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  1. "The only games that DEFINITELY have more multiplayer activity than single player are the games which can only be played multiplayer." There ya go, can't argue with that logic. I was looking at those newest posted pics... ah.. what's up with the hands, those fingers... downright creepy!.
  2. *Alert* *Alert* Peng Warning... I say again Peng Warning. This is treading awfully close, Holi craps isn't one of those per forum enough already!!, and a Canuck theme one at that . I just like to say It's great BF is back in ole WWII again where it belongs.
  3. They should use a tombstone icon for dead and the red cross for wounded. Just had to post to see what my status as a member is, seemed to had been knocked outa the loop here.
  4. Firstly tried to improve this mod, DEY_WW_Gelb_PzII. I'd say it's at least useable now. Had a go at whitewashing the Soviet T-60's and T-70's. DEY_WW_Soviet_T-60_T-70. These two mods of course are posted at cmmod's. But at the moment I can't post this whitewashed JS tank, over to cmmods. It's done on MikeyD's artwork. http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/9376/deymdwwjsqf1.jpg I posted it here for now, http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=472926 I'd advise a virus scan after you download it, I'll try to post it over to cmmods when it'll let me and I get a chance.
  5. I don't really see that this 122s version is any better, or worse for that matter, then that ISU-122. Either way it's likely all there will be coming from me. It's nice to know that some of my stuff is of use.
  6. I have a version over to TSDII, nobody has ever commented on it. It is a Axis versus AI, though it should be playable as H2H. DEY-Desperate Measures E1
  7. Well technically after their disastrous debut in the summer of 1943. the initial remaining Ferdinand AFV's were pulled out of service and shipped back to Germany. They where refitted and renamed, apparently the crews referred to them as elefants from get go. The Elefants were then shipped to Italy, where a few did fight the Russians in the closing months of the war on the Eastern front. So it would seem the Ferdinand historically never seen any winter combat, and only a few of the updated Elefants ever did see winter combat. There is also a whitewashed version of these AFV's in Gorden Moleks CMMOS packs. These packs came with the CDV version of CMBB and they are also at www.combatmission.com
  8. I tried tweaking the color some on those earlier grey German whitewashed AFV's. Also had a first try at winterizing MikeyD's grey PzIII-G and H, trying for a well worn whitewash. Hoepfully will get these uploaded in the next week or two. I might see also if I can upload that newer Snow covered ground in the next little while, as an alternate version. Would anybody think they would want those snowy evergreen trees.
  9. Well actually three new grey color based whitewashed PzIII mods uploaded this morning. They didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but I think their useable... though I do actually like the M model. DEY_MD_WW_Grau_PzIII-N.ZIP DEY_MD_WW_GRAU_PZIII-M.ZIP DEY_MD_WW_GRAU_PZIII-L.ZIP Also the below noted AFV's have been slightly tweak and the updated versions should be posted in the next few days. DEY_WW_ISU-122 DEY_MD_WW_KV-2 DEY_WW_SU-152
  10. If anything, I'm just testing to see if I could remember my password here. It appears I did... so for anybody interested, I was toying around to see if I could improve on those winterized yellow Tigers artwork from the Mighty MikeyD. Posted the updated versions last nite. Use them, ignore them, whatever floats your boat.
