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  1. I've recently playtested one of the larger (if not the largest) scenarios @puje has made for this map. I played on the, recommended for H&E, balanced "3d model quality" setting & the fps, as far as I could tell, never dropped below 30. I'm confident everyone will be able to play H&E.
  2. I'm surprised this thread fell off the first page. Here's a few screenshots from an H&E playtest...
  3. The Dutch were using DPM back in 2008, so I'm okay with them using a slight variation of the British Placeholder uniform seen above. It should be noted that I have little real skill with texture mods, so these 'Placeholders' are likely what you're going to be using for quite some time. I will be having a go at giving the Germans Flecktarn...
  4. After playing around with some of @Oleksandr's work, we have this Canadian uniform...
  5. @Aquila-CM has made another preview video... ... looks like I'll have to go over those Brits in particular. Anybody with the latest (0.94) build can check out @Combatintman's amazing map for themselves (it's, unsurprisingly, in the map folder)
  6. Some very good work @Megalon Jones. I've been making videos for a year now & my number one piece of advice would be to "keep your fps up". Nowadays, I aim for ~40fps whilst setting up for a "scene"... I know that sounds/action during the shot will reduce the fps back down into the 30's. Shift+[ & Shift+] allows you to reduce your 3d model quality, in game, to the necessary level to make the shot. Shadows & shaders also affect fps & it's important to decide, early on, if that particular cinematic video is going to use them.
  7. The quick answer would be "all of them". The more detailed answer is I've been creating a new sound mod/mix/compilation (dubbed the "ME soundscape") for quite awhile & it'll be a part of the H&E modpack. You can hear it evolving during all the H&E teaser videos (as well as on @Aquila-CM's H&E playthrough)... I also used it extensively during some recent CMA videos (it should be compatible with all the modern games).
  8. During a draft scenario playtest (for the Urban campaign), a Patton had quite the close call...
  9. After some feedback, I've reworked some of the autocannon/HMG sounds? An improvement?
  10. The expansion of the mod from our initial vision of a, relatively simple, Red vs Red Conversion into a larger multi-tagged & multi-environment ("Delta to the DMZ") modpack whilst adopting the new 3d modelling techniques of @Aquila-CM &, now, going the 'full conversion' route has unfortunately meant an unavoidable delay in getting Heaven & Earth out to the community. However, we're hoping to have some kind of "open beta" released as soon as possible along with two, possibly three, campaigns and perhaps a dozen scenarios ("before Christmas" is the deadline floating around in my head). The good news is that, now that we've gone the "full conversion" route, the modpack will be a lot more flexible. I loaded up the old CMSF1 scenario "Dagger Fight" the other night and I spent a few minutes adding a few palm trees, a few light forest tiles & changing the crops a bit. I then gave the US Army a spin...
  11. Although the Vietnam-esque "Bong-Hai Civil War" will still remain the focus of Heaven & Earth, the recent decision to go the 'full conversion' route means that everyone with Shock Force 2 will be able to play (providing you can put up with a few placeholders here & there)... In the modern era, most of our Jeeps will be phased out & the Technicals will return...
  12. Excellent work! I'll definitely be trying these out on the highlands, lowlands & paddies of "Bong-Hai".
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