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  1. Yes, I know that colour film doesn't entirely represent the colours existent when shot, and ages as well. Nevertheless, it is a vivid view of WW2 which is worth seeing, glad you liked it.
  2. Part of my job is to do with archive footage. In anticipation of the commemoration of D-Day I rediscovered Hollywood director George Steven's colour home movies of his war. He volunteered at 37 and was put in charge of a combat film unit, filming of course in B/W but he took his 16mm camera along and had access to rare stocks of colour film. These home movies were only discovered by his son in storage after his death. It's an eye-opener, and useful for modelling and gaming.
  3. Funnily enough, the only Bradley knocked out by artillery was hit by an ordinary 122mm round (not PGM) during a barrage. 12 PGMs were no more use than harsh language. I do think BF should look at this issue. As Michael points out this is an across the game issue, not one with a particular side or weapon.
  4. The top modder Kieme did some reskins of UKraine vehicles in digital camo. Sadly he no longer comes to this forum and the links to his uploads are broken. I hope that we can find all his mods and upload them both here and the few good men site.
  5. I am in agreement with @Sgt.Squarehead I fired 9 122mm PGMs at a Brad - exploded all around it - one actually underneath it - and it was still functional till a T90A shot it, and I fired another 3 at a Bradley, to no visible effect - it was mobile. (Was it Galloping Horse Downfall? I will write some comments on that scenario when I have finished it). It's incredibly frustrating and not realistic - especially in the thread from HerrTom which has a lot of evidence that even near misses will do substantial damage to armoured vehicles. I can understand that too much arty can unbalance a battle but fighting against Abrams you can't really take them head on and using PGMs would seem to be a good option - if they worked!
  6. Thanks - this is very useful. However, have you noticed that JTACs and Russian equivalent will have different (longer) call in times when they are calling artillery? Time to have drones on station and adjusting mission would be helpful too.
  7. This is an interesting article from Southfront. ATGM and local conflicts ATGM article
  8. Good luck with your new job. I hope it goes well.
  9. One other thing, I've been using Blender Render 'cos that's what the tutorials online often use but it seems that Cycles Render is better. Have you been using that?
  10. I am being very frustrated by this. I have failed to make even the simplest flavour object by exporting an MDR, they either fail completely or are just 4 bytes of Nul Nul Nul. I haven't a clue what is wrong. Might I suggest that somebody does a youtube vid showing exactly what you do making a flavour object using blender and @sbobovyc plugins? That would be a boon to the modding community here, I think.
  11. Great stuff Mr Wulf! It is my understanding that flavour objects are basically intangible, and don't block sight or fire, but I can't remember where I read it. That doesn't matter for a cabbage patch, but it is an issue when you are creating parked or abandoned vehicles, metal objects like shipping containers, and brick/concrete structures. I second Mord's idea for a "parked" state.
  12. Thanks @The Steppenwulf As I said, I'm new to this 3D modelling business. So I really appreciate your tips. Yes indeed we should. I've modified some flavour objects already. Tho' not used any aircon slots. So that was a good pick. Thanks for reminding me about the .bmp files. @Sgt.SquareheadI've made a police car. When I get my Little Mayhem town finished, I'll release a pack of new flavour objects.
  13. Thanks - here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/view/1fk75apb887ksst/Bricks.png/file https://www.mediafire.com/view/1fk75apb887ksst/Bricks.png/file bricks.png It's just a texture I made from existing CMBS building bricks.
  14. Hi Steppenwulf, I seem to be making some (painful) progress. Take a look at this - it should be a brick cylinder - all my own work. https://www.mediafire.com/file/71g1xfcg4ac7ejr/cylinder.blend/file Cylinder blend I tried to export as an mdr but nothing happens, same as before.
  15. I went back over this thread and realised I had not got all the buildings and flavour objects. Sadly the download links are broken, and Kieme seems to have gone away. I have a suggestion: can we get together and compile all of Kieme's masterworks we downloaded and take up Bootie's suggestion of hosting them? It would be sad for them to be lost "like tears in the rain".
  16. Hi @The Steppenwulf Thanks for your kind offer. Here it is. I had to link it at a file drop, as I seem to have exceeded my allowance: Wooden Box V5 I am a complete noob at this 3D modelling lark so any help would be much appreciated. I am quite handy with Photoshop, so I am sure creating textured images will be much less of an issue. I also think I set the Blender preferences to a metric scale so I could work out how big things were, but I can't find how to do that. As I realised that Blender creation is probably out of my league I downloaded two industrial chimneys (fully textured) and a shipping container (untextured) from Blender modelling sites which I was hoping would be easy to turn into MDRs for use in the game.
