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  1. One thing/query with these wonderful logo's that @xacto has made... there is a small "tm" on them. I know absolutely nothing about these legal things... but isn't that something we'll have to remove from the logos? As far as I can tell the only thing trademarked with this mod would be CMSF2 itself... so does the current logo imply that we own CMSF2?
  2. The modpack comes with a variant of @BarbaricCo 's "advanced movie shaders" so that's probably what you're seeing. I do use reshade on top of that... but I mostly stick to a few subtle effects (a bit of sharpening, some SMAA).
  3. Technically it hasn't been updated... however ALL CMSF1 campaigns & scenarios have, de-facto, been ported over by BFC themselves. CMSF2 is fully backwards compatible with the older game. I have provided a collection of (most) of the older stuff (including '3:10 to Yuma') here.
  4. I'm posting here because I feel such beautiful artistry as that shown by @Sgt.Squarehead really should be celebrated by the whole CM community. Heaven & Earth presents to you, the Delta map...
  5. Trying out some new flavour objects* & a new [burnt] tag... *I wonder where @kohlenklau got the tree stumps originally?
  6. That is interesting I will play around with that. I also love your flavour object button trick to increase our options from 9 to 16 (I just used 9 for a beached Sampan & I still want more boats).
  7. I agree with the Sarge that the former probably fits better.
  8. iTunes, pah! Malicous bloatware, nothing more! I just checked the first file... it was at 11025 Hz. Sounds like @Lethaface fixed it.
  9. Although I'd love to play around with such .mdr's unfortunately, because Heaven & Earth is primarily a red vs red conversion, we're limited by a small selection of mds's. Syrian Reserve, Mechanized, Republican Guard & Airborne all share the same .mds & helmet .mdr. As far as I can tell there are no equipment .mdr's that are exclusively used by the reserves. As such the best we could do was give our Peoples Army alpha'ed out helmet textures (they fight bareheaded).
  10. Off the top of my head, the bit rate is probably wrong... CM only plays 44100 bit .wav files.
  11. A Counter-Ambush In the Fields Poppy Fields Forever I think you might recognize this last one @Sgt.Squarehead.
  12. I'm not so sure how useful this will be for this particular project however with a slight hex edit you can transfer CMA maps & scenarios pretty easily into CMSF2... from what I can tell everything is transferred pretty much intact, even the units & their AI plans (however, obviously, the units are all wrong... you get US Marine Vehicle crews as Mujahadeen RPG teams for instance). Combing the Green Zone
  13. Interesting... are you thinking of using the beret wearing Special Forces or the [erdl] tagged Imperial Cavalry? I suppose it depends if you want the body armour or the LAW's.
  14. 0.91 will be ready very soon & I know I changed the building "details" so you might want to hang fire on that.
  15. Propeller grogs... only on the Battlefront forums! From what I can tell, there's a slight pitch & tempo difference... rather than collecting scores of new Helicopter sounds I'll try out a "quick fix" & just slightly change the pitch & speed of the sounds we do have en masse.
  16. I just checked & found these in my mod folder, presumably part of an unfinished mod for some video I was considering making... I think I got 'em from Project reality. It should be noted that all voice files found in the Blue forces can have arabic equivalents (including voices for incoming artillery & grenade battles, burning vehicles... stuff like that)... a fact which Heaven & Earth has taken advantage of.
  17. You would know, lol! I do like to "christen" & showcase good work... although at this point I'm starting to think I should change my avatar from "37mm" to "Combatintmans official fan bois" as that's my sixth video featuring your work (and let's not ignore that, so far, I've identified six of your scenarios as 'H&E conversion' candidates). Took me ages to cut it down to size though... I only needed a 1km by 1km piece for the experiments.
  18. A compilation video of various experiments*... ... I can say that we're going to have to go that 'worst case scenario' we spoke of Sarge with regards propellor aircraft sounds. *Not all Heaven & Earth related (I was also playing around with reshade, resolution settings, the 'movie mode' & Nvidia inspector).
  19. I've made a number of requests for map makers/scenario makers throughout this thread and I will do so again. If anybody is interested in helping us create content for the public release then don't hesitate to send me a PM. That would include you too @Boche 😉
  20. I've never seen Bradley's shoot up an Abrams but I've certainly seen & conducted a large number of blue-on-blue incidents ever since the days of CMSF1. Bradley's & the mk19 Grenade launchers are particuarly prone to these incidents. You learn, after many horrible incidents, to be extremely careful with autocannon like weapons & more properly consider where your AFV's are, where they could be firing & where your footsloggers are. Here's an incident that occured recently when someone tried out the CMSF2 Demo.
  21. It's definately possible... as we've got CMFI roof textures to show by simple renaming. Sarge uses them for his Colonial buildings, I've also used them in the cities. Additionally, the 'Chimneyless huts' you've been seeing for a few months just use alpha channels (& a few other bits & bobs) on top of those roof textures... at the time they were made we weren't even considering the blender techniques. The strangest oddity we have with the roof swapping is the bizarre "generic roof damage texture" issue which me & the Sarge mentioned here.
  22. That's mostly what I did for the video (although they were Kieme's HD BS textures). As for the sloped roofs; in Heaven & Earth we've model swapped the mosque roof option (for most roof sizes) only. This means the Pixeltruppen will not climb onto the "sloped roofs" & we retain the option of flat roofed buildings... this system could clearly be used for a Euroscape update. We also already have European style roofs for 'colonial' buildings. This post shows most of this...
  23. There is the old CMSF1 "Euroscape mod" which has been mentioned before & which replaced the Syrians with Russians. I partially updated this mod (for one scenario) back in January. Aquila then also partially updated it. There were a bunch of 'Euroscape' scenarios made which can be found at my collection... from what I can tell the Euroscape modders considered Syrian Special Forces to make pretty good 00's Russian soldiers. Fully updating Euroscape (and giving it a few extra additions... sloped European style roofs being the most obvious) is on my 'to do' list after Heaven & Earth is released.
  24. I do recall that sometimes the reflections are a bit too much with vehicles (and some helmets... I especially recall issues with the SLA helmets mod). I'm a (little) bit more experienced with reshade these days... so I imagine something like the clarity effect could help with that. Thinking about it further, one could probably recreate the "movie mode" effect with reshade alone (presumably curves would be a good effect to start that with) but I tend to be a creature of habit.
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