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  1. I'm confused about this. Did Apple actually change a published interface? Or break the underlying semantics? (I stopped using OSX on my Macbook about a year ago, so I've lost track of what they have or haven't done.)
  2. phil180

    Quick Battles

    I too would love to see this fixed. The current force selection process is horrid.
  3. I also had no trouble with a clean install on a new Win 8.1 (64 bit) machine. No special steps: I just followed the excessively convoluted instructions for the installation of the three modules and patches. It's a much nicer machine, and CMSF looks much better. If it's of any interest, I had a similar conversation (with the roles reversed) about another game which didn't work on my new machine until I un-installed and re-installed.
  4. phil180

    Should CMSF be free?

    There's a middle ground. It doesn't have to be free. Making it substantially cheaper could make a difference. I had the base game ages ago and only bought the three modules last year. TBH I'm quite disappointed. There are too many little niggles.
  5. phil180

    Status update on "Black Sea"

    Not even worth trying. It won't run in VMs because of the DRM. If someone does find it working in Linux, so much the better.
  6. phil180

    Where can I buy this game?

    I can't see it in the store, so I guess you'd need to contact Battlefront support to ask if it's possible to buy it. Also, when I last checked (ages ago) the updates site was dead. It was a nice game....
  7. phil180

    Unable to patch 1.21

    Two points that have been made before, yet I still see no progress from BF. 1. A DRM that expects you to disable AV before dealing with downloads increases customers' risk (given the number of trojaned downloads out there). 2. The lack of an obvious cryptographic checksum on BF's site for each possible download makes it hard to be sure you've got the right file.
  8. Surely they are copyright to the author (or employer) unless explicitly placed in the public domain by the author (or have expired)? Depending on the legal jurisdiction, the Berne Convention probably applies, which doesn't require an explicit © or notice. Phil. (Not a lawyer anywhere.)
  9. What's not true? I'm well aware of it not needing to access a licence server once it's activated. My point is that it's a bloody nuisance when you have multiple machines. And there's still the poor interaction with security software. From my viewpoint, unless the game is utterly fantastic I'm no longer spending money on DRM-encumbered software. I recognise the right of publishers and authors to make their own decisions, but I don't have to buy it. (CMSF, while good fun, has enough issues such as the QB misfeatures and some UI problems, so isn't good enough.)
  10. And requires an active Internet connection to do so (I'm often away with work and surprisingly don't have the luxury of a reliable connection frequently). Besides, it's an additional hassle. I play games for fun, not for more book-keeping.
  11. Not sure if this fits in the wish list, but I'd really like to see BF abandon DRM. I find it a nuisance when it interferes with OS security features, but more practically, I find that games that I can drop onto different machines so much better. The last couple of indie games I bought have all been cross-platform without DRM -- a much better experience. (Indeed, it's reached the point where I'm sticking with only the base CMSF. I'm too irritated to buy the modules.)
  12. I can understand people wanting to play with an earlier patch version to avoid bugs. Shame that the different patches don't play nicely with older instance of game versions. But it's got to be one of the messiest, unfriendliest installs of a game I've ever come across.
  13. I've been wondering this for a while, and may as well ask. *Why* does Battlefront have this convoluted patch process? E.g., "I need to reinstall CMSF and one (or more) modules. How do I do that?" (http://www.battlefront.com/helpdesk/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=181) and "I have CMSF and a module, patched to the latest version. Now I want to buy another module. Do I need to do anything special?" (http://www.battlefront.com/helpdesk/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=182) For example, if someone buys the base game today, do they still get a version that needs patching all the way up to 1.32? Why not just be able to download the up-to-date version? Similarly, after buying a module today, it should be just a case of installing that module, and not having to reapply old patches. (Surely this would make the overall support problem easier?)
  14. phil180

    Shock Force Modules or Normandy

    What sort of improvements come from adding the three modules to SF? Is it the breadth of different units? Are the scenarios any good? (Still trying to decide if I can face fighting with the web site to actually get it ordered.)
  15. phil180

    CMSF Price Structure

    Are the prices going back up? (The forum announcement is dated 03-16-2012 until 04-16-2012.)