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  1. Hi Guys(Gals also) I still play AND LOVE SC1! I would love to get my hands on new scenarios but all the links to them seem to out dated now. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everybody. Great game. I live in Ireland but in a few days am going to Nigeria to work for three weeks and this new scenario would help me pass the boring evenings (not allowed out of the compound due to car bombs / kidnappings / assassinations etc). I would be VERY grateful to get this at jfly1@yahoo.com When(if?!) I return I will probably be looking to play a PBEM game with someone but more of that anon. P.S. Dont worry I grew up in Belfast in the 60's if the UVF, UDA, RUC, Brits and even the IRA cant take me out Im not going to worry about Nigeria!!!!! Thanks Deitrich (John Flynn)
  3. Hi All. Im looking for a PBEm opponent. I can be got at jfly1@yahoo.com If anyone is reading this in the next hour or so then Im willing to try a TCP/IP game. Regards John Flynn
  4. Hi All Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have NEVER played any gone by email before but am keen to try it with Strat Cmd. If anyone is willing my email is jfly1@yahoo.com. Im happy to begin as either Axis or Allies! Hope someone out there will give it a ty. Thanks again John Flynn.
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