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  1. Disregard, My solution was to add activations for upgrades 2/3/4 and then it worked.
  2. I can't seem to find the solution you referenced can you pass to us how to make the game work? i'm getting the same issue after I add my CMFI upgrade 4 activation code.
  3. I am currently playing the campaign "blunting the spear" I have several non-touch objective locations on the map. What does it take to reasonable assure that you have control of the objective? Once i clear an objective do i need to leave a certain type/number of friendly units there to capture it for score? Also, once i reasonably think I have control of all objectives and if i still have a lot of time left in the game (ex: 20 minutes) is there a way to end the game without sacrificing levels of success? Or does the game automatically end the mission when you have actually completed all the objectives? Thanks, George
  4. I am currently playing the CMRT campaign "blunting the spear". I have 2 Zugkraftwagen 20mm positioned in open ground unhidden within c2 distance of their section leader. An enemy aircraft enters the battle space and each time my flak engages the AC, but in the end after 2 engagements I lose both Flak weapons as the aircraft had targeted them. Ideally I'd like the Flak to have fields of fire to the airspace without the enemy Aircraft targeting them in order to increase their surviveability, but I am uncertain about what type of terrain to drive these trucks into to increase their concealment, but without losing their ability to spot Aircraft and engage. Thanks, George
  5. I am anxiously waiting this one, I am a weak arm chair general without my armor stats...(well even weaker than usual!)
  6. Yah i realized it's actually closer that amount of time as well for me actually, i guess I could try lowering tree quality and see if that helps, I already have near trees off...
  7. I've noticed that whenever I save a game specifically in the CMRT campaign Blunting the Spear that i'm taking about 30 seconds to complete the save. I have referenced other CM2 games and have updated my NVIDIA control panel items at adaptive vertical sync and my game is installed on an SSD. Anyone know what other common issues are? Also what is the most up to date graphics tweak guide in order to maximize performance? Thank you.
  8. Also looking for this mod please, I would like to add armor values to my silhouettes.
  9. @erwin @cmfdr Thanks for your help, yah it looks like that may be the only Italian campaign as you stated.
  10. Do the CMFI Campaigns still exist somewhere? I looked on the dropbox but couldn't find the zip with all the files. I'm trying to find out if there are any other campaigns that you can play as the Italians. Thanks
  11. Good News! I have a x2 4600, nvidia 7950 with xp pro and 4gb of ram and was experiencing poor performance but with the fix stated by spang, i now have great playability. chop is gone and mouse movments are fluid at best/best with desktop resolution.
  12. Hi guys, CMAK is my first CM game, and while i have learned a lot from playing there are still many things i dont know. The copy i purchased came in a thin box with no manual and so i have little knowledge of how things like the different types of FOW work. how is EFOW diffent from FOW? is my current question but id also like to know if i missed out on some heavy reading material that may have come with other versions of the game.
  13. CMAK is my first version of the CM series and im a total newb, but i keep on reading about past Meta campaigns and want to take part in them. Thing is it seems that they are only being run on CMBB. Is there a way for me to participate in the CMBB ones or are the CMAK ones i can sign up for?
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