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  1. I have sent three emails to the admin but heard nothing back. Can anyone please suggest the best approach as I am no longer able to access the main BF site and, therefore, my previous game purchases? Presumably my IP has been blocked for some reason...? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Like others have pointed out amazing quality film, dramatic and immersive footage. Thank you for this post. I have a couple of questions/observations re the second video '[Syria] Eastern Ghouta is divided in half': Many SAA troops without head gear/helmets (seems reckless) Surprising number of troops just standing in the open, sometimes on raised banks of earth, etc during advance to enemy (easy targets for the opposition) Troops being reminded to move in single file/one at a time (are they poorly organised or poorly trained) Could someone who knows about these things please comment with regard to SAA training, discipline and capability? Many thanks in advance.
  3. What's the best strategy (when overwhelming numbers are not an option) for approaching and attacking fox holes defended by four enemy with an MG? Edit: forgot to mention that I also have no art and any of my men who come within firing range are getting sprayed and suppressed/routed.
  4. Managed something of a victory. I'm playing again. This time I'll write up the AAR.
  5. Anyone? Been playing this one scenario for a couple of weeks. Really like it but have struggled to do better than draw. Probably due to its design since the Americans call off the assault when night falls. I can see how it might be achieved - never facing-off with the Americans, falling back intelligently and letting them run into indirect fire, a Pak in the trees at the end of the main road into town (very important!) etc. I gave up firing at silhouettes in the buildings as it wasted precious ammo. Anyone had any success or really like this scenario?
  6. There's a couple of issues related to the new V3.11 one of which is the reported edited quick battle problem. I also get this crash to desktop on letting the AI pick its own force in QB.
  7. hi sburke - I'm using vanilla CMBN 3.11. You have my sincere thanks for this. For clarity, all I'm wishing to do is edit out the annoying (to me) opening AI arty barrage from QB maps. This is the ONLY parameter I change. Attack Med Hills 246 is one of my fav maps but it happens with others, too. Open in editor; delete AI arty; save/close. I find the save game greyed out and a prompt to install Commonwealth.
  8. I opened a ticket for this issue a couple of weeks ago and got absolutely nowhere with the support - not that he wasn't interested or able to suggest possible solutions, rather, it was clear we'd exhausted everything short of declaring this an actual bug. I have now installed CM: BN onto a new laptop and to my frustration find the exact same issue when I edit a QB map. Please, someone help. If another community member would be kind enough to load up a map (I've been using vanilla Attack Medium Hills 246), edit the AI opening barrage positions (delete them), save and close, then check the file in Save Games. Every single time I'm being promted to install the Commonwealth mod and the save game is greyed out! CMBN was correctly installed and activated. I'd gladly open another ticket for this if anyone from tech support would like to share their wisdom. It does now feel like a real bug. Until then, as mentioned, someone please just try the above and confirm/deny the issue is actually happening for someone else! Many thanks in advance.
  9. Fair points articulated more clearly than my original post. The 'randomised events' I refered to are actually AI plans which, if I'm not mistaked, can be from multiple random possible plans. Apologies for not being clear. I do wonder whether, though, many players, newcomers for that matter, care very much that AAA won't move? I see you are highlighting the deficiency of the AI, but that was my point, really. I also wonder whether it's possible to create a QB challenge without simply 'running your counters out of ammo'? Is it really impossible to derive any satisfaction from a QB map without resorting to the editor?
  10. The main complaint I read most about QB maps is that, once you know what you're doing, the AI becomes a pushover, rendering the games rather dull. Might say something about how I play the game but I still find plenty to enjoy with QB maps and thier relative challenge. I also don't normally have a lot of time to commit to PBEM, although I acknowledge the superior challenge a decent opponant can offer. What I'd like to hear about is your recommendation for interesting/challenging QB maps, vanilla or user-made. One thing is that there are a lot of them so it can be a challenge in itself recalling which one you enjoyed late time. What I plan to do in this thread is to post a brief outline of a few I personally enjoy and add a screen captures plus explaining any tweaks I've made in the editor to increase their playability. I want to encourage anyone else to post their own with or without images so that newcomers to the game can make a better informed decision about the kind of challenge they're looking for in SP. I think that, once I've had a chance to experiment more in the editor (esp with randomised events) it'll open thiings up a bit. As it stands I normally add random artillery barrages, and reduce my own force %. I'll post the first as soon as I get a chance.
  11. Finally sorted (I hope). Anyone else with this issue of edited games appearing greyed out and asking for the Commonwealth mod - I had to use the CSclean tool after opening a ticket with battlefront support. Incidientally I was initially being blocked from downloading it by my virus software (Avast). keep this in mind if you are trying to access the file.
  12. Just adding my voice to this. I have the same issue in 3.11 I edit a quick battle to remove the opening emeny artilery barrage. Save file with new game, but it appears 'greyed out' with a message prompting me to activate Market Garden module. I've opened a ticket and have my fingers crossed.
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