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  1. The nearest you're going to get to such action, using CMSF2, is our "Imperial Cavalry" vs "People's Militia/Army" stuff. Both campaigns & the majority of the "Bong-Hai Civil War" scenarios provided in last months "Open Beta" feature such forces. @Aquila-SmartWargames started a playthrough of the "Year of the Rat" campaign. Again, as per the manual, there are a number of Patton tags within H&E... such vehicles feature in several of the Urban campaign battles.
  2. I can't promise anything as exquisite as what @puje & @Sgt.Squarehead managed to create but I do seem to be, slowly but surely, picking up a few tricks here & there... Our small team seems to be getting hampered, like pretty much everything else, by recent crises... so I'll again call for anyone interested in helping out the team (mostly with content creation at this stage) to send me a PM. A year ago I'd never made a mod or a map or a scenario, so even "Cherries" are welcome in Bong-Hai. I do also have a bunch of modding tasks on my "to do" list, including... M60 MG for PKM. Fabric covered US Helmet model for Imperials. New Heavy Urban backgrounds for [Ikke] tag. Period appropriate aircraft silhouettes for the [rvnaf] tag. Modern Bong-Hai soldier portratits. So, if anybody wants to have a go at any of those, that would also be greatly appreciated.
  3. As far as I can tell there have been very few "good" news sources in the West... lot's of people playing partisan politics or "playing the race card" back in January/February. Let's also not forget about stuff like this... Still that's all over with now... however, in future, perhaps we all need some kind of apolitical "10th man" who's job it is to take something seriously when (almost) everyone else doesn't.
  4. Would you need some original music for the 'Heaven and Earth' project?  I can cover that if it pleases you.

    1. 37mm


      The only thing I'd really like music wise would be a different "end of Battle" theme for modern era scenarios... other than that I'm pretty happy with what we have now.

      Of course, if you wan't to convince me you have something that's better, then you can always try!

    2. Megalon Jones

      Megalon Jones

      Ahhh!  I have the music turned 'off' in the options.  Didn't realize you already have music!  😆

    3. 37mm



  5. I see this statistic thrown around a lot by people who should know better. It's not true... Health organizations outside China* track a bizarre stat called "Influenza Like Illness" You can read up on how many completely unrelated forms of illness & death this statistic covers. In terms of actual evidence of deaths caused by influenza viruses you will have trouble finding significant amounts... in the UK for instance (which also records "tens of thousands" of "influenza like illness" deaths) "only" a few hundred death certificates per year even mention influenza. Influenza is a problem but it appears to have been exaggerrated in the West by magnitudes of order... hence causing confusion during an actual pandemic. The reality of the situation is that almost everyone should have been on lockdown when China started building those hospitals & locking down its cities (January 23rd)... a lot of people are going to die because of those failures. *China records a few hundred "flu deaths" a year, sometimes a few score.
  6. Although most of the People's Militia campaign will take place over the course of several years, the final battles will all take place within the span of a few days during a great battle dubbed "Operation Isandlwana".
  7. Bump... recently I had an idea on how to handle basic update's of CMSF1 campaigns. There's no way I'm going back & recreating core files & campaign scripts for these campaigns... so instead i'll probably break them up into individual scenarios, update the maps for those scenarios & then play them. I would track Core casualties as I played through the scenarios... but only in a simplistic & rudimentary manner (i.e 1st Platoon suffers severe casualties in scenario 1, just give it a heavily depleted headcount next time it appears in the campaign).
  8. I assure you it'll be worth every penny... which reminds me I have a thread to bump.
  9. As per the manual, the modern Western units have not been changed other than by retexturing them for the SE Asia setting. The Open Beta has nine, simple, conversion scenarios to help showcase some of these changes. However, the focus of Heaven & Earth will always be the "Bong-Hai Civil War" era which is a red vs red setting... both campaigns & eleven, more complex, conversion scenarios are centered on this fictional 1960's-70's conflict.
  10. Another day, another map conversion... ...... that is, originally, a CMA Quick battle map by Stagler. I'm also flicking my way through the unit history of the D445 VC Battalion, an interesting read.
  11. Working on a VC People's Militia campaign... Which will also include an assassination scenario, our "Hit team" of spies & lightly armed men... ...... their targets, a hated LDF Commander & his chief bodyguard... "Oppress this!"
  12. Yes, the general lack of red GPMG ammo is a CMSF2 issue that has been reported & a fix (eventually) promised... also at the time we believed only APC's & IFV's carried such ammo. Since then, we've realized uaz's do carry a little GPMG ammo (trucks don't carry any)... so until the issue is patched my advice would be to strip all GPMG ammo from any uaz's. GPMG ammo is plentiful in the Urban campaign at least.
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