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  1. The cherry on the "Titanium play mode" cake would of course be a ground level unit camera lock, thus bringing high ground and multi storey buildings more into play, and adding a new level of immersion to the combat, and a new level of tension to scouting with vehicles.
  2. I would like to see an option to disable the LOS function of waypoints. This would add a level of realism, and reduce the workload of the orders phase, thus speeding up PBEM games in general.
  3. Or, aggressively rush into a weak spot in the enemy line, catching them by surprise, and getting all your men kills
  4. I think it's safe to say that Hunt, along with Move and Slow, are passive orders, and Quick, Fast and Assault, are aggressive orders. So if the move you want to make is aggressive, don't use Hunt.
  5. That makes sense, the cover arcs for all my tanks were overlapping, so they were all primed to react to any one of their groups contacts. I'm just going to use "Fast" in those situations in future. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. Yes, the arcs have a 300m radius, well beyond the enemy locations. All the tanks stopped immediately the first one was hit, even though they had no LOS on the enemy tanks.
  7. In a game I am playing, I rushed two PzIV's in cover in a ditch with five Shermans across open terrain. All had a "hunt" order, and a cover armour arc. So, I assumed that when each of my tanks made visual contact, or was fired upon, they would stop and engage, no problem. However, that didn't happen, when the lead tank got a sighting, and a hit, the rest just stopped outside the LOS of the enemy. So now I have to change their order to "move fast" to get them to engage, and have now lost the element of surprise. So I checked the manual regarding "hunt". Vehicles - orders vehicles to advance slowly and observe the battlefield for enemy contacts. Upon spotting a threat, such as another enemy vehicle or tank, or when fired upon (even if the enemy is not seen), the vehicle stops immediately. There is no mention of the fact that if one of a group of vehicles is fired upon, "all" the vehicles will stop. So why did all five tanks stop ? when only one had gained a LOS with an enemy unit, and was fired upon. There is no mention in the manual that if one of a group of vehicles is fired upon, "all" the vehicles will stop. So please BF, either tweak "hunt" so it only applies to the spotting, and / or engaged vehicle, or bring in a "Move to Visual Contact" order, where an "individual" unit only stops when it has a visual contact with an enemy. p.s Jeremy Hunt is a UK politician that's been in the news lately
  8. It would be nice if some clever person could come up with a handicap system that would factor in all the advantages / disadvantages of each side in a given scenario, then cross reference those parameters with the actual result, to come up with a new result. That way, one could "lose" a scenario, but still win if the "loss" wasn't as bad as it should of been. For example, I played a scenario that was so Pro Allies that one was left with the feeling that it was impossible for the Axis to win, yet it was classed as a H2H game. So one could have argued that if the Allies did not achieve a Total Victory, they lose. This would dumb down the scoring system to a simple win / lose / draw factor, and that might not be to some peoples tastes, and it would certainly disqualify the games from traditional ladders. In fact, one would probably have to create a new ladder to integrate the system, a bit like a football league table, where there are only three results available. However, I think the simplifying of the results would be worth the ability to play "any" scenario as balanced though. How about it guys, a CM Premiere League
  9. There's an English superstition that goes all the way back to medieval times, that binoculars brought bad luck. It still persists today.
  10. Thanks Ian. I changed the parameters of the map in the scenario editor from Axis Attack, to Axis Assault, and now I see it in the QB map menu.
  11. I have just set up a QB using a modified scenario map. I placed the map in the QB map folder, set the QB parameters to Assault, but could not find the map in the QB map list. When I set the parameters to Attack, I could.
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