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  1. Do I assume correctly though it is a US Army history it also covers USMC British Etc and Kurdistan ?
  2. Really appreciate the screenshots. Any chance for a shot of Indian troops and Moroccan Goumiers ? Thanks!
  3. STTP, great video. Thanks for the link.
  4. Thank you gentlemen (and some ladies too), especially those who didn't come back. Let's hope we will never forget.
  5. Ah okay, I thought the Indian troop reference was regarding the 1st screen shot Elvis posted Thursday. Who are those guys in Elvis's screen shot 1 then?
  6. Wasn't it in CMBO? Though IIRC the graphics presented in that game for it were the same as the standard Pershing.
  7. I don't recall Steve ever saying they'll never expand fire beyond what we now have. It's just a question of priorities. We know there is a very long wish list of items wanted by both fans and Battlefront. Right now I assume the patch is at the top, but beyond that only Steve and Charles (and maybe the second second programmer, I'm unclear if there is one already) know what the top priorities are .
  8. Matt thanks for your CMX1 Mods site. It kicked ass. If I recall correctly, you were a bouncer once so you literally kicked ass yourself.
  9. goback may help but you probably thought of that yourself. Also if you don't mind, I'd be interested in hearing what sort of vehicles and equipment the Spanish Army using at the time.
  10. @Boche Yes please I'd love input to improve the Allied order of battle. When referring to Almansa as Cavalry does that mean it's a reconnaissance unit? @ithikal_AU Yes I see what you mean about the duplication. I'm pretty sure that's a copy and paste error. As I mentioned it's been some years since I wrote up this list. I believe the US units coming from Iraq were the actual units that were in country at the time. I'll have to research that again. I'll sort out which of the two divisions that brigade should belong to. I wonder if some one will make an Australian mod someday? I don't have the skill. Anyway I am thinking of making a "Vassal" module some day of this with the units mostly broken down by brigades. Some special units would be battalion. To make everything battalion level would require a very large map to make it the right scale Search for Vassal Engine if you are not familiar with what that is.
  11. If I recall correctly ( I wrote this up years ago) I just selected what I thought was a reasonable mix of units from each country's forces at the time. I think there was a NATO brigade on Battlefront's map with the label of just "Sp". I'd be more than happy to hear of suggested changes.
  12. Air Forces USA USAF in Iraq/Kuwait 72 F-15 72 F-16 36 A-10 USN 6th Fleet 2 Carriers in Med: 96 F/A-18 On Cyprus USAF 36 F-22 USMC 24 F/A-18 USMC 24 AV-8 Harrier USAF In Italy 12 B-52 12 B-1 UK RAF in Iraq/Kuwait 24 Typhoon 36 Tornado 12 Harrier On Cyprus 12 Tornado Australia In Kuwait 12 F/A-18 Canada In Turkey 24 F/A-18 Germany In Turkey 72 Tornado 12 Typhoon Netherlands In Turkey 24 F-16 France In Turkey 48 Mirage 2000 24 D Rafale Italy In Turkey 24 Tornado 12 Typhoon Spain In Turkey 12 F/A-18 In Cyprus 12 Typhoon Turkey 120 F-16 committed to campaign Poland In Turkey 12 Su-22 Romania In Turkey 12 MiG-21
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