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  1. This has been discussed to Death, and Back over the years...Yes, unbuttoned Crew/Gunner survivability is way too low, and are literally Bullet Magnets in game (Small Arms are directed to top part of Vehicle, rather then Center-Mass that would've given them at least a better survivability through game). And, NO...Unbuttoned Crew should not necessarily be considered 'Sitting Ducks', (unless from short range Small Arms, or Sniper or Hit by an HE/AP round) and in RL should potentially survive through a Battle w/o getting a Crew Member hit. If you think it's bad now, you should've seen it back in earlier game patches...At least now, the height of unbuttoned Crew is lower and they button-up more quickly so that they wont get hit %100 of the time. Me thinks, BF, needs to increase the 'Savings Roll' a bit to represent Crew moving about and trying to avoid incoming fire (along with Small Arms hitting Center-Mass of vehicle, instead of Top). Anyways...Just my 3 Cents :-(
  2. JoMc67

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    If both sides haven't already purchased their Formation and Units, then consider the following: No Vets or above, but instead use Green/Reg, No higher then High Motivation, No higher then 0 Leadership...This should help keep the casualties down a little, while maintaining some staying power (you wont have those continuous RAMBO moments that Vet/Crack w/High Motivation +1/2 Leadership give you). I know I've been doing the above in most my PBEM or against AI...Usually, Green/High Motivation/0 Leadership as my baseline. Then, maybe try using the 'Suggestion Only' to purchase your Formation (you will get interesting results, minus the headache of purchase troops).
  3. JoMc67

    Realism Suggestions?

    Ahh, Yes...It was 'Franko's True Combat Rules' that came out back in the early CMx1 days...I think played it once or twice at Platoon Level, and it was Challenging for sure.
  4. JoMc67

    Realism Suggestions?

    Ok, Here is the latest iteration of the 'House Rules' (with the usual subject to change mindset). 1* No Pre-Planned Arty (or Area-Fire from Ground Units) on Turn 1 of a Meeting Engagement, or from Defender. Player will need to Call-In Arty normally. Attacker in Attack/Defense Games are exempt and can use Pre-Planned Arty. 2* Players will let the Computer AI choose what Targets to shoot at (Players can't choose Targets, but can still use Small Arms & HE' Area-Fire'). Player can still use Smoke at anytime and any Location on the Map. 3* Units can conduct Free LOF/LOS checks (and thus conduct Small Arms & HE Area-Fire) at its exact location and any adjacent Action-Spots (total of 9x Action-Spots)...Since Vehicles don't have Action-Spots per say they are allowed to conduct Free LOF/LOS checks 360 degrees out to 20 meters. 4* Players Can't click on Enemy Icons/Units during a Game. 5* Direct Small Arms & HE Area-Fire in a Meeting Engagement can't be more then roughly 2x Action-Spots in any direction from Enemy Icons/Units), however, in Probe/Attack Engagements treat as normal and can shoot anywhere at anytime. 6* Vehicle Smoke Dischargers (not Smoke Shells) is controlled by the Computer AI, and not by the Player. 7* No Armor Detailed Hits, RH Animation Mod, Invisible Floating Enemy Icons, Invisible Casualty Cross, Invisible Enemy Tracer. 8* C&C System...From either BH or the more quicker user friendly version from HT. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, there are some variations to the above 'House Rules' to better suite how you think CM should be played...Below are some examples: 'House Rule' #2 Variation: Allow a Player to Direct-Fire with Mortars (since they Area-Fire anyways). Allow Direct-Fire with HMG Teams or MG equiped Vehicle against other Vehicles (since not doing so will have both AC's pairing off and not shooting at each other, but giving a DF Order will allow for either AC's to potentially damage each other. 'House Rule' #3 Variation: If a Unit checks LOS at a Waypoint that Unit has to keep that Waypoint (and not alter it) for duration of turn...Next turn he can delete any or all Waypoints, and repeat procedure.
  5. JoMc67

    Realism Suggestions?

    Hey Slippy...There are some 'Realism Mods' per say from RH, and C&C Rules from BH (and maybe some others) along with some of my 'House Rules' (that I will post-up later). I'm out now, but back later for discussion. I'm sure other will chime in shortly... Joe
  6. JoMc67

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    Hey Mord, You missed quoted the wrong person...Heirloom Tomato said that, LOL 😳 I only have one insignificant other to worry about 😉
  7. JoMc67

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    Duplicate Post...
  8. JoMc67

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    This is true, and with 'No Enemy Icons' it will really hinder things...There might be Enemy Units on the Map that are only visible for a few seconds (that one of your troops notice), but as the 'God Like' Commander you may never even notice it (and as you say; Unless you decide to pause the game every 5 seconds and click on all your units to see who spots what...and, eventually getting a headache in the process, lol). Actually, you know what would be real nice (as an Upgrade Suggestion), if the outer ring of a Friendly Icon would flash for a few seconds (different from flashing when taking a casualty, etc) when it spots an enemy unit so you can automatically know what unit to focus on...Thou, if you played with 'Sky Triangles' On, then you will have a fairly good idea of what part of map the Visible enemy are located (then, cycle through your units to see who spots what). Are you going to use any of our 'House Rules' or did you come up with something similar/different ?..Let AI choose what targets to shoot at (use covered arcs to manipulate), no detailed armor hits, no use of the permanent pause function (use the 5-through-45 sec pause function only), etc. Don't worry about our game..."The End is Near" and your Mortar Fire hasn't deterred me from taking all my objectives (whatever those objectives may be, lol)...I need one final push into that Farm to end all hopes and dreams for the Amis (not to be confused with "The Farm too Far" syndrome I had earlier, lol).
  9. JoMc67

    NATO Units????

    Dam-it...I'll pretend I didn't hear that...In fact, I don't think you know what your talking about
  10. JoMc67

    The Truelife* Mode PBEM DAR

    Ahh Yes...The far too fast automagically C2 Info Sharing in CM (even in 'Iron' Mode...unfortunately) will give you a good heads-up of where enemy units/icons are . Oh, and thought I was your to go guy for trying to make all aspects of CM as realistic as possible...Now, I know who side your on, lol...In any case, I will be watching how this Battle unfolds with great enthusiasm :-)
  11. JoMc67

    Weekend Challenge Battle

    Ahh Yes...The High Casualty Rates that CM gives with Automatics at all Ranges...It's the Gift that keeps on Giving :-(
  12. JoMc67

    RTS & Wego

    Thou, I wonder if you could Start-Up a Scenario in a different Screen Resolution just to read the Text better, then re-start the game to your desired Screen Resolution ?...Not sure.
  13. JoMc67

    RTS & Wego

    No DigDug...Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to make the Briefings any bigger :-( That 'RH Animation' Mod is from 'RockinHarry', and is meant to be used for testing purposes and not widely available for download (Thou, he does have part of that Animation Mod available at CMMODS that includes 'Buddy Aid' and 'Cower').
  14. JoMc67

    RTS & Wego

    Here are some of my smaller RT Mods, but many bigger Mods to follow, such as Terrain, Vehicle, Inf, etc (I had RT fully modded at one point but old rig died). Joe
  15. I don't speak Frankish :-)...but if he is referring to "a lot of Crashes', then also try to disable Shaders in Video Card and in Game to see if that helps any.