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  1. While building a battle from a board game. The board game specified a JU with a different load-out (like one 500lb). Well CMBB has the plane, but only with the MOAB and some baby bombs. What the hell I put the plane in. Testing the Russians, my tanks are a bit bunched up to begin with, so on turn one me and my comrades organize our approach and drive some tanks to the left and some to the right. Than the sound of plane... The MOAB blocked out the sun, and hit between two 34s (killing them of course), two other nearby AFVs had their looky loo comanders sent to the promised land. Two others viewing the devestation went into their version of shock and awe. Over all the death and destruction combined with the giant hole in the ground put a real damper on the rest of the op (lol).
  2. Having blown the dust off of CMBB recently, I decided to take a look at the forums and TPG. Just to get caught up. {{ jumping in with both...}} I think it is awfully generous that some folk(s) are willing to donate their time, money and energy to making a place for expanding the base of this series of games; and happens to use a common form of authentication in the process. Yes, yes he could have gone completely with some form of sessions and lost some of the obvious benefits, but he could also force us all to rush out and buy RSA fobs is some paranoid effort to factor up the protection for my newest CMBB creation. Philippe's concept seems valid, but not when logically applied to TPG or similar soon-to-be sites. A review of existing U.S. Federal laws and the type of business that is currently being conducted by doubleclick and others would seem to support this conclusion: GLB, HIPAA, Fair Credit Reporting Act, COPPA do not apply (most TPG folks are probably over 13, and the data collected seems far from the definition of what ‘personal’ is). If your from the US, of course your State could have it’s own take on the issue. Review the code, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of third parties supplying the dreaded “loaded” image file (except that funky sucker fish…lol). If those bastards that run the site sell my sad record of downloads in an effort to shame me at TPG combined with some slick ad scheme to entice me to buy T-72, oh well…. The harsh words used seemed out-of-place for a fan’s web site authentication scheme. They seem better suited for those responsible for the erosion of those rights, in important matters. The list is too long to site, but visiting the ACLU, EFF, EPIC or CDT web sites should give you plenty of information from those who consider the 4th Amendment dear. If he starts asking for a SSN I’ll take it all back….
  3. I have a battle that only will allow a single player to select the Germans. The Russians get |Hotseat|Email|TCP/IP but thats it. What am I missing?? Thanks ahead of time.
  4. I like to play both. frozen_sof2@yahoo.com. From early posts: if you like It would be no problem to put them on my web site, if the bandwidth goes over 100mb a month there may be a problem
  5. I would be interested in getting the op, how large is the file??
  6. Tooz, Thanks for taking the time to play, and post your results, when I do the map review I will re-examine the battle elements. Men-wise I feel the Russians are set, but there AT, AC, AFV contingent has been the area of rework. The 52d at this stage has taken a beating, their tanks have been attached else where, but they have plenty of previously attached (AT & Arty) units where I can put in remnants for this battle, and of course as a semi-his op, there is some flexibility. The flaming vodka bottle throwers: I saw a picture of 3 of them, side-by-side, in a ditch (at Kursk), and I thought they sounded cool when they fired (Ka-chunk, Ka-chunk). I've never actually read anything of their use. They were the secret weapon, lol. The Germans: I feel (and your notes support) the Germans are sort of the reverse. I see the armor side being pretty well set. The inf. is where the work is needed. More Pioneers vs. inf. platoons for two reasons: time delays in getting the mines removed with a squad or two and if that squad(s) were taken out, getting across the river seemed unlikely (without a friendly map placement after a battle). So I'll give that a look when I get the board game. 'Eicke' gets assigned the responsibility for getting the bridgehead, but the AAR for that day shows 'Thule' leapfrogged over to hill 226.6. So there is some room on what can be in the semi-his op. Questions: 1. Did the one German plane make an appearance? Whom did he bomb, you or them? 2. I've taken out the Russian 76mm regiment guns, as I am sure you noticed the AI can pretty much see everything of yours and the combination of the 76 and mortars caused numerous problems for the Germans (right now the mortars have 1/2 there ammo). Any thoughts on that, most of the maps I have show a arty unit on the backside of the hill. But for playability, the current conditions are set. 3. The map used to be smaller, not so much space east space around the village. The size increase was due to the type of op, it scrolled at first. Now its static flags. Any thoughts? Thinking about shrinken it, although I think this allows for some room for a 2 player game. 4. Did the 45mm AT guns get any kills? The idea was to get a side shot at close range. For me its usually, Battle One: Umm things aren't going so well. Battle Two: Things are going great. Battle Three: Maybe I can win. PS: How can 60% weakened troops with no tanks, two small at guns, hold up the German advance so well....It keeps me playing because it frustrates me that they do so well... Thanks again.
