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  1. Then, I wonder if spotting is also affected for things like RL peaking back-in forth around the Gun-Shield, unbuttoned crew Tanks peaking behind Copulas/Hatches, etc, Infantry peaking around buildings/Trees, etc. So, BF might only model wither your Buttoned or Unbuttoned w/o any soft factors above, or possibly already factored in ?
  2. Yeah, but if your panicked (as mentioned above), then duck to make your unprotected Crew member last longer...You know, like they did in RL.
  3. Yeah, but try this with HT's w/o Shields, and see what happens over a short period of time.
  4. JoMc67

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    There's the... um... Ugh! I'm thinking of another late war German rifle but its name is escaping me... Ahh, you are referring to the already too many G-43's in the BN, RT & FI Games...Yes, I'm sure BF will no doubt add even more STG-44 & G-43's to each Squad/Platoon in the next Modules. So, before you know it, every other German Soldier will be carrying Late War & Exotic Small Arms...And, why not, since the standard Russian Infantry Squad in RT unrealistically already have a mix of several SMG's, SVT's, and get this, for some reason still have 1-2 Mosin-Nagant's (go figure).
  5. JoMc67

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Yeap, that's me, and got your 'Friend Request', and already responded back...Talk Later :-) Joe
  6. JoMc67

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Well, I still like to play RO (only Steam Game I own) and its DH Mod from time to time, however, due to poor internet (Dish Network) I end-up going elsewhere to play anything that requires High-Speed. So, and in saying the above, my Steam is: JoMac if anyone wants to add me...Who knows, if their is enough players interested in meeting one weekend to play RO/DH on one of their last Active Servers (against other RT'ers), then let me know. Joe
  7. JoMc67

    Beat me!

    Yes, you can control The morale, Soft factors, etc, Then click on Suggestion box, and cycle through it as many times until you find A formation you like. Pretty cool feature, Indeed.
  8. JoMc67

    Beat me!

    1) You Hose :-(...Ok, let me think about the other games). 2) Yeah, I got so use to playing Fluent Meetings for past few years (except a few games against AI) that I'm afraid to attempt an Attack/Defense Game vs. Human (even if it's someone of your own uncaliber) :-) 3) I just prefer playing with Green Troops with certain Soft-Factors (depending if it's a Meeting, Attack/Defense). Yeah, I know, I'm just particular how I like things to be done...
  9. JoMc67

    Beat me!

    Yes, Badger, we all know your Superior Intellect when it comes to H2H here at Battlefront :-)
  10. JoMc67

    Beat me!

    "HELLO MR, K...SHALL WE PLAY A GAME ? How about a CMBN, Tiny QB, Meeting (roughly a Company in size), Green-Motivation High-Leadership 0, Fit, Poor equipment, Infantry Only (but I will use 'Mix' in the previous QB Screen), then using the 'Suggestion' Only box to purchase Units (continue to cycle through the 'Suggestion' Only until you find a Formation you like), and no additional purchase of individual Teams or Vehicles as any additional points will be lost (there's usually only a few left over points, anyways). using the 'Suggestion' Only will at least help alleviate and quicken the decision making of painstakingly purchasing Units. I like to use some 'House Rules' to help make CM, at least to a degree, feel a little more realistic. I also like to use Dropbox to exchange Game Files, and a Text Document so we can Communicate on a regular basis (instead of PM). If interested, let me know, and I will setup the CMBN Game with you as Axis (I don't do Modern, and already have 3x other opponents playing FI, RT & FB). I think you setting-up a Video AAR and doing all the narration would be nice. Oh...and stay with 'The Few Better Men, here at Battlefront :-) Yours Untruly, Joe
  11. JoMc67

    Am I the only one ?

    "I don't want to grow-up, I'm a Toys'R'Us, Kid"...Oh Wait, it no longer exists...NOOOooo !
  12. Wow..! Your a little Combative Man, aren't you :-) Yes, we all know it's just a Game, but will still like to point out things from time to time, and keep the boards busy...
  13. Actually, I like how WEGO is played now (Orders at beginning of turn with 1x Minute of Action)...However, I like to see the Real-Time System have Auto-Pauses every 15 or 30 secs (giving/changing orders), so that WEGO & RT play out roughly the same after 60 secs of Action.
  14. Yes, as it stands now, a Player can Pause and unrealistically react an infinite number of times, and so a 15 or 30 secs Auto-Pause increments (to give Orders) at least breaks down how many times a player can Strategically react... This will at least have both RT & WEGO Play-out roughly the same and not as as two completely different games.
  15. JoMc67

    Could there be a CM Korea?

    I could care less if BF ever made a CMx2 Korean War...I would rather see them make a WWII Pacific Theater instead, but not before finishing-up all the relevant WWII Euro Front titles :-)
  16. Yeah, no Ammo or Headcount, and so QB's are designed more or less for 'Balanced' type Games due to Point System...I generally play QB's over Scenario's, and will miss these options...
  17. Yeah, unfortunately, there is no Ammo Settings for Formations (thou, there is a quality setting) in QB's...Certain things in the editor are not used in QB's.
  18. Well, I do see .50 Cal from an M8 AC (for one example) shooting at a Panther's Front at distance (several hundred yards) while Panther is buttoned (happens all the time in 'Barkmann's Corner'). Also, keep in mind, if your Armored Vehicle was unbuttoned before it buttoned back-up, then it could still receive residual Small Arms fire for an Action-Cycle or so...Just like how Small Arms firefights peter-off (after an Action-Cycle or so) even thou the enemy contact is gone. Another thing I noticed; unbuttoned Armor, AC's, HT's, Trucks, etc that disappear will leave an Infantry/Crew Icon associated with the Armor Icon (2x Icons...one Armor, one Inf/Crew)...So, when that unit becomes visible again the enemy Small Arms will open-up on what it last remembers as the 'Inf/Crew' Icon. Basically, it's part of the Game coding that, maybe, could be addressed differently.
  19. JoMc67

    Tank Armor/late war metal shortage

    Al thou, BF, may represent Quality Shortcoming of Late War German Armor, I wonder if they also represent the Quality Shortcomings of Allied Main Gun Ammunition...Thou, there is probably enough randomness factored in Penetration vs. Armor that it levels out in the end.
  20. JoMc67

    German sub mg squads?

    Hmm, my guess, it may be in the next Module for Late War (Module to end of War on East front).
  21. JoMc67

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    Shh, there was a debate on how relatively easy T-34/85 Bog in CM in Bad Weather...
  22. JoMc67

    how to download

    What, DragoonofDark, is trying to say; "Thanks all for guiding me in the right direction to download and activate the game..."Now that I got the game working, here are some game mechanic questions." See, Dragoon, a little thanks go a long way :-)