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  1. Tags are loaded at an individual scenario level... a campaign maker using Heaven & Earth could, for instance, set their first scenario in the (default) lowlands, their second in flat inland delta ([paddies] tag), their third scenario in the highlands ([mountains] tag) & their fourth in a large war-torn city ([ikke] tag). The above video uses our [delta] tag & is used to represent coastal regions, islands etc. It's in the video description.
  2. Well I suggest we cut out the "tm" until we know more. In other news... I've finally got the PBR model working (although it's currently too low in the water & a funny colour) so hopefully I can box off that, surprisingly difficult, task soon. BTW does anyone know about a @Juju "burnt building" mod? I find references to it every now & again but don't seem to be able to find it or even confirm it actually exists.
  3. One thing/query with these wonderful logo's that @xacto has made... there is a small "tm" on them. I know absolutely nothing about these legal things... but isn't that something we'll have to remove from the logos? As far as I can tell the only thing trademarked with this mod would be CMSF2 itself... so does the current logo imply that we own CMSF2?
  4. The modpack comes with a variant of @BarbaricCo 's "advanced movie shaders" so that's probably what you're seeing. I do use reshade on top of that... but I mostly stick to a few subtle effects (a bit of sharpening, some SMAA).
  5. Technically it hasn't been updated... however ALL CMSF1 campaigns & scenarios have, de-facto, been ported over by BFC themselves. CMSF2 is fully backwards compatible with the older game. I have provided a collection of (most) of the older stuff (including '3:10 to Yuma') here.
  6. I'm posting here because I feel such beautiful artistry as that shown by @Sgt.Squarehead really should be celebrated by the whole CM community. Heaven & Earth presents to you, the Delta map...
  7. Trying out some new flavour objects* & a new [burnt] tag... *I wonder where @kohlenklau got the tree stumps originally?
  8. That is interesting I will play around with that. I also love your flavour object button trick to increase our options from 9 to 16 (I just used 9 for a beached Sampan & I still want more boats).
  9. I agree with the Sarge that the former probably fits better.
  10. iTunes, pah! Malicous bloatware, nothing more! I just checked the first file... it was at 11025 Hz. Sounds like @Lethaface fixed it.
  11. Although I'd love to play around with such .mdr's unfortunately, because Heaven & Earth is primarily a red vs red conversion, we're limited by a small selection of mds's. Syrian Reserve, Mechanized, Republican Guard & Airborne all share the same .mds & helmet .mdr. As far as I can tell there are no equipment .mdr's that are exclusively used by the reserves. As such the best we could do was give our Peoples Army alpha'ed out helmet textures (they fight bareheaded).
  12. Off the top of my head, the bit rate is probably wrong... CM only plays 44100 bit .wav files.
  13. A Counter-Ambush In the Fields Poppy Fields Forever I think you might recognize this last one @Sgt.Squarehead.
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