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  1. Did that and it still failed. Oh, well -->YMMV, right?
  2. @norvandave: Be watchful, because I had done the same - put the file into the RS exceptions list - and it failed.
  3. Hi! In the bundle, which I just bought myself, the 1.07 patch is included. Also, did you start the original GC or the GC-Gold? If you start the original, you're playing GC 1.07; if the Gold, then you have the new features.
  4. Hubert: I did all of that with AVG and the program failed to accept the addition to the exceptions list. So, I repeated the process and it appeared to work, but once my PC was turned off and re-started, evidently the exceptions list was not saved. Besides, the Customer Service person who talked with me said he'd send an email of what to do. He hasn't yet. But my solution works for me; YMMV, right? Huhr: Works for me so far. I've added GC Gold and Basic to the avast exceptions lists and so far no issues.
  5. Are there standard settings for MP games? That is, "Fog of War - off" etc? Or are those negotiated between opponents prior to game start. Oh, yes; I wondered if there is a way for more than two people to play a campaign together. That is to say, can one player play UK, one Germany, one Japan, one USSR, etc?
  6. I had the same problem with AVG. So, I went - twice! - to the program and set the exclusion for those two .dll files and re-started the computer both times. Ran okay yesterday. Today, I turn on the computer and the AVG program not only says that the GC Gold .dll file is a virus but removes it from the file and puts it in their "Virus Vault". Okay, I think, how hard can this be and go to the Vault to 'Restore' the file to the program folder. Not allowed; get an error message that says to us 'Restore as'. So I do that and get the same error message. Thinking I've made an error, I redo the entire process and get the same results. Went to the AVG site and got a PIN # for a support phone call. See, if I turn off the computer and wait too long the AVG program will delete the file. Nice. So I call support and a very nice-sounding man tells me that I will be getting an email from him with instructions on how to correctl do the exception but that I'll have to re-install GC programs. Not happy, but okay. That was four hours ago and no email. So, I un-installed AVG and got a different program and installed it, avast, if it makes a difference. Free copy with similar limitations to AVG. Read the instructions carefully and put the entire Battleground folder off limits to the anti-virus program. We'll see. My advice? Ditch AVG, get a different anti-virus program and - sigh! - uninstall GCG and GC and re-install them. Don't forget you have to unlicense and relicense, but that's easy and the program (GC) reminds you. Some fun, huh?
  7. So, is there no multiplayer action for this game or is it just that the holidays are here? Just bought it and learning via the Tutorial in the manual, plus my usual stumbling around and getting it wrong.
  8. I bought and downloaded the Gold Bundle yesterday. It downloaded and installed into two separate files. Included in there is an update program icon so I clicked on it for both the GC original game and the Gold - separately, of course - and both were at the current version. That v 1.07 for GC and 1.00 for the Gold.
  9. Wonderful and if you need a beta tester with a much less than bleeding-edge video card, count me in.
  10. I take it that this thread is to express our desire to own CMC? Well, yes, I rather would like to own a functioning copy of it. Yes, thank you. I'm even willing to pay money for it, possibly even in advance, if I could be given some date certain for delivery or download availability. There.
  11. Yes, sir, it will. As I understand it, from the "Features" pages, there will be - for instance - a division on each side with either real players or AI-directed players in each command and principal staff position within the division. And I believe that collating the results of multiple battles to produce the next turn is exactly what CMC is about. Plus a lot more, but that's the core of it. I think.
  12. ummm ... I'd also very much like to be told right away when CMC is ready for sale and being released. Thank you.
  13. Oh, yes, and I expect it'll be released soon-ish as well.
  14. Oh, right you are! See how long I've been waiting for CMC? Lost my mind somewhere along the way, that's how long.
  15. My expectation for CMC - sorry to return to the thread topic! - is to be able to play a multiplayer campaign in less time that the original war required; to be able to play such a campaign with fewer referees or umpires than players and have the campaign run fairly smoothly; to be able to fight a campaign-related CM:BB battle more often than once every three months. Think that says it for me. Now back to your regularly unscheduled off topic stuff, already in progress.
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