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  1. 37mm


    TF Panther is already part of the collection. The collection is already part of an ongoing CMSF2 forum thread.
  2. 37mm

    Campaign idea

    It would probably have the opposite effect for a low-intensity campaign like you propose. The player would become familiar with every ford & nook & cranny and probably remember those features from earlier times in the campaign. The map would have history... even without permanent damage (which, as pointed out, is not a major issue for infantry only). If you were willing to expand the concept with some mod tags (or if you collaborated with a modder) you could even simulate the changing of the seasons. The CMSF2 editor allows you to set conditions from Extreme heat through to cold & very dry throught to wet. People have already tried out their snow mods in CMSF2!
  3. 37mm


    I renamed many of the scenarios however no campaigns were renamed by me. Although, with older versions & different posters uploading campaigns over the years, I can understand the problem. I do not have the Grozny campaign or anything else by those French dudes/RommeL.
  4. CMSF2 has been out one month. One month. Amazing work.
  5. 37mm

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    One of the added costs of living in atomized, low-trust societies. However, in regards to wargaming, I think this is incidental (although perhaps emblematic). From what I can tell, wargaming as a whole is doing rather well (even board games are having good sales). However it's been fragmented into so many sub-genres (board, computer, miniature, vassal, 2D, 3D, real-time, turn-based) that rarely do the various sub-groups interact. A united wargaming community would have considerable purchasing power... fragmented, not so much.
  6. 37mm


    Erwin, could you be a good sport & just check what you have & compare it with the dropbox I put up for the community? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1mu30n0qsjw3sk0/AABb-_fnlr21dLxGVv6a7VAVa?dl=0
  7. I used a (Visa) Debit card to purchase CMSF2 ten days before Xmas. No issues... yet. Even if they had your card details, how would they get the "secret question" purchase confirmation answer correct? That's administered by a completely different system.
  8. Well this IS the CMSF2 forum. I've not got the WW2 3.1 but, if it's anything like 2.4, you need to download all parts & put them in the same location but, as they are a .ar package., you only need to unzip part 1. The bits & bobs from the other parts will be unzipped automatically along with it.
  9. No, I just checked, Erwin is mistaken. The first link goes to a rar file called HQS3.1. The other two links go to rar files called CMA Ambient & CMBS Ambient. I'm always on the look out for more background sounds, so I'm happy I checked.
  10. Operation Mars... in Taurus? In Taurus? In TAURUS? This is the worst thing I've heard since the Denver Draftdodgers beat the Louisiana Black Socks! You plan to launch a major Soviet offensive under a sign ruled by Venus... a Love Goddess? The real Operation Mars was launched in Sagittarius! A fire sign! The real Stavka may have been cruel & ruthless... but at least they knew their astrology. Can you say the same thing, Steve? Can you?
  11. You laugh & yet how many budding Astronomers have been turned away from purchasing CM because of such failures by BFC? Tens of thousands is my guess...which translates into millions of Dollars worth of sales!
  12. It only requires one download... he just gave three links in case one of them goes down or gets overwhelmed.
  13. I suppose now would not be the best time to bring up the improper Constellations & lack of the Milky Way during night battles?
  14. As mentioned in the video description, I merely recoloured some base game textures. Going into more specifics, I also duplicated & renamed a bunch of British gear (in Vanilla there is a 50/50 chance of a British soldier getting a piece of Woodland gear... I just upped the odds to 100%) & borrowed a CMSF1 Woodland helmet (which did work). Until the proper modders get going, it sufficed in a "squint & don't look too closely" kind of fashion.