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  1. @MikeyD Did you give up uploading this mod? This would be sad, looks really good....
  2. The crewmen change their uniforms! Greetings, alex
  3. Hmmm....I think I express me too confused. You chose in the quick battle menu Luftwaffe and arm. Infantry -> this would be regular LW-Field-Divisions BUT: in the Troop-editor of the Quick-Battle there are only a parachute-battalion. These will have then a mixed appearance. So: In the branches regular troops in the editor airborne Greetings, Alex
  4. I am not a TOE uniform expert, too (;-)), but I think, if I chose a parachute battalion (in the quick battle menu), then there sould be a unit which look like as paratroopers (especially if they have the organisation of a parachute unit (inclusive FG42))! But as said: I am not an expert too. If this is intentionally in this way, then it is ok for me.
  5. @Sgt.Squarehead Thanks for the tip, but I think we can solve it without pictures! @MarkEzra I looked at my specifications at the quick-battle and I think the important detail is the branche: Luftwaffe, Gepanzerte Infantrie (Armoured Infantry (or Armored???)) My hyphothese is, because the Luftwaffe have not really armoured infantry it produces some strange effects (tested with no mods installed), Try Quickbattle, e.g. holland, september 44, luftwaffe, armoured infantry, manual force selection, and chose then parachute battalion motorized -> don't choose Parachutes as Branche!!! Greetings, alex
  6. @MarkEzra I will check the year and region at the evening, when I am at home. I have to admit that I didn't pay attention to these specifications. I will deliver better dates later in the day. Only with the pictures I will have problems, because I reached the limits of the forum. Greetings, Alex
  7. Hello, I don't know, if this is reported: German Fallschirmjäger, motorized battalion: In quickbattle some units (for example the battalion command, but other squads too) are using the regular LW-field-division models and textures. I think in the scenario-editor everything is fine. Greetings, alex
  8. Is there any chance that we get this splendid mod some day?
  9. It looks very cool in game! Well done!
  10. Looks really good! Is it maybe possible that someone can make fitting normal maps for the uniform? Long time ago I downloaded a tool for creating these, but it never works out for me... Greetings, alex
  11. Any progress about this? Greetings, alex
  12. Hmmm...I can't check it at the moment, but I am relativly sure that my vehicle-berets are still black. What I did: - Copied and renamend the beret-model-files to the naming of the helmet-model-files - Renamend the (red) berets to the helmet-texture namens. I don't think, that the textures are binded to the models within the model-files (exepted the personal eqipement). But I have to check at home, maybe there was a change and my berets don't work any longer...
  13. Are you sure, that you hex edeited the models? I think I didn't do such things with the berets. Simply renamed the beret-texture to the fitting helmet-texture... But it is long time ago....
  14. Yup. It is the same procedure. The masking texture is for hiding the chin strap. I think I have the berets for the paras in my CMN...
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