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  1. Awesome thanks Bootie for the assist and all your hard work. Greatly appreciated.
  2. Ok, thanks Bootie, I think I had way too much coffee while trying figure this out. Will send you the BTT file.
  3. Probably my last post for awhile. I spent over 4 hours with word press. The file finally loaded, restarted computer. However in when I went to review it for the 20th time or more... NO btt. file is to be seen in the preview. Even after it successfully loaded. Did exactly what you said, I must still be missing a step., I hate WordPress and its functionality, it is slow and cumbersome, but that is all they have.
  4. Edge. However I uploaded the zipped btt file and it uploaded 100%. However I published the Scenario thinking the file was there, because honestly I have no Fng clue why it would not. So now there is a published Scenario with no btt file. Uploaded the freaking thing again, edited it again, file loads successful, I review it for the 20th time. Don't see any file from where you download it to media.. and go from there as instructions given to me on another thread.
  5. Been working on it with the help of some good people. However I keep getting a HTTP error 503. I looked it up, sounds like its the actual site which is strange because other people have posted today. So not sure what frack is going on but it is frustrating as hell.. seems so simple but fubared.
  6. Thank you MOS:96B2P for your assistance. I did everything verbatim. However whenever I try and drop anything... an image, the btt. file or the btt file zipped I get this. " Http error 503 is a server side error, which means that the problem is not with your computer or internet connection, but with the website's server. You may however follow the steps given below to try and resolve the issue. The 503 error may occur if the website is facing temporary issues."
  7. Ok so I tried Zipping it 3 different times and dropping it in there. I use WinZip. It has never failed me before so I am basically SOL when it comes to loading new files. No idea what the issue is so the only way to load files is old school on the bloody forum. Not ideal as it will never most likely get a lot of views or downloads. I mean its why the Freaking Scenario Depot was created but for whatever reason its not happening. So that's that.
  8. So I figured out how to pretty much create a Scenario and put it on the Proving Grounds II. One big problem is that when I upload or drag or drop the .btt file it gives me this.... Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. So not sure what to do, as you need the .btt file which is the entire Scenario created. Any help would be greatly appreciated. James.
  9. Yes I tried that, but whenever I try to upload or drag and drop the .btt file It says the following. "Just another Beautiful Day.btt: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.
  10. A new scenario I designed for the Brits. Hypothetical British Attack from elements of 50th Inf Division backed by elements of the 44th RTR from 4th Bde. vs Both Italian and German units. Hypothetical but hopefully challenging enough for everyone. AI has 2 plans but one more than the other. Played as Allied vs AI, or I think H2H would be fine as well. Looking for some play testers to tell me if any changes need to be done. For some reason I am still having difficulties loading onto the Scenario Depot... so if anyone savvy enough to do that for me that would be great. Have fun and keep your head down. I have attached the .btt file that you can just drop into your Scenario folder. James. Just another Beautiful Day.btt
  11. LOL ahh why did I not think of that.. Reverse engineering...… Well done, thanks! greatly appreciated as I am just finishing up a new Scenario for Italy. Cheers, James
  12. Say was there a link to the Briefing Text document? This was a great add for any scenario designer which assisted in making the Briefing text document look clean and neat. thanks, James.
  13. The video link for that is no longer available. Not sure they know Youtube may have taken it down or it got flagged for some odd reason.
  14. well I just finished a Italian Sicily Scenario. Will post it up in the Italian area in the next couple days... still for some reason its not letting me load scenarios on their page.
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