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  1. Thanks for the clarification guys. I had hoped given its wooden structure that demo charges would have been more effective and thought I may have been doing something wrong.
  2. Playing a scenario I discovered a pillbox while remaining undetected. I managed to sneak up behind the pillbox and tried to place a demo charge the way you would breaching a hedgerow or the wall of the building. It didn't allow me to place the charge in this manner. I did use the "blast" command to attack the pillbox but after using two charges the pillbox wasn't breached. I guess my question is is this normal?
  3. I also went back and looked at my Battlefront cases, CMBN, CMRT, CMFB and the upgrades that I ordered, all the version 4 most recently and in not one instance do any of them have the product key on the case.
  4. I ordered both the download and the disc. However after logging in to my account I found this message. "You have already downloaded the file(s) the maximum number of times, or the download period has expired."
  5. Where do I get my license key for Common Wealth, I have the disc? My forehead is bloody from banging it on the key board. And if/when I get the license key where or how do install it to unlock the Common Wealth options? I have been with Battlefront since Beyond Overlord but this has experience has been a nightmare. Dazed and confused!
  6. Thanks, I'll try giving it a go hopefully tomorrow some time. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond Schrullenhaft.
  7. I just finished reinstalling version 2.00, version 3.00, Commonwealth Forces and Market Garden. After doing all that I reinstalled version 4. The game now launches but doesn't recognize either Common Wealth or Market Garden add ons. Scenarios show up as blackened out and game says I need the appropriate software. It looks as if all the Common Wealth and Market Garden scenarios are in the proper place in game files / Scenarios. The Normandy v211.brz and Normandy v312.brz files are present in my data folder. If by the full installer I take it you mean the version 4.0 disc then yes
  8. Yep! This is what I feared. Reinstalled version 2 and now I've gat a License Error message. It just seems that it's way too difficult at times to get all the "i's" dotted and the "t's" crossed for things that should be much simpler in practice.
  9. That's the frustrating part, the game was current on patches and upgrades when version 4 was installed. Can those upgrades be installed again on top of version 4 or am I looking at other problems if I try?
  10. I've installed the version 4 upgrade, game launches but I'm getting a message on the start up page regarding missing files. I have purchased the discs for Commonwealth Forces and Market Garden and all upgrades. Files said to be missing are Normandy v211.brz and Normandy v312.brz. I thought I was out of the weeds with all version 4 updates and didn't catch this until now as I was playing Final Blitz.
  11. That doesn't work. Just comes back saying I need to purchase MG. I even reinstalled MG hoping that would fix the problem. Also every time I now start CMBN it asks for the number key again.
  12. Ok this is weird, I've installed the 3.0 upgrade and it doesn't see anything of Market Garden. The scenarios and saved games are all dark and not available. The 3.0 installation says it covered MG but when I boot the game it states I need it. I'm pretty sure this is something simple but I'm darn confused about it. Any suggestions?
  13. Ah!! Yeah that's what I'm looking to get. Beautiful stuff you do, many thanks!! So there is a lot of mods that aren't in the repository at this time for Red Thunder?
  14. I found myself with a weekend to start enjoying Red Thunder and thought the first step would be to see what mods are available out there. On checking the repository I can only bring up a little over 4 pages worth of mods. Figuring that by this there would be scads more I'm hoping the someone can help me figure out what gives here. I see many more in Beyond Normandy and am looking for the same types that I've used in those games. Thanks
  15. I really appreciate all you've done and am happy to contribute. I don't know the procedure for getting my contribution to you. Let me know what to do and I'll send it out. Thanks again!
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