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  1. Wodin

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    Wont be a War.....allied casualties would be extremely high indeed. Blimey in the UK what about 400 or so died in Afgan over a period of 12 years and the public wasn't happy.
  2. Would love early War in Europe or Africa. Certainly want to see invasion of Russia upto surrender at Stalingrad. Plus we could have WInter War aswell.
  3. All his books are amazing. Island of Fire has just been reissued!
  4. John, Sorry about lack of replies. Thanks for the thumbs up. Go spread the word. Thanks for the tips too:)
  5. First I apologise for this delayed review! Sorry! Click link to go to review of CMFI and DLC game engine 4!. LINK
  6. Wodin

    Ost Front Books

    Cant beat Jason Mark!!
  7. Big yes please!! RPS is doing a run through of a scenario using CMBB and I forgot just how many commands you could chose from back then.
  8. Wodin

    Battle Pack?

    I can't put my finger on why I feel the way I do. As I loved CMSF so much I was expecting to love it and it hasn't grabbed me. More than likely I haven't found the right scenario which grabs me. I suppose I was hoping that someone else had difficulty in getting into it but then found the Battle Pack did the job.
  9. Wodin

    Battle Pack?

    How is it? CMBS is the CM game I'm having huge difficult warming too (Yet I enjoyed CMSF, though mainly once the Brit module was released). Would the new pack be worth me getting as it might help me warm to the game or just best giving it a miss?
  10. Wodin


    Well it will be published on AWNT but obviously this forum will be first to know:)
  11. I feel unless a soldier has totally panicked they should stay put if in a fortified position i.e foxhole upwards when under Arty bombardment. Only if they have lost all sense and reason should they vacate said position during bombardment to run into the open. Vacating a position during enemy bombardment, that you had built for the very reason of having some protection if under bombardment, just makes no sense to me. I think this really needs looking at by BF. Maybe we need a defend command to issue at the end of a move order etc? This command would make sure the unit did it's utmost to stay and defend the position and if possible retake it if pushed out?
  12. Wodin


    OK just downloading CMFI and Upgrade 4. I haven't played CMFI at all (the only one I didn't own until now). Anyway expect to see a review over at AWNT shortly:) Jason