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  1. Oh, What one Freaking Minute...It's RockinMord...Both are Brothers living far apart from one another (Or, are they both one in the same...NOOOoooooo).
  2. Mord...Is that your new look...Cool ! Never mind, the other Forumites beat me to it...
  3. Interesting...You would think by Game Default a 1 or 2 Man Team would be difficult (regardless), Fire Teams a little easier, and Squads much more easier to spot.
  4. Now, what I want to know...Are Units Running away in due time depending if Green, Vet and in what types of Cover....I think I remember someone saying that 'Green' troops in buildings are too resilient and most of the troops die in place before finally moving out of cover. This could also mean Vet troops will most likely die in place to the last man before leaving said cover ? I would figure 'Fortifications' in general would give most quality troops a higher resilience factor (fortification bonus if you will), but troops in lesser cover (woods, buildings, etc) would still have them run from cover in short time (a bit longer if Vet, etc).
  5. Hello,

    How about either CMFI  or CMFB, Small QB Meetings, using some basic House Rules. I also use Dropbox for Game File & Text Communications. If interested then give me your Dropbox address, and will send you over an invite.


    1. MistakeNot


      Sounds great! my address is axel.palmen@gmail.com. I wouldn't mind playing a bit of CMFI!

  6. Yeah, hopefully that Bug gets Fixed...However, not to despair as I will send you an actual Scenario in Dropbox shortly (thou, I will miss playing QB's against opponents for now).
  7. the M8 AC situation was interesting for sure....Actually, you did mention of sending the Game File up the Chain-of-Command back then to be looked at (that's all I remember).
  8. Ahh, you didn't know 2010ofWeapon...BF accidentally upgraded the first shot of all 75mm Rounds to be a 150mm Hollow Charge Round (used for the 37mm or 50mm AT w/150 Stielgranate 41).
  9. Last Year In CMFI 4.0...I was reversing my AC on top of a Hill, and it literally slid down about 40 meters on side of that Hill (that contained Grape/Olive Grooves). I remember sending the Game File to IanL to see what he thought of it...
  10. Upgrade 3.0 is the best to date...Hopefully the Upgrade 4.0 Patch will get a re-Patch in due time.
  11. Try one of these for Unique Characters ( especially the first symbol ).....@ : / \ - =...etc, etc
  12. Sounds Good...Installed 4.1, but reverting back to 4.0 for awhile until some issues hopefully gets sorted out.
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