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  1. Thanks. I've always thought that the PTs were cool, back to my days watching PT-109 on WTBS with my Dad, but never have I read that they were effective or important in a major engagement. It's always been something I've been curious about when reading about the Pacific in WWII to find them doing something big. I understand their important roles in the Solomons, for instance, and rescuing MacArthur, but I was curious if there was a major engagement that the PTs had played an important (and effective) role in that I didn't know about. I've always thought that the idea of a dozen PT boats charging at the enemy battle line, letting loose a salvo of torpedoes, scoring some hits, and just as importantly breaking up the line was a cool idea. But like so many doctrinal roles that existed pre-war, the emphasis on the carrier and the lack of major fleet actions meant that what the navies intended and thought was important didn't necessarily jive with what actually happened. I completely understand a little exaggeration for effect when it comes to marketing.
  2. Level 1 Artillery is anti-ship missiles?
  3. I never said anything about BBs or CAs. I complained because I had a destroyer transiting on the high seas sunk by an artillery unit in a nearby city. BBs and CAs should also have to be immediately adjacent to a city or other ground location to bombard it.
  4. Notwithstanding the fact that coast artillery is not the same as field artillery (generally they are different branches, with different training and skill sets, and only the most basic of interchangeable weapons), artillery defending coastal areas is historical and logical. Coast artillery was generally a line-of-sight weapon. Artillery firing multiple spaces into the open ocean and sinking ships? Unrealistic and baseless.
  5. I know they were used extensively in the PTO for shuttle/courier service, patrol in the Solomons, etc. The only large action I know that PTs took part in was Surigao Strait during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, when they formed the first line of the American battle fleet but did not score any torpedo hits. I am honestly curious if PT boats ever played a major part in a major battle.
  6. -Artillery? Should only be able to fire at naval ships along the coast. I lost a destroyer with a Level 1 Arty unit firing at me out at sea. -Interface should be easier to use with scrolling, zooming, etc. Make it like other games with the wheel as a zoom/unzoom. -Much of the interface, especially with loading transports and such, is clunky and difficult. SOmetimes I can't get my transports loaded. -I can't get the AI to make any resource trades or alliances, even when we're fighting the same country. -I want more a of a wargame/strategy game and less of a Civilization game. I like the old Command HQ -- simple and elegant. I want to go out, build my army, and conquer the world. I don't want to be in a tech race with the other players so that my Dreadnoughts aren't being sunk by jets. It's an enjoyable game based on the demo. Still, I'm not sure if it's enough of a break from the Civilization games to warrant buying.
  7. From the release: "More than once in the history of WWII, a handful of those little deadly boats helped decide the course of an entire battle and executed seemingly impossible missions." Just curious when PT boats did this?
  8. Easier scrolling and zooming with the map -- using just the mouse, without having to move the bars at the sides -- such as by using a grab with the mouse button and moving the map. Also, more information for all of the keys when you mouse-over them.
  9. Count me in with the preference that this shouldn't be a technology-based game. I want to go out, build my army, and conquer the world. I don't want to be in a tech race with the other players so that my Dreadnoughts aren't being sunk by jets.
  10. BRO,JD

    Any news?

    Game looks cool. I'll admit I lost some faith in y'all when another computer game company came out with a game I'd been eyeing for a while, but after playing that game for a couple of weeks, it didn't grab me. So I'm hankering for a good game and this looks like it might be it! One question about the random maps -- is it possible to have a mixed map of continents and islands? I mean, look at the US in WWII -- one theater was a continental battle, the other was a naval island-hopping campaign. It would be cool not to have the random maps be just islands/archipelagos or just continents -- instead have a mix.
  11. BRO,JD

    Any news?

    Why not release a demo of the SP? That way we can all at least get a taste of the game? (Where's the emoticon for "foaming at the mouth?")
  12. Since Civilization seems to be part of the inspiration for EOS, and a typical Civ game could take me 50-100 hours or more to play, how long should we expect EOS games to last? Long game are difficult to play online, especially with multiple players, because of scheduling and such, and usually translate better as PBEM games.
  13. I think you're thinking of Command HQ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_HQ </font>
  14. I thought it was a MicroProse game but didn't see it listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_MicroProse_games http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_MicroProse_games
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