  11. Somemore clarification is in order here, since I didn't do a very good job of explaining above. With CMBB, since it covered the whole war, you'll have the two base color schemes for the GERMAN AFV's, all AFV's will be in a grey base color up to and including Feb/43, starting in Mar/43 everything will be in a yellow base color. So that would have one set of summer BMP's for the grey and one set of summer BMP's for the yellow. Of course then there is a winter slot for each of these two color bases. Now there is the case of overlapping time factors and two color bases of the same AFV, if say you set the time for sept/42 and load a PzIV-F2 in the editor, it would be in a grey color base, regardless of ground condition(snow(winter) or snowless(summer). Say then you change the date to June/43 then the yellow base color AFV is loaded up on the map. In CMBB the time factor is the key as to which color base is loaded up if there is overlapping color schemes of the same AFV. Lets try this example; say you set the editor for june/44 and load a panther, you will of course see a gelb panther, change the date to Aug/41 and you will still see a gelb panther... why?, because there are no grey based panthers. Try that with the Early Tiger and you would see a gelb Tiger in 1944, but in 1941 you would see a grey based Tiger because there is a grey based Early Tiger and you have the time set for when everything is in that color scheme. That would be the very same regarding the winter stuff as well, what triggers the game engine to load winter stuff is the ground condition, if set to one of the snow ground conditions it checks for a winter BMP set, if it can't find anything then it just loads the summer number set. Now for CMAK it appears that BTS used the number system for the grey based stuff in CMBB for the desert stuff for Africa and Crete, which I should also state here that there is grey based stuff in 4 digit as well as 5 digit, hell there is actually gelb stuff in the 4 digit number area as well. Anyway regarding how the AFV's show up in CMAK, if you set the editor for Crete or Africa then the desert stuff will be what appears on map, if you set the editor for the All Combined again as noted above about CMBB the time factor takes over, if the editor is set before July/43 only the desert (tan) based AFV's will load on map, if set at July/43 or later then the gelb based stuff only loads on map. Now regarding winter mods for the desert stuff, you can't get snow ground conditions if the editor is set for either Africa or Crete, but you can get snow ground conditions for the desert stuff if you set the editor for ALL COMBINED, keep in mind though that the time factor comes in play here, if the time is set before July/43 then the desert stuff shows up on snow. From July/43 on, the gelb stuff is loaded on map. As far as the gelb numbering for cmak, the german stuff is numbered pretty much as CMBB is, you'll find gelb based stuff numbered all over the place. Mostly all the desert models are the same models as the grey numbered models in CMBB, a mega chunk of the Gelb base stuff has kept the same numbering as CMBB, like the Tigers, the Panthers (though there is a screw up on the cmak early G), also I beleive the Stugs are all the same, PzIII's. There was just a few AFV's that where reworked in CMAK such as the JagdpanzerIV, MarderII. I don't use a mod manager, I just overwrite a mod from time to time for a different look, though a good quarter of my stuff are WIP's that I've got sick of screwing around with and have about three different schemes on them.
  12. Okay I'll throw in my two cents worth here, firstly DavidI summed it up quite well above by stating that there is no common sense method that can be used here. Regarding AFV's in the Combat Mission games... well frankly for mostly all stuff in the Combat Mission games there are two sets of BMP skins, one for winter and one for the other three seasons( which well be referred to as summer from here on in). Regarding AFV's starting with CMBO, BTS just added a digit 1 to the front of the summer number BMP sets, so... say something that was numbered 3600 for summer, would be numbered 13600 for winter. In CMBB there was a new complication brought to bear with there being so many AFV's and plus the fact of the Germans having two base colors schemes of their AFV's through out the war. Regarding the Germans you can state that anything in the grey base color are numbered only in the 5 digit number system, but some of the later war yellow base colored stuff is also numbered in the lower 5 digit numbers. Also starting in CMBB, BTS used a different system to differentiate between summer and winter BMP sets, they added 50000 to the summer BMP set number, they would be numbered for winter as stated below; summer - 5400 would be 55400 - winter summer - 14550 would be 64555 - winter summer - 106400 would be 156400 - winter summer - 115600 would be 165600 - winter Regarding CMAK you still only have two BMP sets, with the winter one only used for Italy, it is unavailable for Africa and Crete. As for the summer set, this comprises of the desert color scheme used for Africa and Crete, and the later gelb colored scheme used for Italy. It appears that BTS used the number sets from the grey color based from CMBB for the desert colored stuff in CMAK. The winter system is used the same in CMAK as CMBB, but only of course for gelb colored Italy stuff. There are few German AFV's that where used in CMBO that where kept in all three games unchanged, such as the ostwind, kubelwagen. Then there are a few that where in CMBO and left unchanged in CMBB such as the JagdpanzerIV, MarderII, but was redone in CMAK. As for the BMP numbers in relationship to point in time of unit manufacture life, IE: early, mid etc, you will find things that are know as EARLY numbered in the 6 digits, while something know as LATE could be numbered in the 5 digits.
  13. Okay it would appear game specific and not platform specific, though there certainly are issue's in that regard. I just checked your new BB bmp, fits her to a T. There does seem to be a minor glitch with the cmak version though. I only did a quick side by side comparison last night and noticed the crew hatches didn't line up, which is the case in game, the hatches are behind the crew men. But everything else is right on the money. It would seem that half ring for the scope would have to go, in order to fix that. http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/1264/cmakmdpgearlyfk5.th.jpg' alt='cmakmdpgearlyfk5.th.jpg'> Again great stuff dude, oh by the way I'm only running a geforce4- 4200.
  14. http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/6927/mdpgehi9.th.jpg' alt='mdpgehi9.th.jpg'> The upper one is how it appears from the posted bmp. The lower one is my feeble attempt to correct the alignment glitch.
  15. Just checked CMAK, seems to be the same problem, it appears the tanks coding is different between the Mac and the PC.
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