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  1. I would just like to say a big thank you from the land down under. Just like most people I was checking the download site every few hours on the 27th. Thankyou for making we wait as when I received the ready to download email and than downloaded the program (at great speed thankyou) I loaded the game up and to my plesant surprise it was v1.01! I have only played for a few hours so far but I am very happy. So thankyou to the shock force team.
  2. very nice... now if only I could get the demo to work then I would buy it!
  3. congrats on a great early review. I am now allowing myself to proceed to excitment level 2! (actually believing this game will exist in the future) I am hoping for a before christmas 2007 release date??? so good luck and god speed for CMSF.
  4. thanks for the links John, this is some excellent footage I have never seen before. great post!
  5. geez you guys have to put up with such crap sometimes.... so I would just like to say thankyou very much for securing this release as I have just watch the movie's and I am excited, very excited! My christmas list just got one bigger...
  6. If there are any seats still available when the adding up is done, I would love to play.
  7. bardosy - sounds like a good possibility. Do you have any good links to details about this? And is hungary an EU member? ie visa's to get or anything like that?
  8. der alte, thankyou for your advice! It is really appreciated. I will also remember to be aware of the local's sensitivity to WW2 topics. Today was a good day though. I played golf out at Moor Park, the clubhouse of which is Moor Park Mansion which I am told is the mansion where the allied commanders did most of the planning for the d-day landings. You can certainly image that when you walk inside! Nice to finally see not all of England has changed in the last 25 years.
  9. ok, sounds like poland it is then. As an EU member travelling is easier, no visa required as it hiring a car, etc, after checking this out. I realise that all the old prussian names have changed in the last 60 years as well. I am definately interested in visiting silesia due to its long history and what happened to it at the end of the war. Der alte fritz, do you know of any good sites that cover battlefields in the area and what I could visit? Planning for 9 days out there now...
  10. Hi all, I am lucky enough to get a week off in the first half of July. I am hoping to travel around eastern europe for the week. Really would like to visit some battlefield sites and take it all in I guess. I do not have a any preconceptions and would also like to visit any good museums and specifically get photo's of period technology (tanks, planes, etc) if possible. I know we have people from all over on the forums so I would love some advice from locals and people who have travelled to these countries. Any advice appreciated.
  11. I am halfway through training now and am definately enjoying myself. As psk says as long as you get into the spirit and follow your orders this has huge potential for fun and excitement...
  12. this looks really interesting and I have signed up. Hope the application is approved
  13. I did a quick search and could not find anything mentioning unit promotions. So the question is over the course of a campain, surely we can now support promotions of units for a number of reasons??? bravery, luck, skill, comd, battle victory, etc...
  14. I knew that would get someones attention... Now is there any chance at all of this happening as now I know it is real I just can't wait? Maybe you could outsource some of the coding to India You have the momentum happening now!!! Release for christmas and I am sure many of us would happily pay a modest price premium (ducks for cover)
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