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  1. Sorry for having overloaded your generous minds. I already anticipated its just full of Arschkriechern here.
  2. Saw this dark three parts preview - where's the mortar/artillery craters? Just transparent explo globes, and no damage levels shown on buildings, just a sudden collapse? And say, will the rather gay/playmobil-style soldier models be customizable? Rather short on developers, i suppose?
  3. While waiting for Godot, maybe someone wants to join the COH mod scene? While criticism of the game is justified for sure, I want to point out that COH, although highly flawed regarding realism, doesn't come fixed at all as some bashers believe. As announced by developers, there is a wide range of modability for the game open to anyone who wants to spend his time, as well as a big mod studio, namely an editor for anything unit values and capabilities, including unit appearance. In theory, almost anything unrealistic in COH can be undone easily. So, if someone here wants to have a look or even donate some enlightened CM wisdom or even models, have a peek here: Weapons range (discussion section for COH mods) http://forums.relicnews.com/forumdisplay.php?s=e3f9531f56a79c7b3d9c77e7825a5a0f&f=195 "Enhanced Combat Mod": http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?s=e3f9531f56a79c7b3d9c77e7825a5a0f&t=106978 "Code's Realism Mod" (likely your preference): http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?s=e3f9531f56a79c7b3d9c77e7825a5a0f&t=112797 I don't want to argue about it further. Just imagine, there could be a sort of "Combat Mission" mod for COH.
  4. Ok, just for the hell of it...you want it, right? I want it, too. Give me a hell of ignorant posts. I'll give a cheers to the one with the dumbest content. >Did he actually talk for two days after his >death? I guess not. Date should be corrected. And your point on my post would be? >So no one is allowed to use "shock" in the title >of a game ever again? No. Instead noone is allowed misinterpreting someone's post, for whatever reason. >If you are referring to incidents in which >children have been blown up because of suicide >bombings of US patrols (...) No. I am not. It's been a year ago, iirc it was on the website of Joe Vialls (R.I.P.). >insidious equipment?? Excuse me in case I did use a wrong word here. Otherwise, shooting with radioactive waste/material, scatter bombs and the like, it's not what I call polite. >Hush, you brainwashed automaton!! I guess you would you have typed that as well if I had been saying "USA lies" before Iraq was attacked under "weapons of mass destruction" argument? >Funny, I don't remember shooting any kids while I >was there. Must have been the brain washing... Yeah, if you really are one of them, and not just claiming, some question: Got any vaccinations? Feeling alright? How about the gulf syndrome I read of, all rumours? They didn't vacc you this time, or not with poison? Lucky. >If it was a game building roller coasters (...) Hooray. Someone actually got close to the point. >Does he feel the same way about CMBB? No. Can't detect any "shock force" or similar in "Combat", "Mission", "Barbarossa", "Berlin". >Check his post in the "microwave" thread. But put on your tinfoil hat first. So you saw any of these sources I mentioned there? How was it? Some detail, please. >PseudoSimonds (again I'm not defending him or his opinions) Guess what would happen if they suspected you. >but I think the point he was making was the title using the word "shock" and in trying to make his point he took the oppurtunity to spout off his opions on the war. Well, yes. I think thats fine. >Yes we did pick up those moon rocks, but that was over thirty years ago. Sorry, I don't believe the official missions crossed the Van Allen belt.
  5. Be assured that these "harmless" claimed weapons for "good use" can be set up for killing, torturing, destroying of brains, tissue, organs, becoming handicapped etc. And if not with these they show today, they have "bigger brother" versions in stock they just don't dare to use. Yet. Alex Jones, doesn't matter wether one likes him or not, has some nice videos in stock, of urban terror training sessions against ordinary (degenerated) people in the USA. It's all for good, you know. Have a look at what Tom Bearden, Len Horowitz, Nick Begich and the likes have to say about secret and half-secret technologies and applications. To sum it up shortly, there is way more technologies in stock than what you believe to be in existence. Science fiction is real. But there is rather Satan than trustworthy people in control of all these new technologies.
  6. Hi, you all remember the "shock and awe" crap that dripped from some warmongers' mouths when preparing for the criminal Iraq invasion using the US army. As expected, it turned out to be rather "murder and terror" than "shock and awe" what american soldiers did, on behalf of their glorious brainwash-training, their chiefs' commands and their insidious equipment. "Towelheads" they called the Arabs -that's the speech of people who come with friendly intentions of "liberation". Arab children they lured and shot with candy. Spreading radioactive waste all around the country, poisoning and killing areas, water, children and people for years to come. All right, real liberators. Blah Blah blah (Tons of evidence for crimes reaching the moon and beyond). So do you think it's a wise idea to call any upcoming war game "shock force", thus associating it with illegal presiden&government-ordered terrorism, crime and murder? I really don't think so. [ February 19, 2006, 05:42 AM: Message edited by: Günzel for Kanzler ]
  7. Looking for that archive. CMMods registration doesnt work here. So might anyone mail it? Mail is in profile. I will put a note if received.
