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  1. But that's happened unsurprisingly in CMBS but Battlefront did it anyway.
  2. IIRC Steve even hinted once they might do it but it's all a matter of priorities as Battlefront can't do everything both they and us fans would like them to do.
  3. Anyway, while I would like to see a North African Family some day myself, and I do think it would be a be and require a new Family and not just be FI add ons, I just have a feeling if there are any new Families introduced, it will be Fulda Gap '85. I just have a hunch they'd like to break some new ground. This would be after the other Families are filled out, and there's still a lot to do there.
  4. It is not true. The Soviets had defeated the Germans at the end of the Stalingrad campaign at which point only a small percentage of the Lend Lease aid had arrived. Sure it helped, it helped a lot, and without Lend Lease it the would of taken the Soviets much longer to defeat Germany but it did not win the war for the Soviets. P.S. But since this is a North Africa thread. I refer you for a continuation of the subject to this thread-just one of the previous threads on the subject.
  5. Aragorn, I'm assuming you've already tried bookfinder.com ?
  6. Yes but in CMX 2 games we're looking at the TO&E down to the individual vehicle and man level for a battalion. I don't know the fidelity of CM:A in that regard.
  7. What is meant by garbage Combat Commands? Do you mean the organizational structure was poor?
  8. First off I don't have CM:A. I've read how researching the to&e for CMFI was a pain, and was curious how well the to&e for CM:A was put together, as the game wasn't done by BFC? On the other hand the producers, Snowball, may have had access to information not found in English. Anyway one of my CM dreams is to have a 1980's NATO vs Warsaw Pack game and was wondering how useful the CM:A to&e would be to such a project?
  9. I'm also hoping someday Rangers and Commandos get added to CMBN. Plus CMBN needs the Brummbar. just saying.
  10. "Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan", right?
  11. You may propose anything you wish, and I doubt you'd be surprised you're far from the first to propose something with the IDF. Politics may indeed have something to do with it, but I think it's mostly to do with the BFC team's interest and the sales potential.
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