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  1. I have all the mods and upgrades, looking to play against a human opponent. Large or small battle, open to anything so long as we have a fun battle. Preferably would use dropbox to exchange files.
  2. Well crap, now I'm ten more dollars in the hole and it still just gives me a little 'x' when I go to activate it. The all in one installer was nice but no matter which of my codes I enter (started with the module 4 code) it just doesn't work.
  3. This is infuriating. I've spent so much money on this game and its modules and yet now that I try to install it on a new computer it simply does not activate properly. In fact the whole shenanigans seems needlessly confounded. Where is my one download all patched up to date? I have like 7 modules all with different keys and the only one that works is the 2.0 update. Even the vanilla install says it can't launch. So I install module 2.0 and it works, great. But then I want the rest of the market garden and other packs and engine upgrades... after this it simply gets so confounded and none of my codes work and the game can't launch. It reminds me of the old days when we all pirated stuff because the DRM was driving us nuts. Just put your game on Steam and optimize the patching system so people like me can play the game again. Please. It's a good game. Please fix or do somfink!!
  4. " Labrynth has full arty ammo after I used half of it in the previous scenario, contrary to what the briefing said. Possible mistake? " This happened to me too. Just got to Labyrinth and noticed, hey I have full ammo sweet! Les Licornets was TOUGH. First two attempts ended in debacle for me. Third time I launched massive pre-bombardment and rushed a platoon and the tanks down the road and that allowed me to split open the nut. Still didn't managed to take less than 10% casualties though ><
  5. I assume there must be another place more commonly used to post looking for opponent classifieds? Or is it ok to do so here? Have been out of the combat mission loop for a while but finally got all the add ones for cmbn and would love to pick up an pbem battle or two! Cheers, drez
  6. Hello I have been setting my quick battles so that they should have random weather and random time of day. But after 7 times of starting a quick battle it is only a rainy night time conditions... Am I the only one experiencing this?
  7. I have to agree that I was disappointed with the so called steel box. It arrived with scratches on the outside, and I was surprised by its overall lack of quality. I guess I just assumed that it would have been more impressive than it actually was. That said, I have no regrets supporting BF by pre ordering it!
  8. Hello, I managed to take a few videos to document some issues I had in a QB game the other day. Video one shows a close attack to the flank of an American tank by an AT detachment of pioneers. My problem is they did not use their demolition charges? Did I do something wrong here? Why would they only throw grenades? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xiu4kh_pioneer-close-attack-issue_videogames Video two shows what I thought would have been a fine way of moving a pair of tiger tanks but they keep acting like they were going to bump in to each other. Again, is this normal behavior? I've seen it when vehicles are lined up on the road, but not when they are side by side like this. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xiu4jg_pathfinding-issue_videogames Video three shows a German Pioneer squad which has advanced to a low hedge. Two soldiers for some reason lagged behind terribly as shown in the video, with one of them running with his rifle going invisible now and again. Eventually, by cancelling the move order and resetting it, the soldiers stopped glitching and moved normally to join their comrades. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xiu4jp_pathfinding-issue-2_videogames
  9. OK! I figured it out! I had to go in to the Nvidia Control Panel and manually set the CMBN Executable to be recognized as a program that always uses the high performance graphics card. Now everything seems to work fine Thanks for the insight!
  10. Hello, I run this game fantastically on my desktop computer. However I received the CD in the mail and decided to go ahead and install it on to my Alienware m11x R2. This is an 11 inch screen gaming laptop running with an nvidia gt 335m graphics card. My concern is that the lettering is quite fuzzy and hard on the eyes, and the AA is not applicable for some reason. Also, when loading the battle the game will freeze and black screen temporarily when moving from the pre battle briefing screen to the battle map. I am running the latest beta drivers from nvidia since may 17th. Are these issues unique to me, or have you encountered similar discrepancies? cheers
  11. That's what I thought! lol
  12. Hmm.. interesting about the lack of radio on the XO team... how would it be able to form as a new CO without a radio?
  13. Different from HQ support teams? so they are basically a unit which existed so are included for the sake of accuracy, but do not perform any unique function within the scope of CMBN?
  14. Was wondering if anyone could tell what the XO teams are?
  15. I found myself wishing I could just buy a platoon of infantry like I could buy a scout team, or an AT team etc... why not be able to purchase a simple leg infantry platoon without all the hassle?? As flexible as the system may ultimately be, it is quite unwieldy... especially compared to the SPWW2 purchase screen. That said, I love the rarity point system!
  16. lol I just noticed and came back to say oops awesome there is a way to turn them off!
  17. Wish there was an option to turn the shadows off as they are kinda choppy and odd on my machine but other than that... BEAUTIFUL. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.
  18. Actually there is now, since the latest May 9th patch all graphical features are available for that game. Just so you know I myself find the balanced/balanced to be the best compromise. Which thankfully makes sense considering it is called balanced!
  19. I had absolutely no problem, US mirror worked fine and downloaded very promptly, but the installation was corrupted!
  20. YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!! Downloaded and Installed!!! But the installation was corrupt!
  21. w00t!!! All of my congrats and appreciation Battlefront!!!
  22. lol this is like getting teased by a beautiful woman who knows what she is doing XD The climax is going to be explosive!
  23. It certainly does that. But Christianity, and Islam in particular do much more than just that. They avoid the truth. If you don't believe that the Bible or the Quran is the literal word of god than you are not actually a believer and are just being dishonest if you say you are. Without those holy books as representations of the divine word of god than the religions have no basis for existence. They are just another fiction on the shelf. This is not to say you cannot learn anything from fiction, but what is the point in pretending to know answers to profound questions without actually knowing? I think it is quite in our human nature to fight, but maybe, just maybe if we can get these ancient and obsolete religions out of our systems we can have some proper, honest fights, for honest reasons. Raw, greedy bickering with no imagined "authorizations" from some divine source. I think that the core essence of the teachings of the Buddha and of Lao Tzu and Kuo Hsiang are the best models of spirituality that have been invented so far. They do not suppose of some imaginary entity influencing our lives and are fully compatible with the scientific method.
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