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  1. Although I'll admit it is looking nice, it is still overwhelmingly @Combatintman's original terrain... I've just swamped it up a bit (okay a lot) & changed the layout of the compounds. From what I can tell, the irrigation channels cannot themselves be a source of water (to flood further pieces of terrain or ditches)... it's an accidental feature of having a water source next to the ditched tile only. Heck it's arguably a bug.
  2. We're on the same wavelength... I'll be contacting you later on.
  3. Okay beta 3 is ready & has been sent to the original dropbox link. Changes Night effects have been expanded & tagged. They now work automatically. The 'time of day' optional set has been removed. Day & night effects are now merged into one 'standard effects' folder. You still need to place a "z" before the other optional sets (small arms, explosions, white smoke, vehicle dust) you wish to use.
  4. It depends on the size of the building... Modular buildings are pretty resistant to artillery fire, especially the larger & taller ones. I've had some limited success with targetting the street right next to building (so that the rounds/blast/shrapnel don't have to penetrate through multiple floors to get to the ground floor)... but, in general, large tower blocks are going to need large amounts of HE. However, don't forget the vast clouds of dust & smoke (in dry & very dry environments) that mortars can generate. Even if the mortars can only mask/supress the enemy, it should still allow you to maneuver.
  5. I didn't know it was yours until I uploaded the little vid & thought I should credit the scenario maker. I was looking for possible H&E conversions.
  6. I'm not even sure if I like the effect (the water still flows quite rapidly, like it's a river rather than a rice paddy) and it seems to be visual only (travelling along the ditches seems the same) but, nonetheless, an interesting new feature (the WW2 games have water but no ditches).
  7. No, that obliterates the tile, the trenches & the foilage... however if you have shallow ford next to the trenched tile it'll flood into it.
  8. Another version of "Green 9" is underway... interestingly I discovered you can flood the irrigation ditches.
  9. BRDM's, BTR's & BMP's are amphibious... all have pretty heavy weaponry. However there will definately be a Riverine element to H&E... indeed one of the scenario conversions already has such an element.
  10. I agree with @JulianJ. I just loaded up the CMSF2 Demo onto my spare PC... I bought it second hand five years ago so I'd imagine it's actually eight to ten years old. Balanced, Balanced with Vsync, shaders, shadows & AA off and "The Alamo" is running smoothly at 30+ fps. Only issue I saw was that the latest versions of Reshade didn't seem to want to work properly... but that's not a CM issue.
  11. The easiest way to stop model swaps would be just to hide the .mdr's (I've never seen a wall .mdr for instance) not get Charles to create an entirely new texture reading code. Steve is no shrinking violet... if he had any problem with modding the games visuals (which model swapping is just an advanced form of) he'd have said something at some point during the last 20 years+. In fact whenever he does mention the modders he's complimentary (for instance, his first comment in @sbobovyc's thread was to offer some advice)... heck they've hired half of 'em.
  12. Oh, I'm fairly confident that @Sgt.Squarehead will find a use for that. VERY.MUCH.APPRECIATED!!!
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