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  1. 37mm

    A long delayed update

    This... I've recently gotten a friend of mine, who more usually likes to pretend he's a dark elf witch priestess with magic powers, into Shock Force ONE. Battlefront don't "need" Valve so much as they need exposure.
  2. That's a good start, IIRC I grabbed over 400 scenarios from Ian. Nonetheless there are far more scenarios available out there... I currently have over 750 (although I think there are doubles skewering the numbers). Everything that I've bumped today (including several campaigns apparently) is not available anywhere else as far as I can tell.
  3. Bump, anyone have these scenarios?
  4. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  5. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  6. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  7. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  8. 37mm

    Return to Babado

    Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  9. 37mm

    my first campaign

    Anybody have this campaign?
  10. 37mm

    Husam al Din: DOUBLE PACK Campaign

    Anybody have these TWO campaigns still?
  11. "Polyanskoe" is still available (I found it to be a nasty little bugger), does anybody have "Black Bear Down"?
  12. Bump, for anyone interested in this scenario.
  13. No, you'll be fine just deleting the crater.bmp from the first file... the craters stand out & look "squarish".
  14. Added a few paler flavor objects & got rid of the rubbish crater... https://www.dropbox.com/s/96xli5i7g4v2rvy/Winter for CMA.zip?dl=0
  15. Wintery combat scene Mods being used... -My winter mod (based on work by Worghern) -CMFI HD Terrain by Aris -CMSF HD buildings & bunkers by Kieme -Vein effects x3 -Bodkins red tracers -Bill Lockton, Smaragadler, Harry Crofton & Sergei CMA unit & face mods merged