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  1. waffelmann

    Helmets (or lack thereof)

    Hi, thanks for the compliments, but they are not necessary. This mod was not a great creative work. It was a simple model-swap with available resources. @Splinty Sorry, but I don't think that this is possible (with my abilities). It would eventually possible to use several models, but I think that they would probably use all the same textures what will look silly... Greetings, alex
  2. waffelmann

    BMP-1 Sand Coloring

    This was smart! A simple compare of the (vehicle-model) artwork of CMSF and CMBS... Well made! Greetings, alex
  3. waffelmann

    BMP-1 Sand Coloring

    From me? I have no link, because I don't recall such thing, too. My hope comes from the screenshots of the veicles and his statement of the great amount of work for the soldier models here: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/126136-naughty-or-nice-heres-some-bones/ So I hope, that the vehicle-models are ok and have been reused...thats all ! Greetings, alex
  4. waffelmann

    BMP-1 Sand Coloring

    Really? I doubt, that uniform-mods will work... But I hope for the vehicles! Greetings, alex
  5. waffelmann

    BMP-1 Sand Coloring

    Looks good! I am curious, if the vehicle-mods will work in CMSF II too.... Greetings, alex
  6. waffelmann

    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    Cool! Thank you! Greetings, alex
  7. waffelmann

    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    @Saint_Fuller Is it maybe possible to get this mod? Greetings, alex
  8. waffelmann

    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    This is a good place: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/ I would like to see this mod! Tried it by myself, but the helmets appeared allways on the wrong place at the head of the soldiers... Greetings, alex
  9. waffelmann

    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    Do you publish it?
  10. waffelmann

    Digital camo for Russian soldiers

    Anyway it would be nice to have different uniforms for the different branches...or at least some choices... Greetings, alex
  11. I am in a similar situation. I bought the paradox (retail)-version and at this time I had no possiblity to buy something online (eg. paypal or creditcard). So a friend of me bought the three modules and gave me the licence-keys. So I have the keys not in my account, too...
  12. Will the soldiers get new models in CMSF2? These from the new engine with individual gear? Greetings, alex