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  1. I think rather one model for reserve/mech/guard/airborne and one for special forces...
  2. Hi, did you try to use a beret-model from CMN? These should be not so shiny! Greetings, alex
  3. Yes, they look much bettter now! Thanks! (I don't want to be pedantic or ungrateful, but the germans radio operators have still no backback....)
  4. The crews of the bmp-3s (which are supposed to be airborne too?) are having the regular syrian soldier texture, too.
  5. A little bit late, but: What uniform-mod you are using for your soviet mot. infantry? Greetings, alex
  6. Hmmmhmmm...I think the m1-TURMS has an own texture...
  7. And I think, you are right. With some markings it would look even better. With a quick search I didn't found anything what I can recommend...I simply don't understand what these arabic signs (Letters? Numbers?) on the tanks mean, which you can see sometimes on pictures. But maybe it would possible to put these red triangels on the both T72-TURM-variants and the T-90 (if they have unique textures (turrets?))...the republican guard should be the only branch which get these types...
  8. And an other one: Germans don't know to sit: Driver + Co-Driver of Wolf (both variants) and Fuchs are hovering a little bit above theur sits...unfortunaly I can't upload any pictures any more to the forum...is there a restriction per user?
  9. Hmmm....I understand. Then I will try to convince you a last time. If you look at my last screenshot, than you will see a part of the helmet lining from the regular syrian helmet on the surface of the tanker helmet. I don't think that this is right.
  10. Oh...in this point are you right! The type of the helmet is ok. I mean the texture of the helmet is wrong. Simple said: It shouldn't have two fifferent colors (or colours): it is green and brown (our screenshots). It should have only one colour! Compare the coulors to the colors of a regular tank-crew-member and I think you will see what I mean.
  11. Tank crews looks ok, but the vehicle-crews are using the wrong texture.
  12. Look again at your own screenshot! It looks the same like at mine screenshot. I think it is the texture of a normal helmet.
  13. And now a very pedantic obsevation: The animationfor the british bullpub-rifles are not fitting. When the soldiers are firing, they hold it like a ordinary gun. So the rifle butt vanish in the shoulder of the soldier, the telescope on not in front of the eye but in the eye and the left hand is a little bit to far at the end of the rifle... Unfortunatly I can't upload a pictures (which is bigger than 10 KB)... You can compare with pictures from the store (I suppose there were used the old skeleton): https://www.battlefront.com/shock-force-2/cmsf2-british-forces-module/?tab=toe
  14. Poor german Fennek-Drivers (both variants): they are sitting very deep:
  15. Syrian-Reserve-Mech-Unit (bmp): Crew-member using wrong bmp for their helmets:
  16. Ahhh....good! I thouhgt something is with my installation wrong... Can you say something about the pouches and backpacks?
  17. Hmm...hmmm...ok, unzipped it is about 4 GB.... Have other people german tank crews with G36 or C8A1?
  18. Hmmm...how big should be the installer-file? I read somewhere something about 4 GB. My Installerfile has a size about only 2 GB .
  19. This is strange. I did it in the editor, too. For both Leopards.
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