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  1. Don't forget a new version of the afghanistan game (CMA)!!!
  2. I tagged my fielddivision-textures with [north]. So the LW-infantry looks like HG in italy and like fielddivision in north-italy (and this is in the end of 44)...
  3. The reason of the lack of response is, because we are speechless! I think it is well made. Good work! I wonder, if it is possible to issue special wishes....(for uniform mods...)
  4. As I wrote: there would be textures with a [fielddivision]-tag in the game files. They only don't show up. And this is the question: bug or intention? I would asume that it should work similar to the camo (dot-pea) uniforms of the germans....
  5. And I'am glad that someone reads this at all...🙂
  6. Yes. I know. But I mean something other. Did you explode the game-file with the german uniforms?
  7. Scenario Editor. In July 44 are both available. But this doesn't matter. I am interested, if they (Infanty and armored infantry) should user different textures. At the moment I use a workaround and use for the field division textures the [north]-Tag...
  8. Thanks fpr the response, but I know this (roughly). I think I formulated my question bad. Let me try again: There is the standard-LW-Infantry in game (not paratroopers). I think that until July 44 it schould represent the HG-Division (only Option for infantry is "armoured infantry" in the editor). From July 44 there are pure infantry units, which (I think) should represent the field disvisions (Jäger and Fusiliers in option "infantry" in the editor). I rexploded the resources and saw, that there the regular textures: e.g. "smod_german_lw_m43_soldier_uniform 2.bmp" Then there other textures with tags: e.g." smod_german_lw_m43_soldier_uniform 2 [fielddivision].bmp" So theoretical you could have different uniforms for these 2 types (I think they used different insignias). But they don't use it in game. I only want to know if this is a bug or a truncated feature? Greetings, alex
  9. Of course. There are the options: - standard - camo If you cose camo, then the troopers with smocks appears, too. But only for the filed division units...apart from this there is no difference... There is no "field division" option. At least in my game....
  10. Hmmm....I am afraid that I will get no answer...😟
  11. Hello, I saw (like others before me) that for the luftwaffe infantry exists different textures. These ones with the HG-patches and these ones with the regular field division-tags. I have noticed too, that the luftwaffe camo smocks only appears on the jäger- and fusilier units (which - I think - are regular field division units) and not on the grenadier unit (HG-units?). This brings me to the conclusion, that the HG and field division units should show different textures? Is this correct? Should this be reported as bug? Greetings, alex
  12. Yup! I am glad, that this company is still online! Good luck for the next 20 years! Greetings, alex
  13. Is this the final version of the field cap? It looks very good from the side....but the more frontal view looks al little bit like a tschako... ( I think because it tapers towards the bottom...(is this understandable?)) Remark: And I want to add, that this is not a complaint, only curiosity)
  14. Is this thread monitored by battlefront? Make it sence to report observations? Indian sikh troops don't use their tropical (green) uniform (1943, first date when the indians are available). Non-sikhs indian troops are using them.
  15. I thought you can chose between the backpack (summer) and the blanket (autum/spring).....
  16. Huiii....I have to check this with an bigger monitor...if you are right you must have eyes like an eagle!
  17. Huh? Where? I only seeing the normal outfit....
  18. Maybe it looks so good, that it will be sold as official turkish module? 😄 conspiracy-modus out!
  19. @3j2m7 Thanks! I am using gimp and this plugin works fine!
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