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  1. I know the East Front is next in line, but it strikes me as low hanging fruit to bring over the U.S. Rangers and French from the CMFI family over to CMBN as a "Forces Pack". Of course with the French I bet folks would think the OOB would be incomplete without the French armored units that made up their armored division and that of course would mean more work... What else from CMFI can be brought over to CMBN?
  2. Do I understand correctly then, that with tagging one can have them year round?
  3. Does the civilian car take damage and show damage like player vehicles or is it a flavor object only?
  4. Yes, but I mostly was looking to see if the new Nations pulled in total newcomers, especially those from those Nations. As mentioned I know of no other game at this scale with Indian and Brazilian troops.
  5. To my knowledge this is the first game to present Indian and Brazilian forces at this (Squad and individual vehicle) scale. Did this, or the fact that there are now French and South African forces also available in a Combat Mission 2 engine game for the first time, lead you to purchase? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. Of course I meant model rather than module, but you understood me anyway.
  7. For my education, does adding a module take more than just constructing the 3d module and adding the graphic layer on top of it? Is there hit probability needed to be programed as well for instance? Also I'm guessing the Goumiers would have had to be another TO&E that would have to be researched, perhaps with much difficulty given the subject and available documentation, is that right?
  8. Well at least neither of you are burned countless times each November. Then again your face becoming an anti-establishment symbol is kind of cool.
  9. Are we talking about the Goumiers models someone posted screen shots of just two weeks ago?
  10. It's the Holiday for giving thanks Thursday in the U.S. and while I'm grateful Battlefront does what it does, I wanted to give a special call out of thanks to an underappreciated by most group, the playtesters. Many of them put in countless hours of work for no payment, so thanks guys (any gals?), my hat's off to you. We wouldn't be where we are without you.
  11. Next week Thursday is the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. I doubt the BF team would want to screw up their Holiday by releasing right before it and all the headaches that come with a release.
  12. If we get a Schwimmwagen we must also get a Seep, doesn't everyone think?
  13. No problem, though Wart may like the Alice in Wonderland ride with the Queen of Hearts yelling "off with their heads" !
  14. No, I was not irritated. Are you referring to the Disneyland remark?
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