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    History accuracy

    I'm sure it would be hard/time consuming for BF to try and do each and every Inf Division's allocated Weapons/Vehicles, etc, but best to try and incorporate a generic stance... However, I wish BF would also reduce the amount of G43's in BN & FI in each Formation to just a few... Now, wait to you see the U.S. Garand Allocation per-squad...For some reason, it was accurate with 1x BAR per-squad) when CMBN first came out, then it jumped to 2x BAR per-squad by v4.0 Also, if you purchase CMRT, then you will see a big discrepancy in how many SMG's, SVT's and the lack of Bolt-Rifles in a Soviet/Russian Rifle Squad compared to what it should be
  2. Here is an interesting Website with Articles on Armor/Penetration/TO&E, etc... http://www.panzer-war.com/
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    Umm, No, but same CMSF Game Engine from the mid 2K timeframe :-)
  4. I use 'House Rules' against AI or Human Opponents as a form of 'Role-play'...
  5. JoMc67

    A long delayed update

    Ok Guys, Leave Steam alone...I still play the aging RO & its DH Mod from time to time, and it's still the only Steam Games I own.
  6. JoMc67

    Soldiers Movemens

    WOW, J, you never give-up on your Mods...I haven't tried any of them yet, but hope all the sounds are subtle and not over-bearing.
  7. JoMc67

    Confirming screen info

    Your all Good to Go, Cheeky-Cheeks...But, don't listen to MOS, just get CMRT, and any future WWII Titles :-)
  8. JoMc67

    Who plays Real Time mode?

    I think what RT Mode needs is an automatic pause every 15 seconds...
  9. JoMc67

    What will the next CM be?

    Oh No...it wouldn't be just Russian Advisors if it's U.S & Israel on Iranian Soil.
  10. JoMc67

    v1.01 Patch is here!

    Your OK, and should be at CMFB v2 (bottom of Splash Screen should read v2.00 Game Engine 4) once you have upgraded to Game Engine 4...So, you have the latest. For example; all my WWII Titles are up to date and will read v2.00 Game Engine 4 on Splash screen (CMBN is the only exception reading v4.00 Game Engine 4).
  11. JoMc67

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Hello, Steve, and it's Good to hear from you, and throwing of these Bones... I always thought the CMRT Basic Russian Infantry were a little over-generous with SMG's & SVT's...From I can remember a Basic Russian Infantry Squad should have around 5-6 Mosin Nagant Rifles, 1x SVT, 2x SMG, 1x LMG (something along those lines).
  12. JoMc67

    Russian radios in squads

    A slight high-jack, but I also noticed that Standard Russian Infantry Squads/HQ's don't have Smoke Grenades, except for the Engineers...Was this part of their TO&E Structure, or simply an oversight ?
  13. JoMc67

    The patch?

    Just Great, Solumon's Temple !...Now, where the FRACK am I in all this...You better go back and edit :-\
  14. JoMc67

    Seeking Opponent.

    Ok, I just found an CMFB Opponent, and no longer interested.
  15. JoMc67

    Seeking Opponent.

    How about...Tiny, Meeting, Mix Units, Medium Random Map, Avg Weather Conditions. Ok, this is how will purchase Units...Make sure you select Formation, Fit, Average Equipment, then select Reg, Leadership 0, Motivation 0, then Cycle through the 'Suggestion Box' until you find something you like, and click to purchase it. If you have any Arty, then you can click to make it On or Off Map. Any left over points (which wont be many) are wasted (no purchase of Individual Vehicles or Special Teams). I will play Axis. I use Dropbox (I don't use PM Helper) where I will insert Game Files, and a Text Document where we can Communicate. That Document will also contain 'House Rules' that I would like Players to adhere to (more House Rules in future if players can think of anything else). What say you...
  16. JoMc67

    Additional Walls

    No !...You only get whatever is in the Game Editor.
  17. JoMc67

    The patch?

    I'm with Burke, Ian and Myself..."Can we all just get along, and wait for the patch" (Ok, it wasn't exactly what they said, but you guys get the jist of it).
  18. What, 3PO, is trying to say is..."This is a Very Nice Looking Map, CCIP, and so keep up the Good Work" :-)
  19. as, IanL, has mentioned...If, Steve, wanted to start a thread of his own regarding a Game Version Update, Patch, etc then, we all will have to wait for it.
  20. Ahh, and a Very Good Comeback, Indeed...Yes, it will be a Mess of an X-Mas.
  21. Ok, and sounds about right...Thanks for the info, Oliver...
  22. And, what happens if you loose a lesser HQ (panicked or Dead), will the Higher HQ take over (Moral/Bonuses, etc) if it gets within C&C of those same Units in formation.
  23. Ok, but I imagine a 'Hiding Vehicle' also reduces its own spotting capabilities some...Just like 'Hiding Infantry' do.
  24. JoMc67

    More flattery for CMBN!

    OK, and ...
  25. JoMc67

    s h o c k f o r c e 2

    Shhh...Yeah, after BF raises the price a little first, then a Discount :-)