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  1. Are screenshots of russian winter uniforms possible? Greetings, alex
  2. I am not at my pc, but couldn't this mean, that they use the vehicle-radio, when inside of this vehicle? greetings, alex
  3. Works fine! Very well done, both of you! Greetings, alex
  4. I tried it and it looks really good! Buuut: I don't see the crew and the passegers of the 250 (they are outside of the map) and when it moves the carriage vanishes (only the tracks are still visible)...
  5. Several different textures for the specific halftracks...
  6. I dont't see differences in the camo...only the normal randomess...maybe I am really blind...šŸ˜§
  7. Good tip! The grass is a little bit sharper in the last one?
  8. Maybe my eyes are too old, but I am not able to see any difference...
  9. Yes, you are right. I tried it myself. But I took a copy of the original helmet-mdr into my Z-folder and renamend it to "smod_american_helmet-soldier [night].mdr" So the helmets are without googles when they have the NVGs mounted...
  10. Did you try to rename the new model (with goggles) to blabla 2? Example: Original: us_helmet.mdr New: us_helmet 2.mdr
  11. @DougPhresh Do you have this picture a little bit bigger? The text became unreadable when I resize the picture... Greetings alex
  12. The uniform selection of the US-Glider-troops have no effect. They always show the us tropical uniform. Even in the later months... I put some options of the tropical uniform with 101st and 82nd tags (similar to normandy) in my z-folder, but this didn't worked...
  13. Thanks. But this makes my feeling not better about this update...
  14. Thanks for your reponse! @rocketman Did you upgraded your drivers? I have a 970 card too....
  15. I think the muzzle flash of the T32 37mm mountain gun is on a wrong place.
  16. Like many other people I have to upgrade my OS at the end of the year. Is this error behavior with the newest nvidia drivers still present? Greetings, alex
  17. November 44, gebirgsjƤger in (gebirgsjƤger-) greatcoats: missing boot-textures
  18. Had the french sodiers frech flags as shoulder patches?
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