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  1. The berets are the same, just random variation... I should probably change that.
  2. Campaign & voices done, manual update started. @mjkerner has also done some work on the Special Forces uniform from @puje ...
  3. The other things to consider with the Marines module is that it's probably the best module for added Syrian content too (Airborne, BMP-3's, T-90A's).
  4. That is a very interesting observation & might explain a few grumbles I've heard here & there... wasn't there a number of complaints about the Dutch lacking radios for instance? I have to admit I've stopped even looking for the 'radio icon' but I will definitely be looking out for this from now on.
  5. Although I can rarely watch your CMSF2 stuff (I hate spoilers) I'm currently enjoying your TOC walkthrough. Oh, I don't know (yet) if you eventually figure it out or not but here are the mechanics of the base camps.
  6. Modern conversions done, campaign script done, campaign briefing mostly done... just the manual & a single 3D model now... oh & a few voices. @mjkerner has also started bringing his stuff directly to the game, here are our "Bong-Hai Civil War" era "Imperial Army" troops fighting (and dying) during a recent conversion playtest...
  7. The CMSF base game is still $60, the big bundle is $125. If $125 is too steep at the moment (and you don't have the original CMSF which can be upgraded for as little as $15) you can always buy the base game now & then the module bundle for $90 (you will likely end up buying all the modules)... it'll be a little bit more expensive overall but will allow you to start playing sooner. @Erwin isn't far wrong about the content available... I estimated there were around 800 scenarios & almost 50 CMSF campaigns (all playable in CMSF2) & that was before CMSF2 was released. And as @mjkerner & @MOS:96B2P mentioned the Heaven & Earth 'open beta' (due very soon) will come with yet more content (2 campaigns & around 20 individual scenarios... over 40 scenarios overall, with more to come). I doubt it's even possible to play all the content available (although @Aquila-SmartWargames seems to be trying to prove me wrong).
  8. I've not done much with the helicopter landings actually... although that's probably a good thing as I only recently came up with some practical ideas on how they could actually be implemented. There is a concept [hotlz] tag as part of 0.96... but any full implementation will likely be a 1.0 thing. Either way, here's the usual "tidbit"...
  9. Okay the final conversion is now complete (or at least complete enough for beta testing). A 'Thunder Run' to relieve the besieged Imperial Garrison at 'Comique House'... ... just have to write a basic campaign script, update the manual & fix a few minor mod issues, then we should be good to go.
  10. Soon enough. 'Al Amarah' is looking a bit different these days... ... still a long way to go but at least I've finished 'clicking all the roofs' north of the river.
  11. So far, most of the content the team is producing will require the Marines module however (as it's a full conversion now) anybody will be able to play any scenario/create further content for the modules they own. Off the top of my head, five of the conversions that I've quickly rustled up need the base game only. Whilst one of the "Modern-era" conversions will require the Brits and two the NATO pack. I also added a tag [rvnaf] that allows scenario creators to give red forces american air/helicopters/artillery but with red voices... very useful for those wanting to have air support for "Bong-Hai Civil War" (Red vs Red) battles without requiring the NATO module (which activates proper Red airforces). I believe the mini-campaign that @Sgt.Squarehead is working on will be base game only too, @Combatintman even made some quick battle maps. The "open beta" public release, v0.96, should be ready in a few weeks.
  12. Update All but one of my various "Bong-Hai Civil War" era scenario conversions* now have briefings, designer notes, landmarks etc However, I still need to finish the very last massive conversion for the 0.96 "open beta" release (so much roof clicking). Even so, we're still hoping to be releasing weeks, not months, from now. In the meantime all I have is "Tidbits", here's one from last week... *Eighteen in total, seven of which are slated for use in a Campaign... there are also nine, far simpler, Modern/Aftermath era conversions. When combined with the 15 scenario campaign from @puje & contributions of @Combatintman & @Sgt.Squarehead that should be at least 45 scenarios worth of content for you to chew through.
  13. I've found those BS mods very useful (it's where I got the white pick-ups from)... https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar0-nWIeMPIA2WLbFK3S9Zl0AB6v?e=Wazydf
  14. I can't really tell without knowing where the sun is (you also play with shadows off) but I imagine it would make sense in the context of a proper map? Edit Oh I see, you fixed it.
  15. I suspect it's a UV map thing, which it sounds like none of us amateurs really understand. Our H&E M79's gleam bright, almost white, when the games shaders are off. Then they look fine with the shaders on.
  16. Oh I also sorted out a new weapon for the Modern/Aftermath era... ... which makes our M79 a "Bong-Hai Civil War" era weapon only. Which reminds me, @Mord I don't suppose we could trouble you for a few more silhouettes?
  17. I think its uninspired working title is The spirits and the Mountain... I'm hoping a future flash of inspiration will change that.
  18. A great movie. Myself, I'm continuing to mostly be writing briefings & tweaking a few things and here... I also quickly rustled up a conversion of The Prophet & the Mountain...
  19. Nope. Are you using the old CMMODS III site or the new CMMODS IV site? IIRC @Oleksandr had similiar difficulties in the past but he seems to be using the new site quite reguarly, perhaps he could be of assistance if @Bootie is currently unavailable?
  20. Quick update. The team is continuing to mostly be working on playable content... ironing out bugs, playtesting scenarios, I've mostly been writing briefings, that kind of thing. I've also converted yet another older map/scenario. This time it's Hakhani Assault by @Stagler which gets the H&E treatment...
  21. I'll just post it here... https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar0-nWIeMPIA2H92xQF65S8BrDMd?e=FAVkQe Normally, I use the greenzone.ini for H&E... the screenshots that caught your interest used the screenshots.ini. I'm in two minds about the slightly blue "multi.lut" effect. My last two "Tidbits" have both used the screenshot.ini but with the "milti.lut" switched off...
  22. I've have been happily anticipating you getting back into the modding. With a bit of renaming, this mod should also help with the Dutch (who also wore DPM back in 2008). I'll send you a link to 0.954 (and its many, many placeholder uniforms) shortly.
  23. I'll look into this & release the latest iteration the next time I get a free weekend (this one... I believe).
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