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  1. Now this indeed was a great Christmas present. Looking forward to getting back into the bocage. Has been a while for this old CM vet.
  2. I like the movie - Sahara (have it on DVD), great details on the Lee tank too. One of my Fav tanks. Will have to check out the other one as well.
  3. To the posters who have an Intel graphics card issue : OPENGL failed to start. I am running same type(IntelĀ® 82915G 128MB) Windows Vista 2gig ram I went to the Intel website, looked up the driver name. Only had XP/2000 driver so, did a restore point ( ) and loaded the XP driver on my Vista PC. Rebooted and CM:SF demo works! Intel website for OpenGL: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-010479.htm
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