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  1. Wodin

    New Review

    Reviewed at AWNT. Enjoy! Oh just bare with it😁😉 Link to review
  2. Cross of Iron, Stalingrad (German film), Downfall (German film), Aces High, Thin Red Line (controversial choice), Das Boot (suppose a series not film), Waterloo, Zulu, We were soldiers once and young, Apocalypse Now (cliche yawn choice, but amazing), Regeneration, Birdsong(two part series), BBC Our War series esp first episode set at Mons (easy best WW1 dramatization out there) are my favourite films, the recent film about the pacifist medal winner was cool. some decent Russian films recently like the Brest Fortress one, but expect propaganda with Germans being evil useless cannon fodder. Decent film about Warsaw Uprising recently too. When Trumpets Fade is good for a lower budget film. not about fighting but WW2 you can't ignore Shindliers List
  3. Wodin

    A long delayed update

    Hopefully us at AWNT will do a review and would love to do an interview at some point.
  4. For £90 I will add Fields of Fire first edition, some counters punched and bagged, mint condition.
  5. Wodin

    Jason Mark books sale

    Yes was a top bargain. Upset had to sell em!
  6. Both games like new and unpunched, just shrinkwrap removed. Sell both together for just £60! email me
  7. Have four of his books in mint condition going for £80 the lot!
  8. I have in perfect condition paperback Island of Fire, Beseiged, INto Oblivion and Iron Cross Brigade. Sell lot for £80 plus to half on shipping J__Rimmer@hotmail.com
  9. I don't own the Arty and Inf memiors, not the Croat Legion and the book of Stalingrad photos or the recent Kursk book. Really want Croatian book. Plus the book about paras in Stalingrad due to be published looks great aswell. haven't been let down by his books yet!
  10. Every book he has released is absolutely superb. Currently reading this one and shall review at AWNT.
  11. Wodin


    I for one thank Battlefront. I mean still great games and apart from maybe Graviteam Tactics (though not wego) where are asll these other better tactical games out there that make CMx2 redundant?
  12. Wodin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    Wont be a War.....allied casualties would be extremely high indeed. Blimey in the UK what about 400 or so died in Afgan over a period of 12 years and the public wasn't happy.