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  1. This reminds me of an old ACW Miniature Rules System called 'Stars -n- Bars' by Scotty Bowden (70's-80's)... Units (Battalion/Regiment/Battery) had what's called UCM (Unit Combat Moral), and during Combat a Unit would take Temporary Moral Loss (Suppression during Battle, if you will), and would gain some of it back every turn by throwing dice (or completely get it back if withdrawn from front-line for an hour). However, if it took a Casualty, then it had a Permanent Moral Loss (on top of any Temporary Moral Loss) that it wont get back during the Battle. Of course, you would then throw your Dice during the Moral Stage to determine what happens to a Unit.
  2. JoMc67

    New to RT - help please

    GunofRusted, Try and turn 'Shaders' Off on both the Video Card and the Game Start-up Screen (Options-Advanced)...Then has been some issues with players (including myself) where a Game would Crash half-way through a Scenario or Turn.
  3. Just get 'MG, 'Scenario-Pack', & 'Vehicle-Pack'...It's all major enough. Sorry...I have elaborated too much on the above subject, and will just let you decide :-)
  4. And, a Good Game Indeed... Yeah, we both selected 'Cease-Fire' a couple turns ago, and it still didn't take place, and so I figured on selecting 'Surrender'...Thou, and if I were you, I wouldn't have selected 'Cease-Fire' (and just propose I 'Surrender', or let it play out), and just finish me off to the point of me clicking on 'Surrender'. I knew you were also in the Far Woods, and decided that you would probably be too cautious and stay back...So, I keep moving back and forth along tree line a couple turns and letting my troops (in Keyhole positions) shoot at yours in the Village...However, I moved back-in-forth once too many times and paid the price with your unexpected flanking Woods Movement (well, I expected there was a possibility, but didn't expect it coming from you that early)...So, I decided to move out of the Village (woods & upper Village) altogether with my remaining troops. However, for Chits & Grins decided to attack the Center again with one Squad, and of course it failed. The Forumites have taught you well, young Luke...Just remember who your Father is (You Freaking Newbie Bastage :-) Looking forward to your next upcoming AAR/DAR :-) .
  5. JoMc67

    HQS 3.0 at CMMODS

    I remember this been mentioned before in a past post...Some are simply duplicates, and you need to decide which to keep and which to throw away.
  6. JoMc67

    HQS 3.0 at CMMODS

    I also use 7 Zip without problems.. I don't have HQS 3.0, but it's probably nearly the same as 2.6. (maybe updated for Modern). I also remembered HQS 2.6 having same issue with duplicate Folder names, and File Sounds and had to weed through each Part.
  7. JoMc67

    The Best Battlefield Simulator Ever Made

    Actually, If BF ever made Tactical ACW Games, then this is almost exactly what it would look and feel like (CM-Gettysburg, CM Shiloh, etc)...Moving around Battalions/Regiments in a Brigade, and Brigades in a Division, etc with RT or 5-15 minute turn options.
  8. JoMc67

    AMD Video Card Upgrade ?

    Ok, and thanks for the info...
  9. Yes, going at an slight angle (say 60-75 degrees) and shooting within 1-2 Action Spots will give HE/Small Arms a greater chance of KO/Suppression.
  10. JoMc67

    AMD Video Card Upgrade ?

    Ok, I want to ask a question regarding AMD Radeon Settings... Once I set all the AMD Settings will these Settings apply to all the different game Icons located on my Desktop (ex; CMBN, Red Orchestra, etc) ...Or, should I put each Game Icon in the AMD Global Settings Tray in order for those Settings to work (and I would have to launch that Icon from the AMD Settings Tray, and not from the Desktop) ?
  11. This sounds disconcerting for sure.. :-(
  12. Never paid attention to this, but are you saying HE/Small Arms hitting front of building doesn't Suppress\KO Troops touching outside of far side of said building ?..I figured troops would've at least still get Suppressed due to being within the 1-2 Action Spots of HE/Small Arms...Hmm, this sounds disconcerting :-(
  13. JoMc67

    Gauging Combat Mission Interest

    At first looking at the Thread Title I thought B.H was introducing a Campaign and looking for interested BF Forumites.
  14. Yeah, and young Skywalker might come by and move this to the 'General Discussion Forum...