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  1. 37mm

    Average Learning Curve???

    As others have pointed out the game itself is pretty simple... its UI is FAR more simple to understand than some Paradox monster for instance. Even the tactics are fairly simple really... find the enemy, fix the enemy, flank the enemy & finish the enemy... the four f's. The biggest issue is not game related, it is psychology related. Most people play games which have been designed to be fun & enjoyable... in CM you will be playing scenarios designed to be annoying. You don't have as much artillery as you like? It was designed that way. You rushed that platoon in the machine gun filled village because you thought it'd be safe... designed that way. If you think about a CM scenario maker as an evil, twisted creature determined to humiliate you & laugh at your dead pixeltruppen then you probably won't go too far wrong. DON'T cross the street... just don't. Find another way... do you have demo charges? Smoke? A way to bust through walls? A long-winded outflanking move you hadn't previously considered? Can you at least suppress suspicious buildings before you cross? Do that instead. NEVER cross the street.
  2. It's really amazing what the modding & "shading" (?) community have managed to achieve. From this... https://ibb.co/d4EK2K To this... https://ibb.co/kgEGGe A big thank you to you all.
  3. Thanks Rokko for the great work. You've just doubled the number of available scenarios for CMA players!
  4. 37mm

    A long delayed update

    This... I've recently gotten a friend of mine, who more usually likes to pretend he's a dark elf witch priestess with magic powers, into Shock Force ONE. Battlefront don't "need" Valve so much as they need exposure.
  5. That's a good start, IIRC I grabbed over 400 scenarios from Ian. Nonetheless there are far more scenarios available out there... I currently have over 750 (although I think there are doubles skewering the numbers). Everything that I've bumped today (including several campaigns apparently) is not available anywhere else as far as I can tell.
  6. Bump, anyone have these scenarios?
  7. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  8. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  9. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  10. Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  11. 37mm

    Return to Babado

    Bump, anyone have this scenario?
  12. 37mm

    my first campaign

    Anybody have this campaign?
  13. 37mm

    Husam al Din: DOUBLE PACK Campaign

    Anybody have these TWO campaigns still?
  14. "Polyanskoe" is still available (I found it to be a nasty little bugger), does anybody have "Black Bear Down"?
  15. Bump, for anyone interested in this scenario.