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  1. 1939/1940 with modules for Poland,Norway, Low Countries,France 1942 Greece and Yugoslavia 1942 Africa Pacific
  2. I just bought the CMFI and Gustav line combo pack. I installed it in my Mac and tried to activate it. I get the below message. I enter in the serial number but get a message that its invalid. I copied and pasted to be sure but it does not work, I get the same error. Thank you for trying CMFI Gustav Line Trial is locked and must be activated Buy the full version now and enjoy.... No re-downloading required - buy and use it right away Unlimited shelf life - it's yours forever Free technical support if you need help In
  3. Ok, thanks for trying. Look forward to you trying again.
  4. Give it a few more days. Folks on vacation perhaps.
  5. I live in Northern Virginia USA. Eastern Time zone.
  6. I run CM on my Apple and run a HDMI cable to my 70 inch flat screen. Looks great!
  7. I hope it comes out soon! I love CM Helper
  8. Battlefront said not activation was requited. I don't see an activation shortcut. I have a Mac.
  9. Hi, I bought the new battle pack for Mac. When I download the file is named "CMBN MacOS 3.12 Update Installer" and nothing about battle pack in the file name. I did install the file and when I started CMBN all the battle pack scenarios are grayed out. There is a note in red on each scenario saying I need to purchase the battle pack! I think I'm somehow downloading the wrong file. Help?? Copper
  10. I found it and it seems to have done the trick! Thanks for all your help! Joe
  11. Schrullenhaft, I think I'm running off the Intel HD 4600 graphics. I'm trying to figure out if I can switch it somehow. Copper
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