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  1. That's odd. I read some of the Correlli Barnett books years ago. There are four on the decline of british power over 100 years. I think I've read three. I disagree with his political perspective. @BluecherForwardI just added them to my Amazon wishlist this week. Long out of print but reissued on kindle; what a coincidence. On great military museums, Bovington is excellent. Especially Tiger Day, to see 131 moving in the arena. You do need to book up in advance -it gets sold out. Sunshine, drinking beer and AFVs - a pleasure. I also recommend IWM Duxford in Cambridgeshire (as mentioned) which has AFVs as well as aircraft. The US Aircrew memorial I found very moving. I don't want to say any more because if you go there it is a surprise which gives you a chilly recognition about the sacrifices they made.
  2. 😄 The wisdom of the Woosterfari Tribe. That's just what I did. I couldn't content myself with the UK module, then bought USMC, then bought NATO for a scenario I wanted to play.
  3. This would be great, but I fear it is not to be.
  4. I am also playing Shogun 2. You don't do reports on medieval Japan do you? Those b'stards from the Date clan are giving me a hard time. 🙂
  5. Thanks @CombatintmanI shall certainly check out those links. I know Southfront is pushing its own agenda, but nevertheless has an interesting perspective. Yes, please do send me some info in April.
  6. Here's the Southfront video from the press conference in July 2019. I assume the MRDC is well hidden, or perhaps they moved the missiles somewhere else to make this video. I find it quite impressive, and I seeing it again, I note that one of the suicide drones is stated to have a range of 1200 km. This was before the Abquaiq attack - which is about 1000km from Ansar Allah (Houthi) territory. You can see some of the airburst guided missile attacks but there is a separate video of that, which I can't locate so maybe it has been removed. (Or I am just a bit dim this weekend :-))
  7. I know, but it feels worse than recreating the Napoleonic wars, or even the battle of the Bulge as they are somehow located in the past. On another note, I wonder if some of the CM forum smart people have any insights into the Yemen war. There don't seem to be the military papers that we have on the Ukraine. I have been following some of it on Southfront occasionally, and a few other sites since it started. I have formed the opinion that the Saudi military is one of the most staggeringly incompetent armies I have come across. The list of follies is endless. Just to mention a few: Leaving your vehicles sand cammo'd when the terrain is grey gravel colour, except where it is lush green (near the sea I think) Sending out your tank troops in ancient vehicles like AMX30s that were got out of mothballs (there's vids of a convoy of them) Having the most pitiful troops imaginable - in the cauldron battle a few months ago the prisoners looked like homeless people in rags No evidence of good command by officers and NCOs Surprisingly a lack of drone/arty and air cover Not being prepared for counter-ambush tactics - early on there is footage of a Saudi patrol of wheeled APCs on a road hitting an IED + ambush. They get hammered, then another patrol (I assume the QRF sent to rescue them?) goes straight into the same killing zone. I can't imagine any NATO/Russian/SAA/Quds force being so foolish. A lot of the armoured vehicles just sit there and are destroyed - I suspect their crews bailed already, so it's just a bit of a open goal for the houthis NOTE: although what we see in the vids is a lot of plucky irregulars, and Yemen is a very poor country, it still has a backbone of competent military and technical expertise. It has a 'Missile Research and Development Center' (MRDC) which actually has press conferences, showing off its missiles. I think it was trying to send a message to the Saudis that they should negotiate or they were going to blow things up. But that didn't work, so they actually attacked Abqaiq - one of the most important refinery sites in the world. It wasn't the Iranians, the missiles came in from the West. The houthis seem to have three areas of missile expertise: upgrading old Soviet-era missiles, using and/or reverse engineering Iranian missiles, and now building their own, including airburst anti-personnel guided missiles. (Sorry I can't find the video, it's on Youtube somewhere).
  8. You haven't sold me on this one @Erwin. 🙂 I agree a campaign shouldn't be a pushover, but there needs to be balance - maybe one or two easier games in the mix? I play for enjoyment, not to be feeling like I am at the dentists.