  8. Excuse me if I did not read all thew postings here and may be repeating something. But so far it seems you are still stuck at looking at ground level strategy. In some recent book review I saw there was a mentioning of the Tavistock institute in England. The book claimed that Hitler had been there, in 1912-13 iirc, and supposedly was trained/programmed for later purpose. I'll spice this up with additional things, for more credibility, in case someone of you actually is scientific enough to follow this path: -Get the unedited last interview with John Lennon. There should be a small passage were he announces to talk about the Tavistock institute, who were supporting or even creating the Beatles in an attempt to weaken and corrupt society, by "drugs, sex and music". There is a claim the this announcement was why Lennon was shot. Not by some madman, but by some kind of mindcontrolled dummy agent. -Read the Cisco Wheelers book on mind control, the extended formula one, so, although he may blame it all on the everlasting evil nazis, who did not succeed in taking a whole continent by murdering native people like USA did, yiou may get a big impression of what mind control can be and is about. . -Jordan Maxwell has some document copy on his page, as for now, until taken down, or may be iots too late for them to do that. In that document on some british-israelic society there is a late 1930s magazine excerpt showing the Gizeh pyramid internal and total geometry explained as a timeline of events up to 2012. -Including- the WTC date. That was back in 1939. So, in that light, maybe this is sufficient for the less narrow-minded already, it is posssible that Hitler was manipulated. That he was placed in charge by by Wallstreet is sort of proven imho, see "Wallstreet and the rise of Hitler" or what it was called, and as well the feared S. Warburg account, which suppression was worth some murder for the string-pulling people once ago. But, it still exists, although it's become rare. As well see "Red symphony" for a story of how Hitler and Stalin were plotted against each other. For example, here, http://users.cyberone.com.au/myers/red-symphony.html Having read such stuff, don't judge before you did, who knows what Hitler really was and why they lost. Even Morell the quack alone could have been enough cause, if it's true what is told about his medication methods. On the strategic level, I remember a true criticism that Hitler was responsible for having the wrong type of aircraft at the "right" monent. That is, in case of Russia it would have been wise to simply bomb the tank factories instead of what they did, but they had no bombers ready. And at the end of war action, yeah, the war never ended up to today (there is no peace treaty with any german government), they had neither fuel nor enough fighters for shooting down the bombers of the USA, and Hitler "missed" the big chance to develop and manufacture more advanced jet fighters, of which they had some, but not enough. Overall, Hitler is way overrated. And there is not just dumbness but also method to this - they create a brightly lit spot, so you people dont see what lies hidden in the shadows. One last time back to the initial question: Maybe they could have won the war. Maybe they could not, because that would have been prevented by those who started the war - proven by the fact that they stopped funding of germany when they had enough war going on. Maybe "Vatican Assassins" avi and pdf, can shed some light on this as well, since it claims Dresden was destroyed for being a Protestant stronghold, as well as some other strategically unimportant cities. So thats why the Queen of England, that bitch, refused to visit Dresden and pay some respect, or even apologize - because it was religiously motivated murder and destruction they dont want to apologize ever for. Puts a new spin to conspiratoral history. Maybe Satan lied and he exists, after all.
  9. Hello, from what I just gathered so far, there wont be any change to the unit-sorting function used in the setup code, right? I remember the micromanagement in a started battle often turned from fun into a challenging and time-consuming task, and back. But the larger setups always were a pain in the ass. Therefore I guess some smarter and easier sorting at setup could mean a difference to potential new end user. They already have to bear the cheap graphics and the management of units in battle, so a little smoothening won't do any harm, I suppose.
  10. Hi, the Tiger turret data of CMBB/AK says something like "82mm/0". Now, since the turret is round, only a direct hit into the very center of the turrets side surface would be at "0 degree" angle, provided Tiger and opponent are at roughly the same level. Any deviation of the round, either left or right from the center of the turret, would give an angle increasing with further deviation. I believe the engine considers angular side shots for even surfaces, but does the engine consider this for things like the Tiger turret side as well, or does it simply use "82mm/0" for all turret side hits? And while im at it: Although it would expose one side, but just at a steep angle, would it be use to position your tank with a slight angle to enemy tanks or guns, so the front except the turret gains some 10-15% angle?
  11. Another suggestion, cover arcs are there, but I'd like -trigger arcs-, that can optionally be combined with cover arcs. Trigger arc starts the shooting, cover arc defines the area. So finally we could set up real ambushes.
  12. Some threads I searched claimed that split squads are harder to spot than full squads. So HQs should be harder to spot than squads, I guess. Thanks for your answers, gained some tweaks.
  13. Hi, some questions on the use of HQs: 1.are there good reasons for HQs to be positioned ahead thus in front of their platoon, other than just the target spotting for mortars? 2.any strategic differences between battallion/company HQ and platoon HQ (except for section HQs), provided they have same bonuses? 3.other good reasons for HQs to stay behind, except for cover and not being targetted? 4.does hiding HQs have any other effects besides of no spotting? 5.About cover, does a squad gain physical protection from bullets by being 20metres into woods, compared to 5metres into woods? [ September 08, 2004, 11:33 AM: Message edited by: Günzel for Kanzler ]
  14. Wanted: -Being able to re-dedicate HQs, i.e. changing/replacing/swapping HQs from platoon to platoon, and as well replacing platoon HQs with stronger company HQs at setup phase. Of course, all of this without generating black lines (as in current model), while generating the appropiate red lines.
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