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  1. I think, it is sufficient to delete the "strings.txt".
  2. I think, that it sounds like a craeting of a scenario. I never made this, but I think that AI-plans are necessary, or not?
  3. Hmmm...I played a little with blender around... @Aquila-CM For your weapon-mod: I asume you didn't create the model for your weapon-mod. Had your source-model a seperated model for the magazine? All examples, which I downloaded, are one compact model???
  4. I think, we need this http://www.cadnav.com/3d-models/model-42223.html For the marines 🥴
  5. Caution is always good! Now back to topic! Cool mods! I hope I see soon a scenario with this helicopter!
  6. Yes, I know. But I don't think, that they did it intentionally to stop hexediting. I think, that it is far more comfortable to map a texture to a model in the programm code instead of in the files directly. This make you more flexibel in the usage of the models. And so the hexediting vanishes as side effect. (this is my theory)
  7. When did they do this? I thought they only changed their model-texture-mapping?
  8. In this case: Shouldn't these things listed at "Tanks" and "Halftracks"???
  9. Hmmm...what are these weapons (from the web-site, TOE, Weapons, allied, at the end): M21 M4A1 When I google these items I only find modern weapons...
  10. https://www.battlefront.com/fortress-italy/cmfi-rome-to-victory-module/?tab=toe A spelling error: At the major formations: "German Luftwaffe Field Divisions", not "German Luftwafte Field Divisions" Greetings, alex
  11. @MikeyD Did you give up uploading this mod? This would be sad, looks really good....
  12. The crewmen change their uniforms! Greetings, alex
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