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  1. In relation to what Frenchy said, it's been over 35 years since I left the Army but there were a lot of B.S. legends that went around the barracks including the one about the 5.56 only being meant to main. Another one was after a chemical attack when an all clear was given, the lowest ranking man would have to remove his gas mask first to confirm it was indeed all clear.
  2. Aquila, you were spoiling us with new things everyday there for a while. Is everything alright? I'm sure you haven't run out of ideas, but I can understand they are a lot of work.
  3. I really don't know if it was our lobbying that brought about CMSF2. I think it was because Steve and Charles always wanted to do it themselves.
  4. Who knows, maybe there's a huge untapped market of Brazilians wanting to play Brazilians in a computer wargame.
  5. Aqulia, so far from what I've seen your mods have smoke coming out of the right weapon when firing. Is this because you've matched a similar stock model ?
  6. By the way is there a standard operating procedure in most armies in a heliborne insertion for the helos to remain on the ground to allow quick withdrawal if needed or to take off and fly somewhere safer until called upon, or is it mission specific?
  7. I think the best one can do at this point with helo landings is what 37mm dd in his video on page 6,
  8. I looked around a lot for a burnt out car and this is the best one I've found so far. https://open3dmodel.com/download/car-scrap-lowpoly-car-3d-model_7590.html
  9. Yeah but he becomes John Locke's evil father in Lost!
  10. Wicky, what is that? A kiddie ride at Bovington or something?
  11. Is there any chance the work there or for New Zealand will carry over to commercial CM or do the contracts prohibit it or is the defense work just non-applicable?
  12. Another site with lot of military vehicles: https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/
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