moved away from the action. In fact, if I'm observing the action from "Level 4", I'll often not hear anything. Lastly, mortar explosions are silent.... Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong, as it sounds like a fantastic mod...? Thanks again for your hard work!
  10. Is this mod compatible with "Mords_Immersive_American_Voices_Mod_V1.0A"? Thanks!
  11. I'm curious why a German 81MM mortar team cannot directly target a TRP to which it doesn't have direct LOS, but instead needs an in-contact HQ unit to successfully launch the mission through the "artillery support" window (i.e., going into the HQ's artillery support window to schedule the barrage with the mortar team, rather than having the mortar team itself target the TRP directly without intervention or support from the HQ unit)? I'm not complaining or suggesting that there's a bug or anything; rather, I'm just curious as to what the RL reasons are for this. Is is something like only HQ units have the coordinates to the TRP and the mortar teams do not (and if so, would the reason for this be the need for higher command intervention before an artillery mission is launched at a location out of LOS)? Thanks! Sabot6
  12. Here's an update for anyone who might have an interest: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/24/world/europe/code-found-on-pigeon-baffles-british-cryptographers.html?_r=0. Best, Sabot6
  13. Sigh...Yep, that's exactly what happened. I finally direct-targeted one of his squads at a range of about 200 meters, and my HMG let go a burst. The rangers took off perpendicularly to my LOF, and while I believe they were within my LOF for about 40 seconds or so and multiple bursts were fired, I was just able to eke out one KIA before they escaped into some woods. Most unsatisfying and not the result I had hoped for! :^) And to add insult to injury, now my HMG is under withering incoming fire. Ah, well--I should have stayed with the dream rather than pushed my luck for the reality; at least that way, I'd have had a good excuse if the game doesn't go my way.... :^)
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