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  1. I seem to recall they were books by outside authors on armored tactics and desert warfare. I bet some one else can provide more specifics.
  2. You see them in movies all the time. There were at least 2 I can remember in Band of Brothers and then there's that famous scene in Full Metal Jacket (yeah I know not WWII). They're not true snipers in that they're not skilled marksmen and rather use ambush, at least again, as portrayed in films. I'm sure there were some but they seem to be a Hollywood trope. How often did they occur historically given that it was almost a suicide mission? Note I specified Europe as I know about spider holes and almost suicide missions wouldn't be a problem for the Japanese I would think.
  3. I absolutely love (and prefer) the new ones but the old ones were nice too. Bobblehead never entered my mind.
  4. More CMX2 screen shots soon? Steve hinted at them.
  5. Mike that's how I remember it too. Though as you say, we can only say how it appeared to us here on the outside.
  6. Sequoia

    Mine flails

    Are there any scenarios that have the flail tank? Thanks
  7. I don't think any CMX2 has them or perhaps even needs them. One exception might be SS license plates but that's rather trivial. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45142651 P.S. I don't want to reopen the debate on what Germany should or should not be censoring. I only wanted to report the rules have changed.
  8. Sequoia


    I'm not familiar with what a 32 AI group is exactly.
  9. Sequoia


    I think it's on the long wish list Steve keeps but where exactly no one but Steve and Charles knows. Any one have a educated guess (as opposed to a wish) what the next new major feature will be?
  10. There used to be a few books Battlefront sold on their website.
  11. I was doing some surfing and in this supposed Syrian war wouldn't the MLVW be in common use?
  12. In the past at one point, you indicated that all your sales were better than projected. I hope that's the case again.
  13. Sequoia

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    Possum groging. Mord's right. Possums/Opossums, what have you, are like 99.9 % immune to rabies. They think it might have to do with a lower body temperature than other mammals.