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  1. Thanks for answering all my questions Sneaksie... you must own Battlefront huh? Either way, you look out for us, preciate it!
  2. actually I cant! should I open game as administrator always? I do have Vista. Thanks!
  3. hola. how do you move on to the next mission after you finish the first. I finished all three sides' first missions but cant seem to move on to the next? Thanks for responses.
  4. this was a good educational thread. i felt the same way about infantry behaviour, but after I read "how to" corrections i agreed with you. This game is for serious gamers. You have to think. After playing on the 360 for a while you become a little stupid. Thank god we have a few companies that still want to make good games for serious thinking idiots.
  5. I downloaded game and installed just fine. when i change graphics it wont save, even after I restart game. Can someone tell me how to fix? Make it simple please, not techy, real dumb. I do have Vista..... is that part of the problem? Thanks a million.
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