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  1. At the start of every turn or if you purchase a unit for any Allied country it always brings them up to place. Since the city is not controlled they can not be placed until you take back the city.
  2. It happens if you lose Stalingrad before the auto-reinforcements are placed. They stay in the placement queue until the city is taken back. If you purchase a unit for USSR, US, Britain, etc.... it will always bring them back up.
  3. Hello Mr. H, It looks like the same bug as Calgary is on Salt Lake City. I am about to hit the unmarked spot next to Spokane, Alburgueque and El Paso shortly.
  4. No go Mr. H. All 3 units went into a black hole. They didn't show up in Edmonton and no error was thrown. I don't know the design, of course. If I was a betting man one of the last calls, when you hit end turn, is to check all travel spots. It then removes those units from the map and puts them into a queue. At the start of the next turn another call empties the queue to the designated return spot. Either they are not getting written to the queue or there is no check on that particular spot meaning they are in perpetual limbo.
  5. I snuck a raiding force up in Western Canada. The troops were on the Calgary spot. They were removed for transfer as expected. They didn't show up on the other side of the board. There is no notation on how long the transfer if. I expected the next turn, just like the shipping lane positions in the Easter Pacific that take you to South America.
  6. The map is great for Asia/Pacific. It opens up strategy and mobility. Europe has gotten too tight. The Storm Over Europe map allows for more strategy and options.
  7. Hands down the whole series is the best in the genre since Sid Meir's Crusade in Europe and that is going back to the early 80's.
  8. On the splash screen the flag raising over Iwo Jima is reversed. I just found it odd that probably the most iconic picture of WWII was presented that way. It looks really odd.
  9. Dying patiently for the game to come out. This is the best WWII strategy game since Sid Meier's Crusade in Europe. If you can find an Atari or Commodore emulator it can be found and played. One cool thing about that game is it had a HUGE map and was real time before real time was defined. You would give an order to a division and it would move, attack, defend, go into reserve, etc.... based on the type of unit, experience, the terrain and the weather. You would never know for sure if your troops would get to a place quickly. For a game that came out in the early 80's it was ahead of its time. I would love to see the next generation of SC to be a modernized and advanced version.
  10. Don't blame us. It was the British group The Who that sang: "I can see for miles, miles and miles.." They should have sang: "I can see for meters, meters and meters..."
  11. On Call to Arms I have selected the 'Yes' option to continue for up to 5 years after the historical end date of the war. Both games ended and did not allow further continuation after October of 1918.
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