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  1. For 4 weeks they offer every week 5 books for free. Now the 2nd week started...and the next 5 books....
  2. You can still see them in the link in the first post!
  3. The download of the little ones worked. But the side often is often not reachable...
  4. Maybe Aquila can help? He made crazy stuff with a stuart and a vierlings-flak...
  5. Sorry, but the pak is affected too. Is it mybe possible to use the US-57mm model for the british gun? Only to exchange the canon barrel? Or are the differences to big?
  6. No. I simple load several british guns and paks in the editor. Some ot them have no tires or the tires are at the wrong place. I can't upload pictures because my forum limit is reached.
  7. Now happen other strange things. Please load several paks and british 57mm in the scenario-editor. The components of the guns seems disarranged (especially the tires)
  8. Yes 😉 But too far away to recognize anything...
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