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  1. Nah !..Life is too short, and just get whichever WWII game and all it's Modules now...Of course, if you need a PBEM Oppo, then look me up :-) Joe
  2. JoMc67

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    So, even clicking on any CMBN Product or Upgrade doesn't bring you directly to the 'CMBN Installer' ? Yeah, if all else fails, then contact Tech Support directly.
  3. JoMc67

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    Did you also try and download the 'CMBN Complete Installer', then use the 'Activate each Product' to see what happens ? I purchased CMBN CD's since v.1, along with Patches & Upgrades a long time ago (installed them 2-3 times over the yrs)...I remember having a similar issue with CW or MG, but also can't remember what I did to correct it...Just might have been the 'CMBN Complete Installer'.
  4. JoMc67

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    Go into your CMBN Folder and look for the 'Activate New Products', and put in your CW Lic Key...Hopefully, it should give you back all the CW stuff. Image Attached... In the Future, you can also Log-In @ Battlefront.com...Go under your Account Purchases (shows you everything you purchased), and click on your CMBN Purchase, and it will bring you to another screen to Download the Complete CMBN Installer (no need to install CD's anymore), then after completion go and activate each Module, and you should be Ok.
  5. JoMc67

    Floating Icons

    Oh, and completely agree...You go outside, and walk around the corner of your house, do you think your going to spot a person 500 meters away moving in open (let alone cover) in just a Second or Three...No, but might if scanning the landscape for a minute. And, I only use 'Mist' (ever since CMBN) to represent Clear Weather (unless I'm using Fog or Light Rain to represent Bad Weather) in my games to try and help this issue some, but doesn't do much. Anyways, yeah, if BF did increase the time it takes to spot units at longer ranges (longer spotting cycles, etc), then that might work better...Thou, it might mess-up the fundamental way how BF uses the Spotting System.
  6. JoMc67

    Floating Icons

    Yeah, I'm that PBEM Opponent, and will try the 'Contact Only' Icons on next Game to see how it plays out... I remember participating in a Thread or three (one might have been mine) regarding how easy it is to spot certain types of targets/postures in CMx2 (which also happened back CMx1). Example: I watch time after time at beginning of a Meeting Engagement how my moving Inf or Armor (doesn't matter if I'm running in opposite direction or through concealment) spot enemy moving Inf or Armor several hundred meters away (open, concealment...doesn't matter) in just one Second of being in LOS (not in one Minute or so that I would expect in RL). This, Of course, leads to unrealistic results that players can use to determine their following turns move, etc...Thou, for the most part, it does seem realistic enough that Hidden Units, or even Units firing for a short time don't get spotted immediately. Now, sburke, did suggest, (which I've been in process of doing) to use some sort of 'House Rules' (as others are using) to help alleviate a little these above issues (Command Delays, etc).
  7. JoMc67

    The state of CMSF2

    Guys...Can we all learn to get along here...Ok ? Oh, and leave the useless Ranting & Raving up to me :-)
  8. JoMc67

    Opponent Wanted

    Thanks for that exception, Badger73, and hope to enjoy some CM Gaming with IDILIX :-) Basically, I like to play one of each of the WWII Titles with different Players, and hope to keep them for long term gaming.
  9. JoMc67

    Fatigue test

    I'm with you %100 there, JK...
  10. JoMc67

    Opponent Wanted

    Hello, IDILIX...How about Small (which is roughly up to Reinforced Company size engagements) Meeting Engagements, using some 'House Rules, for one of your listed WWII Titles ? If interested, PM me your Dropbox addy, and will send over an invite. Joe
  11. JoMc67

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    That's interesting, Doug-e-Phresh, and hope BF takes this under advisement :-)
  12. JoMc67

    Light Mortars in Buildings

    Well, due to the British Airborne exception I have been proven wrong by Warts, and Oliver...Good catch guys.
  13. JoMc67

    Light Mortars in Buildings

    That is correct, and can't shoot Mortar Rounds from buildings...well, except from its own small arms. Joe
  14. JoMc67

    New Website status update

    Nice to meet another Virginian...I now live in Winchester, but lived in NOVA for many years... Joe