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  1. Hello mother or Hi Mom is an old meme on these threads meaning the thread will soon be locked.
  2. CMSF doesn't have the M270 MLRS does it?
  3. Doesn't matter what Mike thinks in case as he wouldn't be making the call. It is of course possible he knows things he's not allowed to say. Let's find out. Mike, yes or no, do you know things you're not allowed to say? 🤐
  4. As you likely know, the KV1 and 2 wouldn't fit the time frame. I've seen nothing to indicate whether or not the KV85 will be in the game.
  5. I'm looking at the recoil of the B-4's and comparing it to the one time I watched my US M-110 8" battery perform direct fire exercises. Besides a bit of shaking, the M-110 carriages didn't move. They never moved of course during indirect fire with they had their spades dug in, as one wanted the second round to arrive as precisely to a target miles away as the first.
  6. Maybe not where you live, but here the trees are starting to leaf again.
  7. Is the MoD project still on track to finish this month? I'm mostly asking as i hope you don't have to take a financial hit if it isn't. But maybe this is all classified. 🙉
  8. Does this mean the Soviet Submachinegun Companies from Panzerblitz weren't that far off? Of course Panzerblitz gave the Germans submachinegun platoons as well.
  9. Where are the other screenshots? I hope I don't have to, like, join Facebook or somthink.
  10. K, if the Schwimmwagen doesn't make it into CMFB module, I'll be very surprised. Who knows, maybe we'll see Seeps there too.
  11. Yes, good to see you Chris. All the best.
  12. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=that's+a+joke+son&&view=detail&mid=6C4138DB3C0A1E28B72B6C4138DB3C0A1E28B72B&rvsmid=D64F534CC520D4A9365BD64F534CC520D4A9365B&FORM=VDQVAP
  13. Heck you used to sell Drop Team. That's more than enough. Not a bad game I heard.
  14. That we're going to get Schwimmwagens made up for any delay for me. I can't believe Kolenklau hasn't commented yet. I bet he'll wet himself (pun intended) . Will Seeps be next?
  15. Does rat-holing mean something good in this case?
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