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  1. As per the text document & the initial post in this thread, you need to put two z's before either night or day (the two z's are before day by default). For the explosions, smoke, small arms etc you put one z before the option you want. The whole thing is a bit of a complicated mess really... hence the need for a mod enabler. However if you can figure it out it does give you a lot of versatility (as I hope my video channel helps show).
  2. I think you're right... perhaps rather than trying to recreate one specific conflict from the 60's we follow the path BFC (and indeed the Euroscape modders) took & aim to create a kind of hypothetical sandbox. As I said I won't be around much for the next few weeks so I'll think it over.
  3. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I did a few experiments with the [night] tag but it doesn't seem to work. The explosion gradient bitmap is from the base game, I must've left it in there when trying to figure out what it does... I couldn't. It's harmless so you can leave it, delete it or play around with it. This is not the final version, I expect there'll be a new type of smaller explosion eventually then it will come packaged with a mod enabler & put up on CMMODS. I quite like the look of these "sparkly" ones...
  4. Yeah that is a good spot... I can alpha channel them away visually but their effect would remain. Night battles would have to rely on the concealment bonus & terrain to counteract the NVG's. No other troop type in CMSF has 5mm AR's, no body armour & relatively weak rockets (HE wise). It's a shame we can't get mech or guard with AK-74's (I'm sure we could in the original CMSF).
  5. I thought only Combatants get the concealment bonus? I had some thoughts on vehicles but that'd be a later addition.
  6. Real life has struck which means I'll not be around much for the next couple of weeks. However I'll finish off an improved version of the current mod compilation (fixing up the various issues you highlighted) by Monday & send you the link. In terms of the overall project I think we should stick to trying to do ARVN vs VC at first. If the project is succesful then we can later try to bring the US (perhaps even the Aussies) into it. I see these as the major requirements... (i) A VC mod for Combatants. It struck me that the vanilla ninja fighter models would make better VC combatants but all my attempts to do this model swap have failed so far. I know @Zveroboy1 has already done the reverse (model his Taliban combatants as fighters) so I'm hopeful this can be done. (ii) Something to be done about the roofs... @RockinHarry (& I believe the team doing the Africa Korp mod for CMFI) have swapped flat roofs into a WW2 setting. Can the reverse be done? (iii) Some test maps (Your looks good already from what I can tell) & Syrian Airborne vs Combatant test scenarios. (iv) A Vietnemese voice mod. I've acquired suitable files for this already, so I can box this off easily enough... a few weeks from now. (v) Factions icons & UI details like that. Some loading screen bitmaps would be nice too. (vi) Anybody good with faces? The current Asian faces by @mjkerner & @Coon Dog are passable but at the very least normal bitmaps need to be made for them & I'm not sure how that's done. So if anyone can help out & chip in with some of that lot during the next few weeks that would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I did nothing but add some extra bushes (oh & the decorative rice paddies) to the map (Here's the link). The trees are the same mix of CMA/CMSF2 vegitation I used for the original Operation Barras video. The addition of @EZ's excellent terrain & grass doodads really help sell the Jungle feel though. Looking forward to the maps!
  8. Yes to both questions. You cannot mod the underlying game mechanics in anyway. The "classic" example of a mod swap, I once heard, was if you swapped an M1A2 Abrams model into a WW2 game as a Sherman then that "Abrams" would still get knocked out by PzIV's.
  9. I can't see why not... alpha channel the helmets & I think it would leave the heads underneath exposed (alternatively we could use some tanker gear/berets). Face bitmaps have a full head of hair on them. So we'd have options for ARVN (get to use Vietnemese voices... I found quite a lot of voice files), standard US Infantry (forced to use a "generic voice mod") & the LRRP (also "generic voices"). I think I could even make a basic NVA mod (using Pith helmets from CMFI) for Syrian reserve infantry... but, unfortunately, they could only ever fight the ARVN. We'd need a uniform modder of course... but that's pretty obvious already as I had to use Taliban as VC!
  10. I've thought about creating a "generic voice mod" which would allow me to give the Syrian Airborne America faces & enable US vs Combatants. Assuming I get that working, wouldn't LRRP units just be typical American forces with M16's, LAWS (I plan to model swap the RPG-16's with LAWs) & such like but with better soft factors (experience, motivation etc)?
  11. Play around with everything to your hearts content, the buildings are only like that because I took a shotgun approach to modifying the look of Operation Barras. Yeah the splash screen, which is only a few days old, isn't working for my eyes either... I was planning to darken the image or change the font colour (can that be done?).
  12. Link sent. I intend to do some model swapping experiments with the roofs. Perhaps if you thought of each CMSF building as a group of very close habitations that might make things easier for you to visualize? So, for example, a village with 40 buildings could be represented by 10 CMSF buildings. I'm sure anyone would understand that a lot of abstraction will be needed to simulate 1960's Vietnam with a 21st Century Desert War simulator!
  13. CMSF2 does have hedges... are they different in some manner to "low bocage"?
  14. Yeah I've used some of his textures from that mod. I also tried out his "using hedges in the middle of a forest to restrict LOS" trick but I couldn't get it to look decent.
  15. I'll send you my current Jungle terrain compilation via dropbox later on so that you're not working in the dark... unless it's a night map of course.
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