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  1. 1. I would like something from the CM interface: when you move your cursor to the upper right or left edges that it wil move the view left or right (and not need to use the keyboard) 2. When I click on one of the icons at the bottom of the screen that indicates a unit behind my camera view, it zooms to that unit, BUT it changes the angle. I need to reset it again using the numeric keypad 8 or 2.
  2. Make sure you check your spam blocker. My IP has one that caught it and I had to redirect it. Often emails such as this will get blocked.
  3. I did the same fix for my 20" Intel iMac and it worked fine. And it is fullscreen. Perhaps one should adjust the resolution after doing the fix?
  4. What th....? Everytime I try to start the demo it flips the screen upside-down!! I have tried several different settings. One even put it sideways! Help! edit: Found the solution elsewhere within this forum. [ April 18, 2007, 04:10 PM: Message edited by: Neskire ]
  5. I think that the Marines use CC: First to Fight which is more of a first person shooter similar to Rainbow 6. You should check out screenshots of CC: Cross of Iron at closecombat.org first before you decide. I really like the game, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea.
  6. Cross of Iron is a re-release of Close Combat 3 with improved AI and new maps and a new campaign. It is a top down view of the battlefield, not like CMBB or CMAK which are full 3-D environments. The game play has improved and many glitches from the previous edition have been fixed. The new developers plan to recreate the other games in the series with updated graphics. If you purchase the new version you are supporting them with this new endeavor. Personally, I enjoy this new version, even though I still have the old one. One good improvement is that it now works with newer CPU speeds so scrolling the map is more manageble (without resorting to something like CPU Killer to slow down the computer by 90%) [ March 05, 2007, 09:55 PM: Message edited by: Neskire ]
  7. I was wondering if anyone else on this forum is using an Intel Mac and planning to play this game? My Intel Mac (using BootCamp for the Windows side) has an Intel T2500 @ 2 GHZ with a ATI Radeon X1600. I hope this has enough to run ToW.
  8. quote: Originally posted by unsobill: as for hummer and sickle emblem it was NEVER baned Ah, yes, Stalin's heirs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Putin No Hollywood docudramas about that guy. No Michael Moore vision of evil. And the Russians WERE ashamed of Stalin and that flag. I've talked FTF to too many ex-pats to believe otherwise. And the only reason that its not banned for uses in games is because...well, in the West...commies can get away with anything. PoE Gentlemen, gentelmen. Please stop with this unsavory name calling. These posts are moderated and you risk getting in trouble. Keep it civil. And please do not cite Wikipedia. It is a source that is easily edited by anyone and is therefore not to be trusted for accuracy. An educator once said, "The internet is not the holy cow of information and its milk is often not pure". PS- Don't feed the trolls.
  9. Ok, lets keep the tone civil here and stop name calling. State your opinion and facts clearly without rancor. We are all friends here and are eagerly wanting to play this game (ToW). As to the French, they capitulated because they were overwhelmed by the German army and saw that it was pointless to try to stop the juggenaut. Remember, the British fled via Dunkirk for the same reasons. And the US did not attack Japan immediately after Pearl Harbor as well because it was recovering from a devastating blow. The bombing of Japan by Doolittle's planes waas an attempt to show that the US could still strike back, even if only in a minor way. France did not have that option and had to rally outside of France and wait for the invasion in 1944. So often I hear Americans put down France without realizing that France was a pivotal force to help create the US during the American Revolution. Many of us tend to fall back on stereotypes and not look at the total scope of history. Suffice it to say, all sides in the conflict had their good points as well as their bad. I like the saying that goes, "if you point a finger at someone, there are usually 3 pointing back at you".
  10. Yes, but did they pass a law against it being displayed in public or on toys and games as they did in Germany for the swastika. I only support removing swastikas from TOW if this will help their sales in Germany. Only because their LAW forbids it. Don't argue with me about whether this is "politically correct"; argue with the German government.
  11. Yes, that is true. I only emphasized the swastika as it is banned in Germany and that I believe it wise to follow their local laws in regard to this. I am not aware if the rising sun flag is still in use in Japan. If all things were equal, then I say leave all original icons, flags and the like in place as historically accurate. But, if local laws state otherwise, then respect those laws until they are changed. If one is still offended, the don't buy the game. I find certain films offensive and I vote with my wallet and do not buy the DVD or movie ticket. This is about respect more so that being PC. The reason people try to be PC is just because of such atrocities. One cannot be aware of ALL acts of brutality everywhere and at all times. But one can respect another's feelings about it when it has been given attention.
  12. Hi, The screenshots for the game look fantastic. However, I noticed in a couple of shots showing units and individuals that ther is a subdued American flag behind the portraits that bears 50 stars instead of 48. I can tell by the staggered arrangement that our current flag has, instead of a straight 6x8 star pattern from the war. I know this is a minor point, but it does contribute to historical accuracy. I hope that the designers will use the older Canadian flag for this game as well, instead of the current maple leaf design which was introduced in 1965. As to not using swatikas in the game, I think that Battlefront is wise not to include them in the game if they plan to sell it in Germany where it is banned for many uses. It is unfortunate that this ancient symbol became one of terror and death, instead of good luck (as it is in seveeral cultures). Carlsberg brewery in Denmark used it before Hitler came to power and has it in the tilework on the floor entrance to their museum (where it is always covered up with mats). To those who would say that this is political correctness gone too far, I would say that you most likely do not have relatives who died in Buchenwald or Auschwitz. It is good to teach about history, but we should refrain from glorifying its more detestable aspects. Perhaps in another 100 years we will have lost some of the immediate impact and treat this era with the same indifference we treat symbols from the times of the Roman Empire (which was also famous for its cruelty). Until then, respect the memories of those who are no longer with us. (Besides, someone will most likely make a mod to put swastikas in if you really want them.) Just my 2 cents...
  13. I have a friend in New Zealand who says he has seen a game by Big Time Software for sale in Wellington, New Zealand. I don't want him to buy an inferior rip-off and he is keen to play me via PBEM. I said his best bet was to order online. I know the game is available in Europe in stores...could this be an import from a store in Europe? Thanks.
  14. I certainly hope you are considering a Mac version of this game...it looks interesting. :cool:
  15. I am playing the 2 Pounders and Tigers scenario PBEM. One of my M3s bogged on open ground. Is this bog another way of saying "random mechanical breakdown"? My tank was attempting a shoot and scoot...could a fast move increase a chance of bogging? :confused:
  16. OK, I found a shareware program called BBEdit 2.1 that seemed to solve my problem. So Simple Text is not so simple...
  17. I have done a search at this forum and could not find a solution. I am using a Mac and MS Word. I have tried all the formats for saving, including text only, rich text format, MS-DOS text, etc. I have even tried using Simple Text. Any suggestions?
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