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  1. 37mm

    Special Effects Mix

    Here's a video of the second beta in action...
  2. It's no problem, I plan to create a major project sometime (which will require a lot of model swaps) so I wanted the practice. Here's the link... https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2kghuf4lc122e5/ak74m to M16.7z?dl=0 This only changes the AK-74M, the modern version of the ak-74, used by the Special Forces. All other ak-74's are untouched. The normal rifle is an m16a1, the grenade launcher version is an m16a4 (I had to keep the optics, I'm afraid). I changed the icons, the script & the default shot sound (that will affect all other ak-74's). Obviously I can't really do much about individual sound mods people might be using. I've had a quick play around &, combined with Sir Lancelots excellent mod, they do look pretty cool. NOTE The squad leader still has the AKS-74U... I'm not sure if I should keep that, change it to an M16 or, perhaps, an m4 carbine?
  3. Hmm it's a bit trickier than I realized it'd be because there are so many AK-74's in the files (standard, black, modern & multiple versions with Grenade launchers). I've swapped the models & icons & got rid of the optics... but I'm struggling with a few textures. I'll have another go at finishing the swap later.
  4. No... in game. I'll rustle you up a quick model swap. Do you want optics on the M16... if not, I'll see if they can be alpha'ed out. Oh I just remembered... I might be able to use the M16A1 from CMA if you prefer?
  5. 37mm

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    May I ask, how do you know that? My previous computer had an integrated Intel 4400 & 4GB of RAM... which, IIRC, works out as only 64MB of dedicated VRAM. The computer never had a problem loading HD mods... I used Kieme's stuff for years with CMSF & CMA. Although I did have an i3-4130... which is a faster CPU than the Athlon II X2 250.
  6. Yep... although I'm not sure if "Taliban" (combatants/fighters) use AK-74's (which would be the nearest thing to an M16 in the Red arsenal) in CMSF.
  7. 37mm

    Special Effects Mix

    I have updated the original dropbox link with the second beta version of the mix. Changes are... -Proper v4 Vein tracers added -A slightly different "Subdued Vein" explosion (using bitmaps from his v1 & v3 explosion) A new 'optional set' has been introduced... SMALL ARMS (place one z before one of the four options) Realistic, Subdued... I feel these subdued flashes, alongside Barbarico's grey smoke, give the most realistic effect for representing modern small arms fire Realistic, Balanced... As above but the muzzle flashes are more noticeable, perhaps better for representing WW2 small arms. Smokey, Subdued... Barbarico's grey smoke has been replaced with veins v4 grey smoke. This smoke is better for smokey combat scenes. Smokey, Balanced... Barbarico's grey smoke has been replaced with veins v4 grey smoke. This smoke is better for smokey combat scenes.
  8. Veins V3 explosion has always been very good for exploding tanks.
  9. 37mm

    Special Effects Mix

    First impressions of "v4"(?). I think I'll be using the tracers & the grey smoke in my finished mix however, as it turns out, I actually prefer most of the v3 effects. Strangely, the small arms muzzle effects hadn't been updated to engine 4 standards. The flames seem really slow too (even at 90+ fps) so will be sticking with Drakenlordes mod there.
  10. 37mm

    Special Effects Mix

    Hmmm, very interesting there are some differences betwee the V3 vein effects I have & the v4 ones you have... the explosion is ever so slightly different, tanks muzzle fire is different & gray smoke is different for a start. The vein style tracers in my special effects mix were my own attempt at an update... but your one's indeed appear to be better with more vibrant colours. Thanks for this (although I'm a little grumpy that I never knew it existed)... I'll certainly be playing around with these!
  11. 37mm

    Special Effects Mix

    Very weird... if Vein did a v4 I can't find it on CMMODS. Could you dropbox me your file & I'll try & see what the hell is going on... and what else might have been updated.
  12. 37mm

    Special Effects Mix

    Lol I freely admit that this mix has not been designed with practicality in mind. I remember thinking (and doing) the exact same thing the first time I tried out Vein's tracers a few years back. Just for the sake of clairity, the tracers in this mix, for all intents & purposes, are Veins tracers updated to work with engine 4 games (which introduced new orange, red, green & white tracers). As CMSF2 only uses "red tracers" & "green tracers" his earlier mods will not work (unless you renamed them). I think you've actually reverted to stock effects. Thanks.
  13. 37mm

    Euroscape mod

    Isn't ALL wargaming an approximation?
  14. 37mm

    Special Effects Mix

    Okay, the intermediate muzzle fire effects are now ready for testing... Download from here... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ntbnhkih24eceov/Intermediate muzzle blasts (small arms).7z?dl=0
  15. 37mm

    Euroscape mod

    To be fair to the original Euroscape modders, CMSF does have T-90's, some pretty advanced T-72's, BMP-3's, a Red airforce, Red artillery, advanced ATGM & all kinds of improved RPG Warheads etc. NVG capabilities are not important during the day, experience & morale can be played around with... any scenario creator worth his salt should be able to rustle up something representing a hypothetical European conflict of the 00's.