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  1. Different time when losing "less than 200 men" was light casualties. I assume that was not all KIA though.
  2. By the way Steve, about never wanting to cram as much into a module again as you did with Rome to Victory - didn't you say that about CMBB as well?
  3. Possibly for the same reason the CMSF US forces don't have MRAPs ? They wouldn't be the first choice for wide scale conventional warfare due to added transport cost and fuel consumption perhaps.
  4. I certainly remember the initial CMBN screenshot of a Tiger Tank and the uproar it caused.
  5. Not wanting to digress this thread too much but does camouflaging a building in that way actually fool anyone?
  6. Doug, if any force gets added to the Western Front Families that's not already there I would hope it would be the Free French. Perhaps the work on CM:FI RtV would make that easier.
  7. I thought Stalin said that. I think Napoleon said something like "'God is on the side of the bigger battalions".
  8. Besides other nations one can do an entire expansion based around the operations near Budapest.
  9. Kursk would be a new family according what they have said before. Of course plans can change. As for further Red Thunder content the Ost Front is so huge there's still lot's of fresh subjects in the June '44 to May '45 period that could be added.
  10. I doubt that will happen as it would require a lot of extra coding and graphics for the dozer use. It's not like BFC to add something to a game and not have it perform its function.
  11. Is there a small chance sometime way down the road of more CMBN and CMFI content?
  12. Educated guess really. I knew Berlin had islands but I bet Budapest does too.
  13. Is the bottom screenshot part of Berlin?
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