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  1. A hard nut to crack indeed! It took me at least 6 tries to win it (WEGO). I suggest loading your grunts with ammo and Panzerfaust rounds before you start. Your troops need to find cover fast because those BMPs will destroy everything that is spotted. IMO the best place to be is on the right hill (the one with the mosque on top). IIRC I rushed two Fuchs to the right hill, one to the entrance of the village and one to the left hill. Then unload all the grunts, split them in two sub-teams and keep them in cover. Then I sent my two half-squads inside the village. The Fuchs stay back under cover and only sneak and peak to lay some suppressive fire, preferably from a hull down position. On the right hill: one half-squad inside the mosque, the other one waiting outside. I'd pull out of the mosque every now and then to avoid returning fire. 2/3 of the Reds went to the village, the remaining 1/3 to the mosque where they were ambushed and dealt with at close range. The rest of the battle consisted in finding the remaining BMPs, distracting them and nailing them with Panzerfausts. The top of the mosque is a good place for BMP hunting, but you can't stay there for long as it is so exposed. As the left hill was free of enemy troops I was able to sneak my grunts into the trees. One last thing: at the end of the battle, there was one BMP remaining in the village, at the foot of the hill, and no Panzerfaust left. I managed to rush a Fuchs behind it and kill it with MG fire aimed at its butt! The trick is you can't fire Fuchs' MG at BMP because the IA will ignore your target order as it considers it to be a waste of ammo (very frustrating!). Just use area fire instead: it will work wonders as long as your target can't move easily.
  2. Thanks for testing it Mord. Where did you fire it from and at what part of the wall? Was it from an elevated part of the map?
  3. Just tried again and I managed to fire one rocket at a random AS in the desert. So it must be a LOS/LOF related problem. Has anyone succesfully targeted the village wall with the SRAAW(H)?
  4. By coincidence I just played this scenario and ran into a problem with SRAAW(H) ATGM. I wanted to use it to punch a hole through the village wall, so I bailed the ATG squad out of its vehicle, moved them to a position with a clear LOS to the wall and ordered them to fire at it. Nothing happened but small caliber fire. I tried to moved the target a bit, to no avail. Then I realized the ATGM was still on the back of one of the soldiers. So I thought: OK, I've got to set the weapon up first... but I checked and there was no such button!? Tried with another ATG team which came with the first reinforcements: same problem. So in the end I had to wait for the cavalry to do the job. Any ideas why I could not use that weapon?
  5. It's been a while since I last posted a comment on the forum... but the mention of a winterized IS-2 triggered something ;-) I've seen that beast last August in a tank museum somewhere north-west of Moscow: Do you think we might see it in the new CMRT Module??? (PS: and about the previous photobucket mess!)
  6. It's been a while since I last posted a comment on the forum... and it's already a quarter past midnight... but the mention of a winterized IS-2 triggered something ;-) I've seen that beast last August in a tank museum somewhere north-west of Moscow: (image wasn't visible because it is on PhotoBucket so I removed the dead link - Steve) Do you think we might see it in the new CMRT Module???
  7. Upgraded from win 7 to win 10 yesterday and everything went smoothly. CMBN and FI run fine. Only had to download and install the latestet Nvidia Geforce drivers myself. Given that the upgrade was free, I won't lodge a complaint against Microsoft ;-)
  8. Outstanding! I found it very original by the way... you... erm.... "handled" the camera ;-) Shot at grassroot level, so to speak. Thanks for sharing this little gem with us!
  9. Do you guys want something new and exotic to play with? Don't look any further: let the French armed forces in. Long overdue... I've been waiting for that since CMSF was released (when was that ????). Patience wearing out, I'm afraid...
  10. Thanks for sharing! BTW I spotted what might be a typo on page 28 : shouldn't the yello segment be labelled "Quick" instead of "Move"?
  11. Bought the whole CMSF series to support BF even though modern combat was definitely not my cup of tea. Nevertheless I learnt a lot while playing it. When CMBN showed up I got hooked by WWII again and never launched CMSF ever again. With Black Sea nearing completion I'm still wondering if I will buy it or not. To be completely honest, I'm a tad skeptical about US weapons and vehicles not being ├╝ber-modelled. Especially given that the game will allow us to play with new weapons whose combat characteristics are largely unknown. Had to say it. Done. Of course, if french vehicles were to be introduced in CMBS I'd be more willing to give it a go ;-) Am I the only one longing to see Leclerq tanks in action on CM battlefield?
