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  1. I use 7-Zip to unzip Program Files w/o issues...
  2. C'mon...It's Thanks, Hugs & Kisses (in any order is fine)...Elvis is Da'Man around here :-)
  3. What I mean is that Infantry 'Area-Fire' more or less by default (not just by giving the specific CM Order) and should have their Small Arms (especially MG's) fire center-left-right, etc, along with giving appropriate 'Savings Rolls'...Yes, and technically, Small Arms should be firing over several minutes and not hitting anything (at least slow down when targets are less visible, in cover or falling-back). Keep in mind, I'm the guy who still thinks Small Arms (especially MG's), Arty, HE Direct Fire in CM are too deadly.
  4. To be honest I don't buy the "time compression" argument anymore. If time was compressed, then why don't units run out of ammo three times faster, why don't units reload more quickly (cover narrow arcs of fire more reliably), why don't they move three times faster, etc. etc. "Time compression" is just the standard go-to argument whenever the topic "excessive infantry casualties" pops up. But this is not the result of time compression. It's the result of many factors, some of which are discussed here. That's just it...We use the 'Time Compression' or 'Game Balance arguments' to help us 'Sleep Better at Night, or Not' :-)
  5. Yes, and since last patch, Vehicle MG's are firing even more so then before causing even more pin-point hits on Inf...At least Inf MG's are realistically firing both left and right representing Area-Fire.
  6. Also keep in mind, ALL things in CM happen too quickly (more of a time compression) giving 3x fold more casualties then there should be... You are allowed to do what you want, anywhere, at anytime (this goes for both Armor & Inf)...ex, Armor can be too deadly at range (not enough cover for Trenches), but in turn Inf will become too deadly just by throwing a few hand grenades at armor at close range, and KO'ing within seconds.
  7. Yes, this...CM:RL All other Suggestions are Mediocre at best.
  8. I generally use CMBN (now with 4.02) to Test Game Components, etc... I would Setup a Squad vs enemy Squad 250-300 meters apart, stationary, Open Flat Terrain, troops fire themselves, just to see what happens during a 15 minute Fire-Fight...The Troops would open fire for 1-2 minutes, then decide to stop shooting for most rest of the game, even when there are 2-3 troops on either side still coming in and out of LOS every turn. I remember in older versions of CMBN with exact same conditions above, troops would shoot more often every turn and with more LOS of individual troops until just about everyone was KIA/WIA. So...Maybe some sort of issue with 4.02, or possibly BF decided to make troops more conscious on when to fire (sort of J Bennett's thoughts) to give a better overall representation of Lower Casualties during a ranging Firefight ?
  9. Yes, and suspect your right...Will be awaiting your next Youtube Vids :-)
  10. Ahh...I've seen you and 'MATADOR' handout over on 'STEAM' playing 'Red Orchestra' from time to time. Joe
  11. Thanks for the reply...I actually don't need CD's anymore (since I have finally updated myself to only download from the server, lol), but was just curious.
  12. I decided for the first time ever to do a Pre-Order...I did so with CMFI: Rome to Victory :-) Now, and when the time comes, I wonder if I will also get a CD along with the Download...or, are CD's no more ? Joe
  13. Ok, and at the moment, I know have all the PBEM Opponents that I need...
  14. Hello Guys, Looking for a couple PBEM Opponents for any of the WWII Titles (all modules)...Small Meeting Engagements Mixed Random Maps & Units, etc...I Use Dropbox for Communication & Game Files along with House Rules...PM or respond back below. Joe
  15. NOOOooo, RH & HT...Well, at least you both got to enjoy the Game while using the 'Realism Mod' :-)
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