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  1. Looks really good! Is it maybe possible that someone can make fitting normal maps for the uniform? Long time ago I downloaded a tool for creating these, but it never works out for me... Greetings, alex
  2. Any progress about this? Greetings, alex
  3. Hmmm...I can't check it at the moment, but I am relativly sure that my vehicle-berets are still black. What I did: - Copied and renamend the beret-model-files to the naming of the helmet-model-files - Renamend the (red) berets to the helmet-texture namens. I don't think, that the textures are binded to the models within the model-files (exepted the personal eqipement). But I have to check at home, maybe there was a change and my berets don't work any longer...
  4. Are you sure, that you hex edeited the models? I think I didn't do such things with the berets. Simply renamed the beret-texture to the fitting helmet-texture... But it is long time ago....
  5. Yup. It is the same procedure. The masking texture is for hiding the chin strap. I think I have the berets for the paras in my CMN...
  6. It is a (relativ) simple model switch. Not too difficult.
  7. Looks good! Can you make maybe something similar for the ACU-uniforms?
  8. I know this thread and I follow it with great interest, but I think we have a misunderstanding. I wrote about the models, not the textures!
  9. Yup. But the helmet-model are shared between reserve, mech/guards and airborne!
  10. I made a quick dirty test (for example no chinstrabs-masking ) and it worked... Greetings, alex
  11. I think rather one model for reserve/mech/guard/airborne and one for special forces...
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