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  1. Sequoia

    Demo Feedback

    Not sure but possibly because not all US infantry/Marines were issued had night vision goggles in 2008? I'm sure not all Syrian infantry had them.
  2. Well you know, he is born to be wild.
  3. I just love that Battlefront has been around for 18 years (since release of CMBO, I know they were around before developing it) and continues to produce the Combat Mission line when they could have done other things, probably for more money. I have never been in combat but nothing else comes close to providing the, to me, realistic immersion that Combat Mission has. Perhaps the dogfight sims would but I don't play those. I prefer time to think, which may be unrealistic I suppose. The shooters certainly do not provide the realism to me.
  4. Chris ND (AKA Normal ) dude had a very clever mission in his CMSF II Airborne Campaign (I can't recall the exact name ATM). You had to reach a blue spy and escort him to safety through a dense urban map as he had some important intel . You had a limited number of men and never knew where the insurgents would pop up. I've considered asking for permission to update the campaign for CMSF2 beyond what the editor "translator" will do but I want to see how much work is involved once the new game comes out before committing.
  5. Sequoia

    Squad Level Drones

    We don't know, and only Steve (and Charles who hasn't posted in several years) have the right to release info on the game without breaking a ND aggreement. From what I see on Wikipedia the timeframe fits and Aladdin and Raven are similar enough that they may have just given the games German forces the Raven and just called it the Aladdin, though strictly speaking the Aladdin is faster but with less endurance. It's also possible know one thought of it and it's now too late to add.
  6. Sequoia

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    What is MSV ? My google-fu could not determine what it was.
  7. Sequoia

    The state of CMSF2

    Steve has time to post. Shock Force 2 must be really close!
  8. Hey Mord's a lumberjack and he's okay!
  9. Sequoia

    Squad Level Drones

    Good point. But we can confirm, at least, the Raven is recon only as far as all I've read on Wikipedia, right?
  10. Sequoia

    AC-130 Spectre

    That beer company should be apologizing for its beer.
  11. Sequoia

    Squad Level Drones

    So if I interpret this thread correctly, in CMSF2 US and possibly UK forces will get the Raven drone which is recon only and it will be rare.
  12. Sequoia

    AC-130 Spectre

    Yes, more content down the line would be super awesome, but of course once it's out SF2 will have to wait it's turn for all the other Families.
  13. Sequoia

    AC-130 Spectre

    I'm not sure of this but would the possibility of actual Syrian AA (as opposed to small arms fire) make it risky to use in the setting posited by CMSF?
  14. No I never went to sniper school, so I don't really know, and maybe it's me, but snipers don't seem to operate in the game the way I understand snipers work in wartime. I don't generally have them shoot at specific targets, but they're often spotted and become casualties soon after firing for a bit unless I hide them or stop them from firing by giving them tiny target arcs. What tactics do you for your snipers or point me to another thread where this has been discussed before please? I understand their use may differ from game to game.
  15. Sequoia

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Transporter, I know you're joking but they could have also used these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M270_Multiple_Launch_Rocket_System Which like B-52's are not in CMSF2 (I think, they were not in Shock Force 1).