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  1. How can a sim this nice have no built in screen shot feature is beyond me
  2. I do have Steam ...how is this done by the way ? Thanks ~
  3. Schrullenhaft : After the initial install I up-graded 3.11 and then to 3.12 as directed Bulletpoint : I was playing on Iron ... I'll try a easier mode and report back Thanks guys ~
  4. Well get this ... Yesterday I tried a SS Uniform MOD from Red Thunder and it worked perfectly I'm so very happy now I could sH!t ~
  5. I thought that within the game itself it would have a Screenshot folder whenever ya took one ... I wasn't bein' dense to you're initial response as I do not use Fraps ( though I probably should ) Thanks mate ~
  6. As in the title , I up-graded to W10 and have re-installed CBMN and now when I press the red icon for the action to start my units disappear I don't remember them doin' that before ? I play turn based and while I am choosing what I want my units to do I see them fine Any ideas ~
  7. Thanks mate ... Where are the screenshots located after ya take one ?
  8. 1) What's the exact procedure for taking screenshots 2) Where are the screenshots located after you take them Thanks gentlemen ~
  9. Thanks gentlemen for the help Bein' new to the game and the way mods work will take time and I got plenty of that ~
  10. Yes kohlenklau I am familiar with JSGME and I might give that a go Thanks to everyone that's tried to help ~
  11. UPDATE I tried the Wehrmacht Uniform Mix and they show up , I then take it out and try VM's German Wehrmacht and only the helmets show up I normally D/L to a Mod DL folder and un-zip there , read the information ( If Provided ) and then place either the brz file or the bitmap images into the Z folder inside the Data Folder OOOO , and BenParks German Foliage Helmets show up when installed mjkerner, you must be correct sir, I DO need a German Computer
  12. The ones I have tried are the following 12th SS Hitlerjugend submitted 16AUG2011 by Wyseman76 German SS Helmet Covers ( both versions ) submitted 06MAR2013 / 12MAR2013 by Tastego ( Mike ) Veins_German_CMBN_v1 submitted 16AUG2011 by SJS-Vein Benparks CMTR/CMBN German Foliage Helmets Das Reich SS Camo Mix VM's German Wehrmacht Damian's German Smocks And nothing shows up at all
  13. Alright this is nuckin' futs I have tried every type German Uniform Mod and none, I repeat NONE ever show up EZ's US Uniforms show up so I haven't a clue
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