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  1. I have a relatively small list... -Distant gunshot sounds, they don't need to be specific for each weapon... it could be more generic (like the current "gun shot trail" sounds) but the sound of battle should go further than ~800m. -Intermediate distance bitmaps... currently, for terrain, CM runs either at high detail or uses the tiny distant "minimaps". There seems to be no in between... which is strange as virtually every other thing on a CM battlefield has a range of various distant LOD's (perhaps the oddest exception being vineyards in CMFI... they are either visible or invisible, there's no in between). -Individuality & independence is nice & all... however community is not without its merits. Could a small independent company not work with other small independent companies to share things? The people behind reshade might know more about shaders than anybody at BFC, the people who make independent first person shooters might have better sounds to share? There are small independents working on amazing things in areas like voxel physics & learning AI... a deal with BFC might help them to train up the next Skynet. You've seen yourself that working, with Slitherine, in areas that you might be lacking, can be beneficial for both parties. Surely, as you're all competing against AAA games (and budgets of tens of millions of dollars), agreements could be reached? -CMx2 was launched with a totally new theatre never seen (or even imagined) by most CMx1 players. Obviously, that means CMx3 should launch in Vietnam!
  2. A tank in a ditch (though not entirely spotted) is hit by accident whilst another (far more visible) tank, on a road, is engaged? Is this even an issue? It seems like something we'd all agree could happen... that CM models such things (and always remembering we are looking at abstractions) seems to be something we should celibrate... no? Notice the first, weakened, shot hits the visible tanks hull (presumably the result of a shot aimed slightly low) but the second, deadly, shot hits the turret (presumably the result of a shot aimed slightly high & therefore bypassing the obstructive tank). If we drop the assumption that every tank round fired in a CM battlefield takes placed under ideal optical conditions (and instead imagine foilage, dust, smoke, silhouettes, shadows, microterrain undulations... as well as sweat, panic & fear) then there's no issue with this incident. Good job BFC.
  3. Unfortunately I upgraded my reshade to the latest version &, although I'm pleased with the increased efficiency & the new effects to play around with, it has left my profiles in a bit of a mess... I'm trying to find out what the issues are & fix them. However, I do know that I've generally been getting subtler & simpler with the reshade effects and I'm all but certain that, for that vid, I was using just the Barbarico movie mode that comes with H&E, a pirate bloom set on a high threshold* (which also gives a quasi ambient light effect), SMAA & one of the default multi-LUT options (I think option 2)... nothing else, no sharpening, no colour correction, no AO. *Which is pretty standard with most of my previous .ini's.
  4. I said I needed 15 maps for the People's Militia campaign however one of the maps is slated to perform double duty, so it's really 14 now. The latest map conversion is based off a @Paper Tiger map... ... I only have two more maps to go & they're both planned to be on the smallish scale so we're looking good for the release of the 0.97 'People's Beta'. I also quickly tried out one of the 0.96 scenarios & realized I forget to update that scenario's briefing (despite me having a very specific memory of having done so)... ... so that's another fix that has been added to the "to do" list.
  5. Infantry in Battle is a good book on US actions (mostly in 1918) & shows how fluid the fighting had become by that stage. Basically, by 1918, everyone could succesfully attack everyone else.
  6. Twas a great little campaign & I enjoyed it tremendously... I really, really have to return to working on Heaven & Earth but I've enjoyed CMFI even more than I was expecting!
  7. As expected, it took a while but the final AAR is now done... ... turns out the "broken door" issue that cost me a Marine was just the result of an unseen grenade flung from a Church.
  8. @LongLeftFlank's Pacific mod provided, in many ways, much inspiration for Heaven & Earth (his Pacific mod has been mentioned in the thread) especially with regards to our [delta] tag. I know nothing of WW2 skeleton naming conventions & have only very recently started some preliminary experiments with CMFI, however, I'd imagine the Asian faces from @puje would be a great improvement over what was available back then (early versions of Heaven & Earth featured tweaked versions of the Asian faces made for this mod).
  9. Heaven & Earth is not a modpack for a theoretical game... it is a modpack for CMSF2 &, for 0.97, it'll be using the distant bitmap sizes of stock CMSF2.
  10. I try to stick to the resolutions that BFC use for CMSF2... and I've never heard anyone complain that vanilla CMSF2 is too sharp.
  11. Although content creation remains the focus for 0.97, we've also been working on a few aspects of the modpack itself. I noticed there were a few missing ground textures (ground brush red, hard ground brush red, gravel & heavy rock)... this has now been fixed. Also, because @EZ's Normandy terrain mod was used as a base for the modpack, the distant bitmaps were smaller & less detailed than need be (CMSF2 has much large distant bitmaps compared with the other CMX2 games)... that's now been resolved, so things look a little nicer & clearer outside your 'high detail bubble'. I experimented with adding a new helmet model into the game but ultimately decided that "the juice wasn't worth the squeeze"... however @puje has come up with some new helmet textures for our "Imperial Cavalry" so he's bailed me out there. Tree 2 is now less vibrant & fits in with the rest of the foilage better... oh & there's some additional variations between Highland, lowland & flatland foliage/doodads. All in all we're still chugging along...
  12. At this point? I have no idea.... however, it should be remembered that CMSF uniform mods will not work with CMSF2 so, does it really matter? In the year 2020 (remember CMSF was released in 2007), I imagine you'll likely have to make any 2003 uniform mods yourself or find alternate placeholders.
  13. Amazing work... that North East sector has caught my attention (I was just thinking earlier today that I'd like a coastal map with some offlying Islands).
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