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  1. Demo scenario, I put the mods being used in a video's description.
  2. Yeah, it's in the Video description. HQS 2.4 is the base... although I've probably added sounds to that over the years. You can grab HQS 3.0, which has recently been released, over at CMMods.
  3. These are pretty similiar to the settings I have on an older system (i5 2400, 1050 Ti)... although I made sure "threaded optimization" was off (I'm still playing around with the "antialasing transparency" settings). My own game settings are now set to "excellent" & I have no fps issues with the foilage anymore.
  4. I agree with Peter that "wrong door" issue's are usually (indeed I think entirely) caused by my own, usually rushed, orders. It's one of the reasons I like tiny & small scenario's so much... if you've only got a handful of squads you'll pay a lot more attention to where you send them! As for the odd retreating direction, couldn't that be caused by the scenario designer assigning the wrong direction as the friendly one?
  5. 37mm

    Bad performance

    CMSF2 does seem a bit tricky to optimize (compared with Red Thunder) however I've gotten it to run nicely, whilst still looking good, by making sure "thread optimization" is switched off on your Nvidia settings & just toning down the game settings one level down (from "Best" to "Excellent"). That can save over 10,000 "draw calls" on a heavy foilage scene*, I can't percieve any visual difference from "Best" (certainly none worth doubling my "draw calls" over) & it leads me to have frame processing speeds of 30-60ms. I have no idea how an fps of 20-35 could be causing you any issues as that's positively nippy for me. I suspect there is some other optimization issue going on (try adjusting your Nvidia Vsync settings... mine is on "half adaptive refresh rate" although your system might be different). *One other cool feature of reshade is it allows you to see such stats.
  6. 37mm

    Demo crash

    Don't play "around" it... play with it.
  7. It's in the video description, HQS 2.4 is the base... although there's probably a few others I added over the years from CMSF1.
  8. 37mm

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Lol, you should have seen it 48 hours ago... I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve to improve it but turning off "threaded optimization" has helped greatly.
  9. 37mm

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I have just put up a test video...