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  1. I'm Interested, Patrik, and will email you shortly... Joe
  2. Ok, next possibility...If you to Battlefront.com and go under Account Purchases, you should be able to find the CMBN Full installer (it's one big download). Just uninstall your old version first, then download that Full Installer (which will automagically bring you to 4.02)...Should solve the problem.
  3. Ok, Glen, and see the problem...You have 3.12, and next would need to purchase & install the 4.0 Upgrade, then you install the 4.02 Patch. Joe
  4. I sure hope so...We have Commonwealth in CM:BN, CM:FI, and we should see it in CM:FB
  5. I think it does effect Stamina a little (getting tired quicker), and maybe spotting, but not shooting...Same principle with units that are tired, their spotting might be effected, but, unfortunately not shooting. Joe
  6. I'm glad to hear that CM:FB will finally include the Commonwealth and take this to end of War. Joe
  7. WTF, also means getting back to our game...Oh never mind, your probably still in Sunny Saudi for awhile :-( Joe
  8. I'm interested in playing CM:FB...Will email you the details. Joe
  9. It's quit possible that the Tiger 1 or 2 was in a precarious position (Surrounded by enemy, trapped itself in a position, disabled, etc), and when hit several times with a 37mm in the rear just decided its best option is to abandon the tank...Thou, apparently the Tiger did catch fire. Joe
  10. Also keep in mind, even thou this test is for ideal 'Combat Conditions' it's still 'Combat Conditions as far as CM is concerned (not Firing Range), and so the 'To Hit' numbers seem to be fairly accurate...If this was an actual 'Firing Range', then the 'To Hit' would be significantly higher.
  11. As a Side note @peter Panzer, there happens to be 10mm WWII miniatures under your name. Not sure if they’re being produced anymore, but I remember them back in the day. Joe
  12. Ok, the first Game File is just your 'Password', then you exit and send the 'Outgoing Game File to your Opponent, then you receive next game from him, and it should be the 'Purchase Screen' if QB, or Deployment if Scenario.
  13. This is not the Formation I'm using in our Battle, but gives you an idea the issue I was having...
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