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  1. Ahh, I remember 'Lucky Strike' back in the CMx1 days... I PM'ed you several yrs ago and saying how great your Panther Mods where (among a few others)...I was hoping one day for you to re-join the now CMx2 Mod Community...Great to have you back :-) Joe
  2. I speak for myself and the rest of the CM Forumites...Great AAR, and hope to see more in the future, especially the ones that I Win 👍😉
  3. I think FB has a few more Scenario's then RT...Keep in mind, thou, you can find additional Scenarios over at the Aftermarket Dept.
  4. Actually, I would advocate that these Weapons (and similar) fire Single-Rounds at Med-Long Range and Short Controlled Bursts at Short Range. Also, I would tone down SMG's in general as they tend to be alittle too deadly at Meg-Long Range.
  5. Yes, and unfortunately, Shaders in CMBN turn themselves off when starting a Game (won't stay on from one game to the next)...So, only fix is to turn them back on each Game (other CMx2 Games are unaffected).
  6. For Chits & Grins...I substituted the Panther for a PzIVH, and played this Scenario several times and was doing fairly well. This, until the M4's showed up (was able to get anywhere from 0-2 M4's on average) before getting KO'ed.
  7. That is correct...Buddy Aid just basically gives you that desired extra Ammo, Weapons, etc during Battle.
  8. I still have a collection of WWII GHQ Micro Armor (and other assorted companies) and, either play using couple different miniature rules, or just setup to look pretty on about 9x 2'x4' Terrain Tables. https://www.ghqmodels.com/pages/military/index.asp
  9. Sorry for the Thread Jack (not sorry), @USNRM3...Is your Avatar a direct picture from one of the Original D&D (or AD&D) Players Handbook/Monster Manuals many a yrs ago ?
  10. This sounds a little disconcerting :-( Thou, I can't remember, but are Troops on the MOVE try and evade incoming HE, and not if Troops are Stationary ?
  11. I think, Elvis, is eluding to..."Something Wicked This Way Comes" :-)
  12. Yeah, I think what is happening is that the Game Calculates hits as a 2D Pixel Hit, and so a Hit to a Gun Barrel (no matter how wide or narrow the incoming Shell, or how Shallow the angle) will automagically catch the Barrel and hole it (KO'ing the Gun Barrel). In Reality, most of those hits will deflect and run down the length of the Barrel (especially light shells) and hit somewhere in Turret/Upper Hull.
  13. Eww !..I guess you like Post WWII CM...Who are you, and what have you done with MoFo
  14. I think SMG's in CM should be limited to 100 meters across the board if you let the AI Target on its own..If you decide to 'Target' enemy or 'Area-Fire' then its fine to have your SMG's fire out to its max range (150-200). Joe
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