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  1. Sequoia

    NATO Units????

    IIRC you see the First Sgt showing in the element in the UI if the CO becomes a casualty, right?
  2. Sequoia

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    Some one was wishing for the Israelis for Shock Force 2 in the Black Sea forums. I mentioned the French were more likely but I see now that is based on a 10 year old post. Anyway I didn't want to keep the discussion going in the Black Sea forums so I'm posting here. Please note that the last thing Battlefront has said is there are currently no plans for a further Shock Force 2 module.
  3. Sequoia

    NATO Units????

    If, and it is a BIG IF, any other army is added to Shock Force in a module, Steve had mentioned it would be the French. If you want to discuss it more we should take it to the Shock Force forums where if you really want me to I will find the posts. Oh and I'm surprised no one has made the Gavin reference yet.
  4. Sequoia

    Scalable UI

    Yes I'm practicing necromancy by bringing this thread back from the dead, but I hope folks will forgive me, since it's been a while, if I ask if at least vehicle numbering etc decals might be a thing in the not too distant future for the engine. Thanks
  5. It's been over 40 years since I've been in the US Army where I was in the Fire Direction Center of a self propelled heavy artillery battery. The Battery Commander and XO had their owns jeeps. Each gun had it's own tracked ammo carrier. There were also two trucks assigned to carry ammo back and forth to any supply dump. Vehicle maintenance had two trucks, plus there was a chow truck and two "Gamma Goat" six wheel vehicles, one for the commo people and one as a back up FDC and operations center. Medics were a battalion level asset and rarely moved with us on maneuvers. The battalion also had one heavy and one light armor recovery vehicles. Occasionally a radio/teletype Gama Goat (commonly called a Rat Rig) from the battalion level moved with us. There was an entire Service Battery (mostly maintenance) along with the HQ Battery. Every unit in the Artillery was called a battery even if it had no artillery pieces. In a Tank or Armored Infantry Battalion both then and now I'm sure there would be many more armor recovery vehicles. Any one want to share what vehicles modern companies now have beside the combat vehicles which we can just look at Shock Force or Black Sea editors to see? No need to limit this to just the US Army or exactly modern day. Thanks. PS No I have no need for these support vehicles to be in the game. I'm just curious.
  6. Sequoia

    NATO Units????

    Battlefront games are really good at getting exact TO&E. Since a M113 model was already in the game I wonder why this HQ vehicle was left out? I'm not expecting every element (maintenance and chow trucks etc and of course Medics) but this M113 seems like it would be part of the combat element .
  7. Sequoia

    Assault Boats?

    If I may for a moment hi-jack the thread, does any one have a hunch as to if we may ever see Schwimmwagens and Seeps? I can see Battlefront not wanting to add them as they would be used ahistorically. Of course jeeps and Kubelwagens are already used ahistorically for recon of death.
  8. Sequoia

    Im back!!

    Kohlenklau is back too. It's as if folks are thawing out from the big freeze.
  9. Zb1, yes too pixelated. I'm using an older version of Paint Shop Pro. Ivan's tip is getting me what I needed but thanks.
  10. Ian, I was getting images from here, but I am going to try Ivan's method. I didn't know one could size up the original Battlefront image and still use it. I've taught myself entirely by trial and error. Thanks to you both https://www.google.com/search?q=british+army+flag+patch&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjThfuk27LgAhWNGXwKHYZPAsMQ_AUIDygC&biw=1920&bih=938 PS, I meant to put this in the mods folder and slipped up, sorry.
  11. I'm working on a British uniform mod with patches. I've found several images of subdued British flag patches used on combat uniforms but when I resize them to fit on the uniform bmp they all turn out to be inadequate resolution. I am setting the pixels per inch to as high as possible before resizing but it doesn't seem to help. Thanks
  12. Sequoia

    US Army Infantry Battalion

    The IBCT and US Army LMTV truck were indeed part of the British forces module.
  13. Sequoia

    Non US Army shoulder patches

    @Combatintman In 2008 was the 16th Air Assault still using the older patch?
  14. I thought some of you may be interested in this recent post about board wargames on Boardgame Geek by a board wargame publisher: "The audience for wargames is not declining. Has been growing for years. GMT print runs are up, yes I mean for wargames. Compass is increasing it print runs and releasing a ton of product. Legion Wargames is up. My company Revolution Games is up. Hollandspiele is doing great. Everyone I talk to in the business is selling more then ever. We are both releasing more games and selling more per title. The market in Europe continues to grow, have you seen all the great Hexasim games, and China is booming for wargames. There may be another downturn at some time in the future but the reality is right now you have all this product because there is a market for it."
  15. Sequoia

    Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA)

    If any one is ambitious and wants to enhance this mod set further (sorry I don't have the time right now) here is a link to the CMMODs CMBB site where someone had posted a set of Spanish voice files as part of mod set for the Spanish Blue division. I think I still have notes as to what each voice file said what for CMx1 if any one wants to give it a go and doesn't speak Spanish. http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?by_downloads=true&game_type=3&page=71