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  1. I think there could be a market for North Africa. What I'm saying is doing it as you suggest with no revenue in return strikes me as a non-starter.
  2. Erwin, I would think possible, but I also cannot think of how that would make sense for them to take the time to do that over other priorities, as the number of possible folks using those mods would be quite a low percentage.
  3. Sequoia

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    US halftracks would be appropriate. IIRC for all you old Panzerblitz players, they were not widely used for infantry transport in Mech brigades as portrayed in that game, but rather for use in Recon battalions. I'm sure someone will set me straight if that's not right.
  4. Which wouldn't surprise me, and I'm fine with that. I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask though. Not that I want to take up much of Steve's time.
  5. Just a hypothetical question. I don't know if I'll get an answer. Is there a practical limit to the number of modules a base game could have? I was just curious if, for example, it could make sense to expand CMFI and CMRT to earlier periods with modules rather than go with new base games? It would result in fewer Families needing support through patches and upgrades but there may be programmatic downsides as well. Maybe Steve is too busy to answer which could be a good thing as it means CMSF 2 sooner.
  6. It is THE board wargaming event of the year for North America (sorry WBC). I don't know if computer wargaming is represented but I'm sure there is plenty of cross-over between the players of the 2 genres (as there is for me). But no I am not attending as it's just not in the budget right now.
  7. Is that because AT guns are spotted too easy or because pretty much all the CMAK scenarios take place on maps with relatively short distances or something else you think?
  8. Which is why, if we ever did get early war, I wouldn't want to see a Sealion module.
  9. Why's that? The North African campaign has the reputation of being one with few war crimes, especially when compared to the Ostfront.
  10. Which IIRC is when you had both the earlier Abrams and Bradley's but still some M60A3s and M113s right?
  11. Fulda Gap fans, what year would you suggest? The Cold War lasted a long time as I'm sure you know.
  12. Sequoia

    The state of CMSF2

    Double crap. This is turning out really weird. I meant the post between MikeyD and Dynaman. And I haven't even had any alcohol. Anyway the post below