  7. Tooz, S-35, no on the source. I wanted a light tank, something dif. than a I or II, with the ACs going up in flames so much. I have to say, the 35 is now my favorite tank'ete. Troops can jump on it, it rolls through barb wire, over trenches, takes some punishment, and as a scout I find it extremely useful. I debated on the IIIs. N or J. I went with J for the scouts. OoB lists IIIs in 3SSPz in some quantity (includ. N), but most of the photos i've seen look like the 50mm type. As I started testing, I measured my success in 10s of meters. Umm got a bit farther that time, using the left, or hmmm lets try pushing everything right. The idea of reaching the village, seemed far off, and gaining some sort of foothold on the NE side of the river was my only goal. Lack of cover: In the beginning, there are four places to hide (vehicles). Anything, anywhere else is subject to gain the attention of the arty crew at the start. Anything ya can send on your experience is welcomed. I'll be curious as to your progress in battle #2. I will send you a copy of an update, when the board game shows up, and I end up changing the map a bit. Side-note: My fav is to push the middle, putting the pioneer sqd in the creek-bed north of the road, hide the SPWs in the woods behind the houses, running the light tanks up the road. I hold the Recon Plt. back somewhere out of the way (using the HQ to spot for the SPWs), with the idea they will serve as the front of any foothold i get for the start of battle 2. During one test a pioneer squad jumped off a tank, ran forward while throwing a satchel charge at the mine field in front of them, I had to wipe away a tear at that..... it was so unlike them. [ August 18, 2004, 10:13 PM: Message edited by: frozen ]
  8. I've used Linksys Wireless before, and I would lean towards the info Redwolf put up and try and get port forwarding to work (either static the DHCP address to a MAC address, or static the IP address of the desktop). Exposing your desktop with a DMZ assignment (assuming the WAN port is connected to the Internet) is discouraged by most. Found this at Linksys: Port Forwarding http://linksys.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/linksys.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=688&p_created=1084219690&p_sid=dVJT2gjh&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX3Jv d19jbnQ9MTk2JnBfc2VhcmNoX3R5cGU9c2VhcmNoX25sJnBfcHJvZF9sdmwxPSZwX3Byb2RfbHZsMj0mcF9jYXRfbHZsMT0mcF9jYXRfbHZsMj0mcF9zY2ZfbGFuZz0xJnBfcGFnZT0xJnBfc2VhcmNoX3RleHQ9cG9ydCBmb3J3YXJkaW5n &p_li= Port Triggering http://linksys.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/linksys.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=344
  9. Hey Tooz, I ordered a board game called "Combat Kursk: Clash Along the Psel 1943"(still waiting on the game). Figuring I would be re-doing the maps (hopefully nothing more than a few tweaks here and there) for Psel I, II, III, I pulled them off PG. If you could post the AAR here that would be great, or you can just email me your suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.
  10. Didn't Wittmann spend a bit of time early on in the Stu.G. III? He performed well in that vehicle as I recall, but the others prob. did the same prior to the Vs.
  11. Thanks for the link R. The whole idea came from seeing the picture in Classic Battles (those little thin white books) by Steven Zaloga, and how in my 3 designs the pioneer squads take a beating in the fords clearing nearby mines. Be kinda cool to be in an AFV instead of gettng raked by mg fire (yes i know in your example everyone starts shooting at the tank from paks to slingshots...still). [ August 12, 2004, 11:49 AM: Message edited by: frozen ]
  12. Richie Yep, BF was nice enough to explain that efforts were going to the new, and that's great. I got the message from Kingfish's post.
  13. Thanks rune for the note, and again the idea behind this thread was if something new was coming down the pipe, could you add this to the list (no funds for 1.04).
  14. Having only skimmed the CMBB specific forum, and the others barely. Good point.
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