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  1. Mr. Jingles, I look at the matter from a slightly different perspective; in my mind, all you are talking about is the nature of tribalism, which is just as alive today as it was three million years ago. British, Americans, and Germans are relatively closely related. Not enough that they won't fight each other, but close enough that when they see the other guys across the lines, they don't see aliens. On the other hand, the peoples of Eastern Europe and Russia are mostly Slavs...from a totally different family of tribes. Put it this way: had the Americans and Russians turned the cold war hot at any point, do you think there would have been much quarter granted on either side? I think not. The rate of atrocity in war is almost a direct function of how alien the enemy is to you, on a primal, tribal level. Compare the fighting in Western Europe vs. the fighting in the Pacific. I don't think you could argue much for the Americans having committed atrocities, but the grunts sure didn't go out of their way to give quarter. Multiply the alien factor by a modifier representing the basic militancy of a people and how strongly they believe they are the master race, chosen people, holy ones (all the same thing in the end), and you could predict atrocity level in a war fairly accurately. At least in my opinion;)
  2. CMMODs has been dead since at least yesterday. I think we should call in General Von Television for questioning.
  3. The infantry is taking cover in response to the tank fire, and when they do, the tank loses sight of them and stops firing. That is why, as noted above, you should always use an area target as close to the infantry position as possible.
  4. Two-timing hussy! Thanks for the kind words;) Never know, maybe I will have a little time here and there.
  5. Unfortunately, I have accepted a new job that is going to require 14 hour days for the foreseeable future...chances are high that I am off the active modders list for who knows how long.
  6. Please don't take this as criticism of Gordon, but although those Matildas are very nice, as far as my research goes, I believe the disruptive colors are inaccurate. I started to fiddle with doing some vehicles with the Caunter scheme (the three-color disruptive pattern used in Africa and Palestine in 1941), and I saw many examples of models, etc., with blue and blueish hues also. Something about that bugged me, so I spent more time researching, and I even went as far as buying Mike Starmer's relatively new booklet on the Caunter scheme. Copies of the relevant orders, as well as paint chips (matched to both the 1930 and 1964 BSC official editions), are included in the booklet. There were two "basic" colors used, Portland Stone, and Light Stone. Either could be used depending upon available supplies/preference of commander. The disruptive colors specified in the orders (and used in the field) were Silver Grey (the lighter color) and Slate or New Service Colour. The New Service Colour was otherwise known as Middle Bronze Green. Silver Grey, according to the paint chips, was a light gray-green, actually quite green. Slate is a very dark grey-green, but relatively unsaturated, so it appears close to a neutral dark gray. You can tell Gordon was having the same issues I initially had, as he kept fiddling the hues of those colors in the various versions. The pattern he uses is dead on, Matildas were painted in a simplified version of the full Caunter scheme. And interestingly, because they were constantly transferred back and forth to support whichever units were in need, they had no unit markings, only WD numbers. BTW, if you're looking at b&w photos and the brightness of the basic color is very similar to the brightness of the Silver Grey areas, chances are high that it was Light Stone. Conversely, if it appears much lighter/brighter than the Silver Grey, it is probably Portland Stone. Below is my best attempt to create some that matches the paint chips on my monitor. Hopefully I have my new monitor calibrated correctly, I think I do.
  7. I'm not selling anything Aragorn;) To be honest I do these about 99.5% for me, I make something that my eyes like to look at. I upload them to cmmods in case they make other eyes happy, too. Whether someone wants to use them exclusively, or sometimes like painfbat, or not at all, is fine with me.
  8. Ok new grain and roads going up at cmmods.
  9. ETO G - 114700 G Late - 12320 North Africa G - 14700 no G Late.
  10. Oh btw, I'm definitely going to fix the water- that looks very different from what was intended on my new monitor, which I'm assuming is more accurate than the old one.
  11. Ok, Erik thinks the grain could be a bit more yellow, and roads less green. Do we have a second? That would be easy enough to do. Erik, I wouldn't want to make the dirt road semi-cobblestone, as the intent was to provide something that would work just about anywhere in Europe. I'd prefer they stay plain dirt roads, but I'm ok with shifting the color a bit if necessary.
  12. Thanks Erik, that is helpful. However, one of the problems we're seeing here is the difference in how raw screenshots come out of the game vs. how they actually appear in game with the gamma overlay used by the game, which does not get applied to screenshots. When I paste raw screenshots into Photoshop, they come out much darker and more blue than they appear for me in game...I always apply some standard brightness/contrast, a slight boost in red, and a teeny gaussian blur to imitate the FSAA of newer video cards, to get them to match what I'm seeing in game. Below are some screenshots showing raw screenshots and after my fiddling to match my in game view- I alt-tabbed back and forth with these, and the "after adjustment" versions are very close to what I see in game, with gamma set at Low. The in-game view is, of course, what I'm working from. I'm not concerned with what the .bmps themselves look like, I only focus on what the end result in game looks like. So...please compare the adjusted views to what you are seeing in game. My nightmare would be that other folks are seeing something different from me. That's not just Erik- David, Zwollo, please take a look at these also and let me know how they compare to what you're seeing in CM.
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