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  1. Next week? YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I cannot wait to put some rounds down field on advancing lines of Shermans!!
  2. Yeah man, just relax, I think it will come along fine just as soon as everyone has been settled down to the game On the plus side, it will give you plenty of time to brainstorm and ponder and work out the kinks of the mechanics of the Tourny etc, but also much of the work cannot progress without having your hands on the actual software can it?
  3. I would just like to say that it is threads like this one that make me proud to and love being a computer wargamer. Kudos to all of you. I have learned a lot from this fascinating thread alone. So, nothing to add here particularly, just expressing my passionate appreciation
  4. Thank you for the meaning of the acronym. I understand exactly what you were talking about now!
  5. I think I can take credit for that
  6. Hi, thanks for the response. I realize I was vague in my post. I have my Catalyst controls set to use the application settings for AA and Anisotropic filtering, so yes, I was referring to 3D model quality and 3D Texture quality in game. Perhaps I was a little harsh to say 'atrocious' as I don't consider any of this game breaking or ruinous to my enjoyment of the game, I simply turn the settings lower and am fine with it. I guess mostly I was just surprised at how low my fps dropped off at the higher settings. Especially when I compare the game to other graphically intense games I play such as Just Cause, BFBC2 and Napoleon Total War... anyways, I eagerly await my copy of CMBN! Thanks for these amazing games! P.S. What is an LOD?
  7. Hello, forgive me if this has been discussed at length I only did a quick glance to see if there were any threads already on this subject but I'm wondering this: I have a fairly high end rig (HD Radeon 5870 1gb / Phenom II X6 1090T / 8GB DDR3-1333) but still for some reason my CMSF frame rates are atrocious at high settings and still hard pressed at medium settings. I heard that in CMBN the graphics engine, though basically the same was being enhanced. Is this true? Will my rig run the game more smoothly than CMSF? Thanks for any insight! drez
  8. MikeyD, Gautrek, TanksAlot, Andrewtf, JorgeMC, Makjager, and JuJu are all real talented but Zimorodok and Mr. Noobie are both worthless fudge packing fools who, if i were to meet in person, would have their balls cut off and shoved into their mouths...
  9. oh my god you are so queer monwar... judging from that last post id say your pretty much a stupid faggot
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