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  1. I see... well i did too bad in the start of that game and Rannug did very well... I just have a question, is that a right situation? I mean, it is a correct behaviour (logical?). I don't know the answer. Thanks for your fast answer!
  2. Thanks, i will check it when he send me his next movement. On the other hand, i mean "Alexandria" i got confused with the cities. He fight for 2 turn to conquer the hex fortified, and other 2 turns to get next to Alexandria which falled in 1 - 2 turns...
  3. Hello Terif, No, he was figthing 4 turns more or less within 3 tiles of Cairo and then he took the city. I am playing Rannug and he told me that it was the first time he saw that behaviour. I don't know what happened... is it possible to check the advanced options during a game? ¡Thanks for your answer!
  4. Hello everybody, During one of my games as allies, my opponet launched a succesful Sealion. Then he moved his german forces to Africa and entered in Egypt... but in any moment any Commonwealth force where received by the British. The German forces are close to El Cairo but any units come to delay the End!!! :eek: Anybody knows the reason of this behaviour? At present it is 1941, June. Thanks in advance.
  5. Im sorry for your defeat, you are a great player, and congratulations to Hellraiser. The game with Terif will be very interesting. Great report. Jesus.
  6. Thanks to all who followed this nice game. As i said before, i found myself behind you since the beginning of the game... I even was scared because i thought i could loose the game in Egypt after UK falls... After Barbarrosa began, i was surprise because you didn't made fast advances so i became trust in the victory again... However, despite you didn't advance faster you advanced with great superiority, bit a bit, slowly but unbeatable! :-( My bombers made fine, but i couldn't coordinate them with the naval assaults because some problems... that prevent, for example, that in the seconds D-Day over France, i found strong German forces around Paris... There i made a big mistake... once it was clear that i won't get Paris easily i had to concentrate my forces to prevent that you could reinforce Madrid... (and then you can't support more advances over the urals) but i didn't realize of this danger... Well, in short words: you didn't mistakes, serious mistakes, and i did. You were ahead all the game and i not! Result: a nice victory! Looking forward for a new tournament! Jesus.
  7. Well, i have to surrender. Congratulations Colin! Your solid and methodical command has been succesful! In this game i have always been behind you. Usually, that doesn't matter me a lot. But in this game you didn't make any mistake (at least i couldn't see any big mistake) and my risky and (sometime) creative movements wasn't good enough (specially because i made some big mistakes due of my excitement). I wasn't worry when you were succesful with your Sealion, i have won some games regain terrain since Egypt. Futhermore, you advance in Russia wasn't too fast... that made me feel trust in my CA. My worst mistake were: allowing you to take Spain by diplomatics, failing my first assault over UK and, specially, the last offensive in the west. This was very annoying, because during the last two years of the game i felt that i was only a step behind you (in local battles, of course)... For example: Madrid... i just needed to bomb one time Madrid with my bombers and Spain would have surrendered (you couldn't operate into the city)! Of course, i wouldn't change the war only with that, but if Spain falled you won't take your planes so early to Russia and the reds will have even more time to deploy its defences at the Urals. That's only one example of some facts that during the game annoyed me a lot. But the most important is that you, and your command is the success! Congratulations again! I have enjoyed a lot the tourney. I hope to joing to the next. ... Im also very sad because i was very excited with the tourney... i dedicated a lot of time to think the games! I will follow the Final! BTW, i think that SC2 is really better than SC1. SC1 was very rigid, with SC2 you can be loosing the game 3 - 4 years and change the war... and viceversa... I really think that this game is much better and addictive than the previous one.
  8. 2/3 DONE??? :eek: Im praying for the winter!!! A huge German armoured army assault the Urals...
  9. Hi, West allied are exhausted after the German heavy offensive. However british troops are attacking Madrid and took Valencia. The German troops made his CA in the better time in the better way... It's a pity, but we still continue the fight. In the east, reds troops are trenched along the Urals. BTW, im so excited with the game that i can't make the pictures, sorry!!!
  10. Yes, the game holds for a week until Colin come back from his holidays. In my last turn the US Group of Army gives a small step ahead and now three armies are next to Paris, some other units are closer. A british Group of Army advance over Marseille. Winter is here so we expect short fighting for some turns. In Russia, Germans seems to stop a little. A bunch of russian units tries to hold in the Urals, its situation is desperate. Russians controls only 5 - 6 cities at the east of Volga (and Odessa and Sebastopol). How long could they resist?
  11. I have not time for a long report. Axis forces continue advancing over the Urals. Red forces fight around Chelyabinks. Axis forces also advance over Moscow. Winter is coming so we expect that axis must stop its advance. On the other hand, west allied forces have liberated England, Ireland and Brest and Bourdeaux. Also the winter will stop them for a while, but we expect to liberate more terrain. Here is the picture (its september 1944):
  12. Yes, the powerful German force easily take Kuybyshev and cleans the soviet forces trenched around the city. The offensive over Finland continues but its dificult to advance over Helsinky. Minor fights around Moscow, which it seems to be secured at this point. But the most important movement for Allies is the Operation MouseTrap. A big US amphibious force land in England and take Edinburg. Also Manchester is attacked. Some bombing prevents that the German Commander could take reinforces to England. The island must fall in the following 2-3 turns. Will the German commander continue fighting in the Urals or he will send some units to France to prevent a future invasion? Who knows!
  13. :eek: Russians need a Miracle nor just a bunch of corps!!! A huge army group advance over Kuybyshev!!! The last gate before the Urals!
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