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  1. I don't know, JK, but I do remember this PZIV from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds many yrs ago
  2. Erwin, there are only 2x versions...the Original 2011 (came with game), and the 'Revisited' 2016. I just tinkered with the 2016 version a little to my liking (Moral/Leadership/Motivation levels).
  3. No, you silly CAT...You fold-out the Bike and the small wheel is the Bar/Chain & Foot Peddle that's located bottom center of Bike...O I C, you knew that, but just wanted to make a joke...Silly me :-(
  4. Yes, and Welcome aboard... Oh, and if ever interested in playing against Human Opponents, then post it on the Forum's Opponent Finder section...For me, I try and only play against 'Newbs'...You know, to help them better their Gaming experience (and better chance for me to win :-) Joe
  5. Yes, the original 'Barkman's was 2011, then the 'Revisited' version came out 2016, but my personal 'Revisited' version is the one in Dropbox now.
  6. Hmm, must have accidentally deleted it...Anyways, here it is again :-) https://www.dropbox.com/s/oy39yyd6lztcoo5/Barkmanns Corner-revised.btt?dl=0
  7. I also want all to keep in mind that I changed the Axis & Allies Moral/Motivation/Leadership a little to better suite my gaming...You might want to contact Ghost Rider (or wait for him to download his version in CMMODS) for his original unmolested version :-)
  8. No Prob, and I will leave it back-up for awhile longer...Then hopefully, Ghost Rider, will post it in CMMODS III. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lqyxvujjy6fxuzo/Barkmanns Corner-revised.zip?dl=0
  9. No Silly, Steve, grew-up in the 70's...Just like half the rest of us :-)
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/74v2dcmldzkei3d/Barkmanns Corner-revised.zip?dl=0
  11. Correct !..Other then the double post (which is still no big deal) it's ok to discuss how Fire is implemented in CM.
  12. Looking Good, JK...Keep posting em :-)
  13. It looks like this has already been answered...Once or Thrice
  14. Not sure, but I still think there is an issue where Arty and Direct Fire HE are linked together in some way... just about every time there is HE Direct Fire (Open or Woods) I always loose a casualty or two at range (50 meters or so from impact). This seems to almost mimic the same as if a single Arty round has falling and causing (around 50 meters from impact). Now, I know someone mentioned there is a reasoning that a Single Arty HE Shell landing has will cause the same effect as if an Arty Barrage...However, this problem also seems to carry-over for Units firing Single Direct HE Fire.
  15. Nah, there's nothing wrong with that.. However, you know your playing too much CM when you become complacent and star letting a Freaking NEWBIE (not mentioning names) win more often then not against a Regular Opponent...Sigh :-(
  16. It's already been addressed and implemented in previous patch...Well, so to speak :-(
  17. Terrain Mod looks Great, EZ, and especially the Grass...Please, post those Mods when you can :-) Joe
  18. Just there to Turn On or Off...you Madman :-)
  19. Yeah, I was also thinking about that Launcher-Tube sticking out the Window (in middle of reloading), and thought it might have something to do with it...So, this theory can also be applied to any Unit reloading with part of the Weapon sticking out the building/structure (MG's Launcher, ATR, etc).
  20. -OR-...That there are other Variables in play that we didn't consider. Yes, the Troopers Stance was Prone at that exact moment when hit...However, maybe CM assumes he is Prone (or whatever stance) for most of the Action-Cycle (averaging the current and previous stances in same Action-Cycle), and so still a small chance of being hit ? Thou, if he was prone for more then One-Action Cycle, then that theory just went 'Kaput'...Sigh ! Anyways, just throwing some chit out there for thought :-)
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