  9. I just found this pro-Houthi Yemeni battle vid channel I have watched several videos and the Houthis v the Saudis and their allies would make really good scenarios for CM2. (I realise making games out of other peoples' misery is in pretty bad taste. I do find it hard to reconcile my wargamery side with my humanitarian ethos sometimes). Amazing rocky terrain - ideal for irregulars. NOTE: these videos are from the Houthi side - they indicate their soldiers with green arrows and the enemy (Saudi irregulars?) with red. I think these are total eye-openers. It would be interesting if anyone on the forum can understand Arabic, as the commentary would no doubt be enlightening but I cannot understand it. NOTE 2: I have heard, but have no corroborating evidence, that the Saudi army can't get any decent soldiers - so has to rely on desperate people, eg Pakistani poor. The only reliable units are held back against insurrection. Certainly if I was a Saudi tankman trained on an M1A2, and then sent into battle with a T55 I suspect my morale might have a negative modifier. This channel's battle footage shows the Houthis being brave and competent against a what I can only describe as a pitiful, unprofessional enemy. Yet there is a truly astonishing amount of arms, ammo and equipment that the Houthis are capturing intact - it's like being in dusty aladdin's caves of war materiel. See for yourself. At around the 9 min mark 15-20 lightly damaged armoured vehicles and about a dozen softskins including a Grad MRL truck are abandoned by the side of the road. I'd guess most of them are repairable. If a Western battalion or brigade let this amount of vehicles fall into enemy hands it would be called a major defeat, wouldn't it?
  10. I dunno, I'd be really peed off if I was a hardcore Chinese wargamer, bought a dodgy CMBN CD for about 5p, and all I got was 4 hours of gangbang porn or something. Though you would have choppers in that one, mate.
  11. I think we are sidling into the banned topic of politics here 🙂 @Steve: I love CMBS. Thank you for your explanation of how it is easier to fix 100 bugs than one. I hope in that 100 the poor performance of artillery vs armour will be rebalanced, including both direct hits and near misses because that is IMO the most anomalous part of the game; apart from not being realistic, it also is annoying from a gaming perspective - the weaker sides do not have another option vs the most powerful tanks. I am not suggesting that artillery should be a superweapon, but direct hits and near misses from large calibre arty (120mm +) having minimal effects on both tanks and tin cans like Strykers and BTRs doesn't seem right.
  12. Thanks for referencing some interesting quality sources. My biggest gripe with CMBS is the ineffectiveness of arty fire against armoured vehicles. We've discussed this extensively in the past particularly with reference to the Swedish 1960s experiments and some of the pix @Haidukposted a while back of tanks etc destroyed by artillery fire. The Swedish experiments showed that near-misses are in a way better than a direct hit because they cause all sorts of damage to engines, running gear and other equipment (soft kills); I have done no experiments, but observations playing all 3 sides in CMBS has been armoured vehicles shrugging off extensive pelting of arty fire. The most ludicrous being a Bradley that had a 122mm off map round explode underneath it without suffering any serious damage. From a gaming perspective, this means that weaker sides have limited options to knock out tanks, but also other AFVs. So I hope the new module will do something to remedy this. I like my games to be fun, but I also want them to be pretty realistic, within the limitations of the game engine and BF being a small company, which they usually manage well.
  13. Yes, Erwin, I totally agree. A lot of material I have read about WW2 involved moving and utilising terrain features, and some of our games don't represent that fully, especially as we now have that satellite mapping and can see that the desert is not a flat sand table. As you say, memoirs of people involved are quite clear it is not so. I don't know if you have seen some of the Houthi videos of combat in Yemen, but the desert is grey gravel with lots of dark rocky outcroppings - the Saudi sand coloured vehicles stand out like a sore thumb. I know that is incredible Saudi incompetence (how much does a few pots of paint cost?) but it is interesting how a desert isn't at all yellow or flat.
