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  1. JoMc67

    Un-Acquire ?

    Shh, and if it was up to me, I wouldn't even have an 'Acquire Ammo' Command (or Ammo Depots) since stuff like this takes place in between Scenarios. But, everyone wanted it included in CM, and so we have it...It's just too much Ammo then anyone knows what to do with...Sigh.
  2. I think will do (which is what I probably did the last time) is still use the 'Suggestion' (just quick & easier to purchase) but allow the player to either delete any one PHQ (HQ and it's Units) of his choice, or delete up to 25% of total points, then use those extra points to buy whatever in the 'Teams' & Vehicles' sections. Anyways, something along those lines... Thanks again, guys.
  3. Ok, I have pretty much been using Mix (in QB screen) and 'Suggestion' Only (player has to use whatever is in that formation w/o deleting) when playing against AI or Human for past few yrs as it's just a quick and easy way to Purchase a whole formation (If you cycle through the 'Suggestion' Only, then you will eventually find a Formation you like)...However, it does limit what is in that formation (limited Teams, Vehicles, etc). What guide lines do you use for Player Purchase of the Formation first, then of individual Teams & Vehicles ?..I just don't want a Player purchasing a whole Infantry Formation and delete everything from it, but say an HQ, and use the 90% left over points to buy all Armor, Field Pieces, or Snipers, etc. Now, I do remember (once or twice over the yrs) allowing a Player to purchase a Formation (deleting stuff), and then with left over points to change Moral, Purchase Teams & Vehicles, etc...However, I just can't remember how I went about doing it in a realistic fashion. Joe
  4. Yeah, in general, all Demo's tend to run better & smoother then the Full Versions...
  5. JoMc67

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Who are you...and what have you done with Ultraman ?
  6. JoMc67

    Improvement suggestions

    Actually, (it's the other way around)...If you have gotten to a point in the Battle where you are relying on mounted troops to provide suppressive fire, then the Enemy is already in bad shape...
  7. JoMc67

    The state of CMSF2

    You know, Steve, it's actually pretty cool when you can come on these forums, and not only talk a little bit about the development stages of a game (when time permits), but simply to shoot the breeze with us from time to time Guys...Your not going to get that from Big Game Developers.
  8. Yeah, but unfortunately it was very anti-climatic due to time restraints.
  9. Yeah, this AAR is just meant to be a quick down and dirty test PBEM to give NCC an idea How it is against an Opponent (at least to a small degree). His next one will be a DAR With similar scenario parameters, but with different map... I personally don’t do AARs, and my hats off to him 😉
  10. Yeah, I think a 30 turn for this particular game Scenario & Map would have been better to give ncc1701 a chance to use all the basic Strategy & Tactics (my fault for not leaving it to the default 30 turns). I probably tend to have the assumption (still do) that in order to play a quickie Game (so that both myself & opponent don't have chance to use all Strategy & Tactics available necessary) I tend to make Tiny Platoon Level Games 15+ minutes, Company size 30+, and Battalion size 1 hour (which I don't play often).
  11. JoMc67


    Hey Wicky, Yeah, I already did that, but know for sure that the Website is defunked...I was just wondering if anyone here on the forums might have these Screensavers on their HD's. Thanks thou...
  12. I love the fact that I found these CM Games back in the early years and that I'm still playing them today :-) Joe
  13. Also, I modified the 'House Rules' slightly this game so that it would make it easier for ncc1701 to understand...Below are what the 'House Rules' would normally look like: 1* No Pre-Planned Arty (or Area-Fire from Ground Units) on Turn 1 of a Meeting Engagement, or from Defender. Player will need to Call-In Arty normally (Attacker in Attack/Defense Games are exempt and can use Pre-Planned Arty). FO & HQ Units will need to Spot or have knowledge of Enemy Units or Icons on Battlefield to Call-In Arty (click on your Unit to see if it spots Enemy Units or Icons). Once that knowledge has been obtained then it can call in Arty Anywhere at Anytime on the Battlefield w/o restrictions. 2* Players will let the Computer AI choose what Targets to shoot at (player can't choose Targets)...However, 'Direct Area-Fire' and Smoke is still allowed at any Location on the Map. 3* Units can check LOF (line of Fire, and thus Area-Fire) at two locations per turn...Once before Movement (exact location of Unit at beginning of turn), and at the first Waypoint (doesn't matter how short or long the Waypoint is)...However, if you check LOF at that Waypoint, then you must keep that Waypoint (w/o any alterations) until beginning of next Turn Movement Orders. This will reduce the unrealistic infinite number of times a player can conduct LOS/LOF checks during a turn. 4* Area-Fire has to be roughly within 2x Action-Spots (360 degrees) to any Enemy Unit/Icon (this includes Direct HE fire from Onboard Arty...Smoke can still be anywhere on map)...Arty called in by an HQ or FO is exampt and can be conducted anywhere on the Map. 5* Players Can't click on Enemy Icons or Units during a Game. 6* Vehicle Smoke Dischargers (not Smoke Shells) is controlled by the Computer AI, and not by the Player (this helps prevent the unrealistic over use of Smoke Dischargers by players to mask friendly movement). * House Rule #4 is not used in Attack/Defense Games...A Player can still normally conduct 'Direct Area-Fire' at any point on map. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm also play testing these quick C&C House Rules below (I know BH, and couple others have their own system) to be adopted at some point in future: Player can conduct Movement Orders normally, however, if Units are out of C&C of parent PHQ (dark red line), then an Automatice 15 sec 'Pause' is issued to all those units affected (except there is no Pause allocated to units using the 'Evasive' Command')...If PHQ is out of C&C of Higher HQ (CHQ, BHQ) then an Automatic 1 minute (60 sec) 'Pause' is issued to all Platoons affected. I generally don't play anything bigger then up to Reinforced Company size engagements, but for those who play Battalion size engagements, then maybe a 5 minute delay for CHQ's not in C&C of BHQ's. Anyways, something along the above...
  14. And, a Good Game Indeed :-)...Thou, if time didn't run-out, and you did tightened-up your Squads a bit (not spread-out too far apart) on the flanks, then you would have been in better shape then me. I was going to be on the defensive most of game (especially playing standard German Inf) by having my Squads closer to objective, and only moving out on the flanks a little to counter your far flanking...I also figured the last few turns to take a chance and move-in a Inf Section (AT Team in this case) behind the smoke screen in hopes it would survive and not be located by games-end. In anycase, this is just a Test PBEM Meeting Game (with 2-3 others coming soon) to give you an idea of Human Opponent, House Rules, Game Mechanics, Tactics, etc, and along with help from other Forum Members. Joe
  15. JoMc67

    New features curiosity

    Who are you, Marder ?..Anyways, welcome aboard :-)