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  1. 1.12 was the last patch and is all inclusive I have CMBO running on a 1ghz tablet and it runs fine when I first played CMBO was on a 900mhz machine with 1/2 a gig of ram and 32 meg vid card
  2. I'm getting a message that I have more up to date drivers already and the installer will abort that part of the install but it has been over 10 min that it has been saying this should I cancel it or just wait it out?
  3. I was on the old forum for this game and things dragged there for yrs so it may be that the buzz has kinda burned out I hope that it does get published in the next few months and is not vaporware I had gotten pretty much to the point that PT boats was going to be vaporware I'm more just a wait and see right now
  4. I tend to think of this kind of combat as squad level battles the stories are out there they are just not as spoken of as much compared to when you get to fleet level stuff and the battle wagons just have better press coverage
  5. it is like saying how many tiger tanks where taken out by just using rifle fire
  6. NWS has done wonders with Fighting Steel go here for their updates http://forums.navalwarfare.org/
  7. Matrix has an updated version of Harpoon CE is based on the old harpoon the other version Advanced harpoon looked to clunky to me I have CE and it plays fine for me I also have the updated version of Fleet command and still play Fighting Steel evey now and then using the updates from NWS PT Boats KotS is another that I had just about given up on till I saw an update on it on the Wargamer.com
  8. Any news yet also are you going to your modern naval battles also in this format
  9. for me the design was for defence against land mines and not EFP's(stopping them cold) what is the typical range an EFP is fired at a vehicle if it is over say 10 meters then you are out of the shrapnel(secondary effect to the EFP)zone also since there is no outer armor to slow down an EFP so it can rattle around in a vehicle to chew things up think a destroyer with no armor vs a large AP shell(8"+) during WW2 there where instantces where there was no damage caused by a large passing right thru the DD there was not enough resistance to start the delay fuse though they feel that sniper fire is not much of a concern this just what I see also thes seem to be fire support or convoy escort vehicles in it you are either the driver or a gunner with fairly long ranges weapons(M2HB,M249,Mk 19 GL)
  10. 30mm is a small grenade maybe 3m kill radius so firing a 3 rnd burst left to right or right to left with a 5m spacing per shot is going to give you a 15m long x 3m wide killzone and if the rnds are time fused being in the trench with no overhead cover is like adding a blender to whip up some eggs
  11. need to stop putting your men out in the open get shot at use the terrain to give you cover if you are going to give the enemy a shot at you make it a hard 1 like long range if you are the US hide and let them get in close if Syrian then ZAP them from all sides in the first thunder scenario I sent 1 squad onto the berm(slow to get to the top unseen with 3 javilins)the other ramp up the berm I sent 1 M1 M1 takes on the armor javilens for the bunkers everybody else heads to the road behind the berm 81mm AP for the trenches 155 when it shows for the barracks and the other buildings then mop up the other trenches that I have been blasting with M1's, MGS's, Strykers and infantry at long range the game is lethal enough Infantery dies to fast in this game. Look at this thread: http://www.battlefront.com/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=52;t=003438 </font>
  12. even a 6 hr movie would not do it justice needs to be a 1 yr series at least 22 1hr episodes Great book. I still think of parts of it--like the German tank units firing, then reversing back to the next previously prepared position. IMHO, better than Search for Red October...and I never was nearly attracted to Clancy's stuff after Red Storm Rising. Can you imagine a movie of it? But I think it will have to wait for CM3, CM4, or CM5. Even for just the ground war, the air combat, unit density, and terrain issues would seem to me staggering. You would also have to deal extensively with electronic warfare--which is something one can largely avoid in current versions of asymetric combat. </font>
  13. not even close to WW2 reread the russian general commenting on nato rear gaurd actions(3 men and a jeep with antitank missiles)
  14. I restarted the thunder campain wego veteran got thru 5 turns then had a CTD with message being sent to M$ it was late and I had not saved the game so I closed it I just got done playing the same campain and have gotten thru 13 turns and no CTD saw the low wall bug with the center divider of the highway game runs much smother(it ran pretty good to begin with on my desktop to begin with(3.06 ghz single core with hyperthreading 2gig of ram and a ATI 1550 vid card with 512 meg of ram) I'll try it in my laptop later which is a 1.6ghz single core centrino 1.5 gig of ram 128meg built in video that shares ram it ran ok on that some stuttering things I liked 1 when aquiring the Javalin CLU it comes with 1 missile GREAT thanx pathfinging much better need to play a night scenario to see the new lighting effects
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