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  1. This was fast! Thanks! Looks very good! Greetings, alex
  2. Thanks for the visual update! Is it maybe possible to get some more shots of the canadians? Greetings, alex
  3. waffelmann

    Upgrade License Question

    I get all 3 modules on their specific release and see all three in my order history. Greetings, alex
  4. waffelmann

    Upgrade License Question

    I have the paradox-version and all 3 modules too. I can't find this 1-Dollar-Patch (Is it possible, that this patch wasn't necessary, if you own the marines-modul?). So the big question is: Is there a way that the paradox-version enables a discount or is it necessary to buy the base-game again? (I don't care which way I have to go, but when I have to re-buy the base-game I would preorder now). Or is this a question for the support? greetings, alex
  5. waffelmann

    New Uncon Models?

    yup, this would be cool!
  6. waffelmann

    New Uncon Models?

    Means this, that reserve-units use the same textures like the regulars or does this means regulars -> own texture reserve > own texture militia > own texture Greetings, alex
  7. waffelmann

    New Uncon Models?

    Thanks! Looks cool! Have we still wishes free? (Syrian airborne, SF???) Aaand have higher sysrian officers the webbing too? Greetings and thanks, alex
  8. waffelmann

    New Uncon Models?

    @MikeyD I am afraid, that you overlooked my request: Can you mabye show us a screenshot of the regular syrian reserve/militia-units please? Greetings, alex
  9. waffelmann

    New Uncon Models?

    Is ist maybe possible to see these guys, too? Greetings, alex
  10. waffelmann

    New Uncon Models?

    And the different branches have own textures? Greetings, alex
  11. waffelmann

    game crashes after some time playing

    I am afraid that I hit this problem too. Is this a problem of the driver-software or from the game? Or in other words: Is it necessary to wait for a fix from nvidia or is the game to be fixed? (In case 1: Does nvidia knows that there is a problem?) greetings, alex
  12. Oh...this was not meant as complaint! I like this little forecast (right expression???)! I admit, that I am extremly curious about the new sysrian soldier models! Greetings, alex
  13. And it seems, that the us-troopers have equipment now (even with night vision!)...🙂 Greetings, alex
  14. waffelmann

    Helmets (or lack thereof)

    Hi, thanks for the compliments, but they are not necessary. This mod was not a great creative work. It was a simple model-swap with available resources. @Splinty Sorry, but I don't think that this is possible (with my abilities). It would eventually possible to use several models, but I think that they would probably use all the same textures what will look silly... Greetings, alex
  15. waffelmann

    BMP-1 Sand Coloring

    This was smart! A simple compare of the (vehicle-model) artwork of CMSF and CMBS... Well made! Greetings, alex