  17. @sbobovyc@The Steppenwulf I had another go at this - without much success. I put a texture onto the original Blender cube. So I hoped to make a crate as a flavour object. Probably need some scaling. But I can't get as far as the MDR file. Unfortunately I cannot save the error message console, so I screengrabbed some of it. It said there was no MESH? Cube image Error message: https://www.mediafire.com/view/tae3a3pxhgpth0b/Blender-error-msg.jpg/file Can't even get the images to insert, sorry.
  18. I was going to position a Kornet inside a building, but didn't for fear of backblast and the crew got a pasting. Which modern weapons (CMBS, SF2) aside from the Javelin can be fired from inside a building in the game? (as opposed to RL). It would be nice to have a quick list. I looked through the manual but couldn't find out. What happens if you do? Do your men become casualties or get suppressed?
  19. Hi everybody, I started compiling a document of the best tips I came across in these forums. They mainly relate to CMBS but many of them are applicable across all CMx2 games. Then I realised these might be of use to other players. It is a bit ad-hoc but I hope everyone is credited for their good ideas and sage advice. So here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ytpps4p2fcwall7/Treasure_Trove_CM_Tactics_Info_V1.4.docx/file It is a docx so you can add your own tips or edit as you wish. (if you want to suggest other places I should put it then do so. I'm going to upload it to A Few Good Men too)
  20. To put this in context, this is a game. Many of the CMBS battles take place at fairly close range, and due to the nature of the QB, (which is the one where there are 3 objectives one behind each other in a very forested rectangular N-S battlefield in 45 mins), I have no other choice than to commit them to close combat. Because so many Strykers have been rendered ineffective, I am using ATGM HMMVs by using them in a flanking movement then dismounting their crews to fight as infantry. Which I recognise is bizarre. Two points: 1. as a notional military commander I have been ordered to take these three objectives - I can't really say "no, I haven't got the force mix" to my imaginary superiors. The battlefield constrains what is possible. 2. There'd be no point playing this particular QB otherwise. This is the second playthrough and things have gone a lot better than the first. I am still not convinced that the way that the gunner cops his whack all the time is realistic, given that he's under armour except while reloading and still has a gunshield. No, it's because the single-man Strela operator can function as the BMP commander with the cheapest use of points. He could be armed with large wet fish for all I care.
  21. Yes, that definitely seems to be the case, I have "recrewed" a couple of Strykers with other Stryker drivers and they do not take the gunner position. Otherwise I've been taking remarkably light casualties, lost my first vehicle with only 5 minutes to go timewise.
  22. I'd vote for this is BF were a democracy 😉. It would be good to see the French army in either game. Nice research Foxy!
  23. No, that doesn't seem to work. Soldiers just appear to be in the "passengers" section of the vehicle. And, as I explained, no-one is manning the LMTV mg - I added the driver and gunner from a Stryker that had its weapon destroyed, and they just sat in the back.
  24. I went back to one of my earliest QBs from CMBS, where I didn't do particularly well. Strykers and Hummvees v. Russian infantry. I restarted it from the beginning and did much better. But I took a lot of vehicle crew casualties, especially Stryker gunners - that's a job I wouldn't want, along with those Roman guys who spent their days up to their knees in urine; I forget why - tanning leather? Anyway, I obviously had functioning vehicles with no gunners, and ones with their weapons smashed, but crew OK, or just a driver, so I wanted to recombine them to have some to return to the fray, and a LMTV which had no M2 gunner. But it didn't seem to work, bit puzzled, hope someone can throw some light on this. Obviously we have solved the issue of Russian BMP/BTR dismount - by having a Strela guy mount up as leader - I do like this multi-tasking :-), which works. (Although it's an exploit, which purists may abhor). I was also slighly puzzled by the damage inflicted on the 'armoured' HMMVs - basically the gunner gets killed or the weapon is knocked out, but no other casualties seem to be suffered by small arms fire. There's no vehicles immobilised by tyre or engine damage, no other crew casualties caused by penetrating fire. I don't know, but I find that unlikely.
  25. Where can I get one? Just the sort of thing I need for a South London runabout in these troubled times. I assume it has one uncareful owner (the VDV)? Can I have candy coloured wheel trim?
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