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  1. Sequoia

    Hijacked Uniforms

    Yeah, I remember those Blue spies when I played the scenario in CMSF I. I also recall the trick from a mission in the Brit Campaign iirc. I guess I was hoping a scenario mod tag was being used.
  2. I understand these mods are for current day scenarios but how appropriate would they be for the 2008 Turkish Army? I know few would know the difference.
  3. Sequoia

    Hijacked Uniforms

    Mike, do I assume correctly these are not simply Red Marines you added in the editor but fighters/combatants with Marine uniforms on?
  4. Sequoia


    @Dougphresh Imagine it this way. They used all the new kit they had in Afghanistan and when Syria blew up the old kit had to be used. But as Lt Smash indicated it would be a good mod subject.
  5. Sequoia

    Canadian Forces Composition

    Yeah the Finns would do it.
  6. Can you elaborate on what you mean by Cossacks in the game and how they might differ significantly in a game with no cavalry?
  7. Well the Channel Islands were British soil and we all know they were occupied from 1940 to the end of the war. Poor Jersey almost lost all their Jerseys as the Germans stationed there started eating them after the islands were cut off by the Allies in 1944.
  8. Not necessarily. CMSF was the first game of CMX2. IIRC the team wanted to go somewhere different after dwelling in WWII for years.
  9. Your 2nd item is a paraphrase of the rule I was referring to.
  10. Any one else familiar with the quote from the rules on the old SPI board wargame NATO on how to simulate strategic nuclear warfare in the game?
  11. Please let's not turn this thread into another Suvorov discussion either. We've had those before.
  12. I think France would have declared they WOULD use nukes if the Soviets approached the French Border. We'll never know but a possible NATO strategy might have been let's not go with first use, as a nuking Germany to save it would be unappealing, but rather let the Warsaw Pact offensive run it's course with what ever percent of Germany captured, then remain on a war footing until the Soviet economy collapses trying to do so as well. Other Warsaw Pact countries might try to defect in such a situation.
  13. Not sure exactly what you mean? BAOR = British Army of the Rhine.
  14. Well since we're dreaming. I think a natural progression would be: 1. US Seventh vs Soviet Group of Forces Germany 2. Germans East and West. 3. BAOR and 4th Canadian MBG maybe with Czechoslovakians, or Poles. Nukes and Chemical weapons would be a non-starter. Too much code for too little use for what most players think makes CM games great, no matter how likely they may or may not have been in the real thing.
  15. Didn't the Sheridan also use the Shillelagh?