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  1. Just tried it, and closing Process Explorer did fix the problem. Thanks guys!
  2. Hmm... didn't think of that. I'll try closing Process Explorer and running it.
  3. I was a big fan of the original Combat Mission series, really looking forward to playing Battle for Normandy but I'm having some problems getting the demo to work on my PC. I've downloaded the demo, but when I try to launch it starts and very quickly closes down. I can see the .exe start up, with another child instance below it (as viewed using Process Explorer), but then they both quickly close. No splash screen, or error message or anything. It's a Windows 7 Enterprise N system, which is the business version of the OS but I've installed the media player pack and I don't have any problems with any other games generally. I've also downloaded the most recent video drivers (ATI Radeon 4800), uninstalled the demo and reinstalled and no change. All patches are recent. Tried running as admin, under compatibility mode, disabling themes (basically all of the options available when you right click the shortcut). No change. After a few days of playing around with these settings I also tried to install it on my laptop, also Windows 7 Enterprise N, and the same behaviour. Obviously the laptop is very different hardware than the desktop, so it makes me wonder if there's an OS issue? I've looked in Windows event viewer, nothing. Tried to find any type of game logs, nothing. Originally I had installed it to a subdirectory of C:\Games, so I uninstalled and used the default path instead, but the same behaviour. Accounts always have local admin so there shouldn't be a file permission problem. Anyone have any ideas for me to try? I still have some great memories of playing Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin, and my spectacular mistakes unfolding in front of me... Sounds like this new version is really great so I'm hoping to be able to get it working. Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. Just finished Royal Opponent as the Germans, managed a total victory. A few small mistakes but generally did an infantry wave supported by tanks, using halftracks to shuttle the additional platoons forward. Made it all the way to railtracks in the end. The 200m visability made for some interesting engagements. I'm pretty blown away at the power of the King Tigers. I started most of my Combat Mission playing in 39-42ish, and T-34s used to scare the crap out of my. It was strange how easily the King Tigers dispatched them. As for the Meeting Engagement debate, I would just define it as defenders not having dig in time, so no trenches, roadblocks etc. I can see your point GreenAsJade, but Runes makes sense too. Sending in infantry halftracks first like that should be risky I think. During the battle I caught some russians moving troups forwards, so the meeting engagement setting of the scenario seems to have had it's intended effect. Fishra
  5. Hello again, Well I figured out the rules, its like you said. The first setup takes a while but after that everything makes sense. I'm pretty much doing the Deutches Afrika Korps campaign, but I chose PzKw IIIH's instead of G's. On my third battle right now. Seems like some pretty interesting situations come up, for example, I had an Exploit battle with me as an Italian Mechanized division (plus my core units) against an infantry only British division in rural arid rock desert (early morning with fog so visibility was around 100m). Obviously not a hard battle, but it didn't take long and it was interesting to see how overpowering even crappy Italian tanks are against unsupported infantry. Thanks again RobO, really enjoying this. Fishra
  6. The ability to save a finished battle as a movie file that others can download and watch (with the ability to see it from the axis side / allies side / show all units) How awesome would it be to watch other peoples battles...
  7. Yup, just reading through the rules to get familiar enough to start a campaign. I remember when I was playing Panzer General II (my first wargame) and one of my favorite aspects was developing a core force throughout a campaign. I know it's not entirely historicaly accurate, but it really adds to the immersion factor. Looking forward to starting up my first campaign soon! I'll let you know how it goes. Fishra
  8. Nice to hear others are having problems with this scenario. I thought it was just my crappy skills... )
  9. lol Sergei. That email spoofing virus is getting pretty nuts though. I assumed that was it at first COG.
  10. Awesome posts JasonC, after a semi-frustrating first attempt at learning combat mission, I've started playing again. Looking forward to any others you might write up.
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