  12. Thanks Kuri. I made a quick search and foud this pdf. The vehicle is produced by DRS Technologies, which was bought by Finmeccanica in 2008. I bet it's an italian design. Ooops, I'm wrong: at the bottom of the PDF : "Cleared by U.S. DoD/OSR for public release under OSR Case Number 07-S-2992, dated November 27, 2007". One year before Finmeccanica bought it...
  13. Light AFV on screenshot #12 looks pretty much like a French VAB to me. Is it in Ukraine's OOB ?
  14. "Generation Kill" = very good stuff indeed. Instantly reminded me of this officer nicknamed "Captain America" ;-)
  15. Great show, thanks ! But where did you get that old "scarecrow" bug? I thought it was gone for good ;-)
  16. Vanir, I tried to PM you but system says your private box is full ;-) Sorry but I don't remember the procedure to provide savefiles for a bug hunt. I've got one savefile for the house that no one can step into, and another one for the Stuart - Panther close encounter.
  17. In a recent CMBN scenario (FGM A lonely village) I noticed something else: a squad refusing to enter a house, no matter what. Save turn available. Il also ran into an annoying thing that looks like a bug: one of my Stuarts rushed to position itself behind a Panther. Its turret rotated towards the enemy tank, point blank range so to speak... and then, instead of shooting, it entered a curious "aiming-moving-aiming-moving" sequence. Panther just hit reverse, backed off and blew the Stuart up as soon as its turret reached the correct position. Saveturn available as well.
  18. I witnessed the same behaviour too on various occasions. Chalked it up to some pb with the underlying map ("closed back door") but it may well be an old bug showing its ugly head again...
  19. And finally a word of warning for people moaning about putting old pictures online with taxpayers' money : This is what you get when you mess with United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information (FSA-OWI) :-) (Original caption : Fort McPherson, Georgia. Left to right: Private First Class Sheldon Ehrlich, Private Edward Tevault, and Private Melvin Kearney practicing a "come along" hold. 1942)
  20. Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Sergeant George Camblair learning how to use a "Molotov cocktail" (Sept 1942) Molotov cocktail throwing drills in the US army, wot ???? Is this for real?
  21. Still looking and finding some good stuff. Look at this one : Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Sergeant George Camblair learning the operation of a tank. (sept 1942) Without any doubt, one of the ugliest tanks ever designed ;-)
  22. Hmmm, found another gem: Poochy ! Caption (Original Description) Lubbock, Texas. "Poochy," who attached herself to the post's prison command as a raw recruit only six months ago, now wears the insignia of a master sergeant at the Army flying school.
  23. Well, those photos belong to the taxpayer. Putting them online and allowing everybody to browse them is the very purpose of librarians (and archivists) ;-) I find this collection invaluable because it depicts US society in the 1930's and beginning of the 1940's. Just have a look at the interactive map to find pictures taken near the place you live. For me, your money has been well spent, no doubt about that ;-)
  24. Here's a new website that could interest some of you : http://photogrammar.yale.edu/ "Photogrammar is a web-based platform for organizing, searching, and visualizing the 170,000 photographs from 1935 to 1945 created by the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information (FSA-OWI)." The treemap tool is especially interesting for you, grunts : http://photogrammar.yale.edu/labs/treemap/ Click on "War" (blue rectangle on bottom + right), then select subcategories (for example : "Special training functions", then "Infantry") until you reach the digitized photos. Look at this one : http://photogrammar.yale.edu/records/index.php?record=oem2002000609/PP "Corporal French L. Vineyard and squad standing at attention. All the men are members of Company M, 12th Infantry. Corporal Vineyard is wearing the new "pot type" of helmet. The other members of the squad are wearing the old or "basin type" of helmet. Arlington Cantonment, Arlington, Virginia" Priceless, don't you think ? Enjoy ! Cheers, JH
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