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  1. I don't see why not...? Tank moves towards area, spots target. Player orders tank to halt and target enemy. Once enemy is suppressed or destroyed to player's satisfaction, player orders tank to move again.
  2. Hey hey woah there, I was just pointing out that this problem is solved by playing RT and pausing frequently. It's how I play, and I rarely miss the replay function. Most of the time I can absorb all the information I need from watching events as they unfold, and on the rare occasion that I miss something I chalk it up to the commander not knowing every little detail of the battle. I definitely don't play RT as a 'clickfest fast reaction sim', I do go through a 'thoughtful, reflective decision making process' every time I pause to give orders, and in addition I don't have troops sitting there doing nothing for 1 minute because I forgot to give them orders or because something cropped up on the first second of the turn.
  3. For infantry, use Hunt. If you want them to not stop when fired upon, that's bad I guess, but that's the 'advance bent double' command I use.
  4. I think he's referring to moving vehicles and tanks right up to the edge of bocage (tall bocage) and being able to see and fire through, albeit in a limited fashion. The second mission of the Panzer Marsch campaign featured this heavily for me.
  5. I really don't see the problem here. Martyr is right, if you don't know what units you have where when playing a scenario then you've gone wrong somewhere.
  6. I heard mentioned somewhere that artillery ordered to fire smoke will fire HE spotting rounds and fire smoke upon hearing 'fire for effect'. Not sure whether that's in the game or not, or whether this is the problem you're having?
  7. By the time the briefing appears the scenario has been launched anyway, and when you click 'ok' it takes you straight to the map, unless my copy is a mutation or something. So I don't see what the problem is - read the briefing and look at the tac. map, make your decision, then hit ok and either play or quit...?
  8. Get to the page where it says 'click here to download' (i.e. the download link), right click that link, click 'copy address' or similar depending on your browser, then feed that into Flashget.
  9. That sucks man...patience, and hope you enjoy your steelbox, eh?
  10. I'm fairly sure they're seperate programs. Was the same for CMSF IIRC. e;f,b
  11. I'll drink to that, buddy. Decaf coffee, mind, I have work in the morning, but still...
  12. Not that you guys are gonna care much (you lucky bastards ) but when do you think they'll release it to the rest of us?
  13. It's a good thing I don't have enough money or I'd pre-order just so I could download now...
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