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  1. I think, Elvis, is eluding to..."Something Wicked This Way Comes" :-)
  2. Yeah, I think what is happening is that the Game Calculates hits as a 2D Pixel Hit, and so a Hit to a Gun Barrel (no matter how wide or narrow the incoming Shell, or how Shallow the angle) will automagically catch the Barrel and hole it (KO'ing the Gun Barrel). In Reality, most of those hits will deflect and run down the length of the Barrel (especially light shells) and hit somewhere in Turret/Upper Hull.
  3. Eww !..I guess you like Post WWII CM...Who are you, and what have you done with MoFo
  4. I think SMG's in CM should be limited to 100 meters across the board if you let the AI Target on its own..If you decide to 'Target' enemy or 'Area-Fire' then its fine to have your SMG's fire out to its max range (150-200). Joe
  5. Hello Seven of Nine... Of course there is, just walk up (well, better to Run) to one within 1-2 Action-Spots and blow it away...9 out of 10 times your Squad (Nah...apparently you only need a 2-Man Team) will throw nades (to represent Close-Assault) and either destroy or neutralize Armor, and all in the same turn.
  6. I doubt the T-34A/B (far right) was still on the Battlefield by Wars End...My guess, the Photo is from a Tank School to show the different types of T-34's through the years. in major Offensive engagements most of the T-34 Battalions will be of the same type, but smaller engagements (local defense or small counter-attacks) for sure would have a mixed Company of T-34's (7x T-34/85 and 3x T-34/76, or vice-versa...all depending on year/month).
  7. Whatever the actual effectiveness for Grenades, I just wish the amount of Grenades thrown per FireTeam/Squad (per Turn) would be a little less.
  8. Yeah, me thinks the same...SMG's should be effective at around 40-100 meters (CMx1 reflects this nicely), and much less so from 100-200 meters.
  9. Every once in awhile I also forget to turn 'Smoke' on
  10. That's no Ramelle...Now, this is Ramelle :-)
  11. Yeah, I don't know what has happened after v4.0 (didn't seem to have problems in prior patches)...Not only the above issue, but in CMFI Meeting Engagements the Germs get Panther Bunkers...So, I don't know what's going on.
  12. Yes, you can only use the Split-Team Command in order to use one of the Teams that has the Sharp/Marksman.
  13. Yes, and as Wickyleaks (pun intended) has mentioned, Squads don't usually have Sniper Teams attached, but rather Sharpshooters that can be detached via Split-Squad Command...You will need to purchase Snipers separately.
  14. "Bluecher in the Woods" (ref; Movie, Waterloo, 1970)...Ok, so you came out of the woods to finally give praise to this extraordinary Tactical Game Series :-)
  15. I have never noticed that...However, Frenchy56, I know you have a Keen eye for detail on anything Combat Mission, and so, keep up the good work :-)
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