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  1. What did you do and what brdm-2 are we seeing? All three are ukraines? I checked mine and for me all are showing the correct textures (including syrian equipement ;-))...after the copying and renaming.... MikeyDs explanation is better thann mine...
  2. Lol...the black-equipment on yours brdm2s: - copy your russian-vehicle-gear.bmp and russian-vehicle-gear [ukraine].bmp - rename the "russian-vehicle-gear"-Part to "syria-vehicle-gear" Enjoy!
  3. I have to add: You have to copy and rename your ukraine-brdm-2-textures, too. Copy the brdm2-textures and rename the part "brdm-2" of the name to "brdm2". Still didn't found the black equipement....
  4. Ok...the missing turret and hatches-textures can you correct: - copy the brdm-2-turret.bmp and brdm-2-hatch.bmp - rename it to brdm2-turret.bmp and brdm2-hatch.bmp (the same with the corresponding normal-maps and if you use mods then you have to do it with your modded files...to stay consistent!) I couldn't identify he black equipment... (Forgot the hatches)
  5. To the BRDM-2: The BRDM-2M is ok the brdm-2 have missing turret-texture. If you copy the textures of the BRDM-2 from shockforce 2 to CMBS everything is ok (exept from the sand-camo 😉). So I think there is a workaround possible...
  6. I think he means optical distinguishable. And I think not at the moment. Sadly no official ever answered the question about the textures...
  7. Try this one: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=5140
  8. The syrian paratroopers have still 100 ammunition...
  9. Fine! I don't want to be ungrateful, but have we to mention the minor art-glitches again (which are collected in the bug-threats) or are they still on the to-do-list?
  10. I checked my units in the scenario editor (july 44), german armoured recce and everything looks ok (Game Version 4.02). Can you reproduce the apperance in the scenario editor with specific units and dates? Then I will re-check it at my installation. But I still think that you have a wrong installation. Maybe a missing pack?
  11. What were your scenario specifications (year, date, chosen units)? I believe you have a corrupted installation. But I can check my visuals, when you tell the circumstandes...
  12. Don't forget a new version of the afghanistan game (CMA)!!!
  13. I tagged my fielddivision-textures with [north]. So the LW-infantry looks like HG in italy and like fielddivision in north-italy (and this is in the end of 44)...
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