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  1. I haven't received a reply. He did mention a while back that he was recovering from an illness so I hope he is well. I dunno if anyone has a direct email for him and can mail him?
  2. Cool link, thanks @John KettlerMore stuff to overload my groaning shelves with.
  3. I've just finished Tal Malah. Great battle, sent innumerable takfiris to their virgins. I really like playing the Syrians. This was much better than Red v Red QBs. Although I felt the first stages of the battle went well, as it wore on, my forces were getting attrited, and a few mistakes, coupled with low ammo meant that I was worried about being over-run, especially as it seemed there were some Jihadi reinforcements coming into play. So I was surprised when the victory screen came up. An SAA total victory. The addition of armour, arty made the uncons a force to be reckoned with
  4. I sent @Liveloada PM a few days ago - I have not received a reply. I noticed he hasn't been active since July and I hope he is alright. Has anybody heard anything? Maybe he is just taking a break from gaming but we live in uncertain times.
  5. This is the latest version V1.5 https://www.mediafire.com/file/26f8badl6d9rdan/file
  6. Those look great. I will grab them soon. And thanks for posing them on one of my burnt buildings.
  7. Actually we did have a virtual gaming con at the weekend. I played DnD with some of my old friends (using Roll20 and Discord - which worked quite well). Then we went down the "virtual pub" - basically gabbing away on discord, with various people dropping in and out, while drinking. It was almost like being in the bar together, although not quite. I really want to get back to RL. Although I am not the most sociable of people, it's really put that into perspective.
  8. Yes @Vacilllatoryou are absolutely right. As a castle afficionado, I always have had that one on my "to do" list. Not to mention popping into the citadel at Aleppo, the amphitheatre at Palmyra, etc. Sadly it looks like I am not going to be able to tick it off my list, given the current state of things in Syria. A masterpiece of a castle.
  9. It is my understanding that has been happening for decades- because the Chinese audience is so large, and action films not reliant on dialogue go down well (Schwartzeneggar etc) so revenue comes more from East than USA that these films are made. @Erwinis there anywhere we can see the film or a trailer?
  10. The Houthis seem to be the Vietnamese de nos jours - highly ingenious and adaptable - ever seen an AA missile repurposed as a SAM on a technical (yes the range is reduced). The Houthi Art of War: Why They Keep Winning in Yemen
  11. I stumbled across this in YT. Had to share it with you. I assume it is from some chinese feature film. Makes James Bond look realistic 🤣 Anyway, you may enjoy it.
  12. Ah! Thanks. I agree, a remake could be a good idea.
  13. Is it a military flight sim like IL-2 or a tactical wargame?
  14. I have always found that appropriate music really makes a good game better. I have GMed a lot of roleplaying games, and for a long time I have tried to have soundtracks ready on my computer to play when needed. I invented some "home brew" games set in the Second World War or its aftermath (Nazi Hunters - track down a fugitive Nazi and bring him to justice - players really enjoy that). For example most players don't know what the Horst Wessel Song is, but they viscerally know it is a Nazi anthem. Siegfried's Rhine Journey is better music, but it is indelibly associated with war and WW2 thr
  15. I've managed now to upload to Imgur and can post images. No idea why this site won't accept Mediafire. Only a year late! I should be preparing to go to two games conventions and fit Hadrian's Wall in between. COVID-19 sucks. This is the Scottish Reiver's view. The front wall does seem awfully low. Drinking designer beer that Ian (hat) had kindly brought, playing Bruges on a lovely afternoon, with an affectionate and daffy dog around. I'm holding the cards. The side of the castle by infrared light. The main gaming area was in the ballroom on the first floor with
  16. After Action Report UK Armoured Assault This is one of George MC's excellent scenarios, originally made for SF1. Summary A battlegroup of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in their Challengers, supported by mech infantry and engineers, with arty and air support, attack Syrian positions. Challenger on overwatch AAR: Firstly, one of the nice touches is you have recon in position when the game starts. It is a minor gripe of mine that you often go into battles blind, and have to expose a few hapless soldiers to incoming, to find out where the enemy is: Reconnaisance
  17. I've only just seen this. Bet that driver needed a stiff Ricard (and deserved it) after that. Modeller's note: the exhaust has started to discolour already, and presumably it was painted DunkelGelb when they did that lovely paint job.
  18. Agreed, Erwin. If it didn't say, I would think it was the real thing. However, the intriguing radar must have some defect, as we don't seem to have seen it on the battlefield, and the Russians have tested everything they can in Syria.
  19. Actually, I agree, because I have got two out of three. You are a person of impeccable taste obviously :-).
  20. Thanks for your reply. Perhaps I wasn't clear - I was suggesting getting on to Tankograd publishing to re-release POD some of their old titles, not out of print stuff from other publishers, which would be a complex process. For example, there's a book on the Panther, which was in their "most popular" category but is now unavailable.
  21. Update I've now looked in more detail at Tankograd's catalogue, and frustratingly, a lot of the most interesting books are out of print. I wonder if a few of us emailed them they would consider doing those as Print on Demand (POD) as Osprey do - you can get publications from their back catalogue, it just takes a couple of weeks. What do you think? If they were convinced there was a market they might be more willing than if just one person wrote. Can we have a straw poll for what is the most popular book?
  22. Hi all, I have been visiting Tankograd - the Soviet/Russian armour blog (which goes into mind boggling detail): https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/ Serendipity strikes: I neglected to bookmark it, and have cleared my cache, so when I typed Tankograd in the browser bar, I got this: TANKOGRAD PUBLISHING - JOCHEN VOLLERT PUBLISHING It's a German military publishers https://www.tankograd.com/cms/website.php site in both German and English. Has distributors around the world. Here's the UK one: https://www.bookworldws.co.uk/product-category/military/tankograd/ A
  23. @Probus I have all the early BF games. I didn't play them for years and came back recently to CMBS and now CMSF2. I love these games: in a sort of insane masochistic way, because the modern battlefield is very punishing. You can do everything right...and still be blown to pieces by missiles or tanks. I am glad you are enjoying the game. Do download player-made scenarios and mods - many of them are quite brilliant and surpass the (generally) high standard of the normal scenarios you get when you purchase the game.
  24. Fascinating. The weirdness of the Nazis never seems to end.
  25. I have "solved" this. Imgur works, I can post externally hosted pix from that source. The only problem I see is that Imgur deletes pix after a period of time, whereas Mediafire does not (it seems) so any pix there will end us disappearing...as they do from other threads, which is frustrating, if you find a thread from times gone by that you are interested in. Eg all of Kieme's pictures have gone, so you don't have the screenshots of his works, so you can decide if you want to download a mod or not - you have to go through the downloading/installing process before you can find out anything ab
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