  14. Ironically, I started playing WW2 games with Airfix tanks and soldiers on tables, where it was too easy to have flat terrain (we had polystyrene hills, etc) but there is no excuse for it where we are using computers, and also can have access to satellite mapping. It is laziness or lack of imagination on the part of scenario designers. I think BF should do better in this; I have found often that the QB games suffer from this flaw; and contrariwise some mod scenario designers do put a lot of effort in to create good landscapes.
  15. I think that a lot of the BF games map designs do not take full account of "microterrain" - which you can design in to help infantry. Many scenarios lack this, I assume because it takes so much time - for example, using Bocage Hedges as undergrowth in woods or micromanaging undulating terrain. We are now much more familiar with the terrain in Syria and it is not flat as a pancake as often in SF1/2: in vids I've seen lots of dips, ditches, shallow wadis, and piles of rocks which do give infantry cover, which are often not replicated in the game maps. If scenario designers (some do!) paid more attention to this, then we would have more satisfying games where well-handled infantry can sneak up on targets, rather than being instantly blown away.
  16. Very interesting. I think MF looks like a good game to get.
  17. Yes, I skimmed through this .....er....stuff...until I saw the name Victor Davis Hanson. An idiot of the first water. LOL!
  18. @Saint_MattisThanks for your observations, interesting.
  19. On watching this through again, I think that there should be a proper restoration using modern digital techniques to bring out the quality of this film which covers some of the most important events of WW2. I wonder what happened to the underground tunnels of Nordhausen, were they dynamited, or are they still there? BTW I have a half-French friend, and in her early years she knew a relative who was imprisoned there (he'd run away from German workforce conscription to hide in the woods and was captured and labelled a "terrorist" even though he had not been in the resistance AFAIK). So he got sent there. It seems like he survived by becoming some sort of top dog among the prisoners, I imagine in a brutal way. She said that he had episodes of craziness, paranoia, sudden noises and dogs barking would send him cowering under the table. Poor man.
  20. There's a few things that don't seem to be covered in the Manual: 1. What is the difference for Artillery strikes of Personnel/General/ and Armor (or armour as we Brit grammar Nazis would have it) Is there any actual difference between General and Armor? BS only had the first two. 2. The British 50mm mortar supposedly has a range of 750 M but I had several attempts to get the HQ team to fire it at a target 720-730 M away with no avail. I know it takes a minute or two for them to get it ready but nothing happened. 3. Is there any comms value in the Warrior Infantry command vehicle? I couldn't seem to see any difference. 4. On a pernickety point - when an aircraft has expended all its ammo, the pilot says something about returning to base. It seems to me that the next turn the aircraft popup it says 'landed'. wouldn't it be more logical to say 'returning to base' for say five turns then landed? This breaks the immersion for me...I think where's the airbase then? right behind me?
  21. I am absolutely awestruck by this Mod. Congrats to all involved in it. I love the Vietnamese peasant hats, we must have them! The boats are great - all credit to CMAquila's innovations. The effort you have all gone to is awesome. I am preparing to put The Doors, Jimi, and Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die, and Gotta Get Outta this Place on a custom soundtrack, plus I shall shout "Charlie Don't Surf!" and "Ain't no horse in this whole goddamned country, that's broken, man!" "Too bad for Handjob!" and suchlike. Do you have a release date? I'm regret to put this on you but I am excited!
  22. I think the red flag is good. The upper imperialist one is OK. No biggie for me. The mod is much bigger than its flags! Gonna play it anyway.
  23. I first played the original title - Beyond Overlord - when it came out (2001?) and thought it was a huge step forward in computer wargames. Played Barbarossa to Berlin a lot. Then did other things. GOG rereleased the CM1 titles and thought they were such fun I came back here and got hooked on Black Sea, and then had to get SF2 and all modules. Been tinkering with some modding, which does take up a lot of time. So that's 18 years of off-and-on play. As Mord says, that's tremendous VFM. Particularly to the games you play once or twice then drift away from.
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