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  1. Thanks Kuniworth, I liked the FireBase Bastogne, it's a shame it was cancelled
  2. Hi everyone, been away for couple months now. I had/have complete burnout of sc... I haven't been even on this forum for a long time. But I looked the topics what I have missed, and there was only couple of pages of them :eek: I hope I can soon open sc again and start playing BTW, does FireBase Bastogne exist anymore?
  3. Yes I will, if he just would have enough courage to meet me in the field... :confused:
  4. Just curious, when did France surrender (date)?
  5. I have beeing trying to contact ErrantRecce but I have got no answer... I wonder if he's scared because of that enormous bid?
  6. What? a life? What is that thing? Never heard about that thing... Oh well, whatever, I'm happy without it
  7. Ok, what the h*ll did that mean? I understood Rambo's post but could you please speak English here?
  8. ROFLMAF This is great! You can't even imagine how good laugh I had with this one Keep it up Curry
  9. Yaggmoth Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try it.
  10. No, not that I know. All the files that come from other people work just fine.
  11. ROFLMFAO! hehe, good luck for your finals. I hope to see you more on this forum.
  12. Kuniworth, the problem is quite weird. When ErrantRecce sends his turn to me, I can't download it from my e-mail. Instead it just opens the file and there's some kind of code or something. I don't have an idea to solve this problem. If anyone has any advices for this, please tell me. Thanks
  13. 1. Comrade Trap 2. Rambo 3. - 4. - 5. Immer Etwas
  14. Count me in. I play only via pbem
  15. Thanks for posting that link. I really enjoyed it. Mayby I should start playing more chess. But the problem is that I'm already nolife-computerfreak and it takes a hell lot of time. "And with that, I'm out of this Thread, I promise! Apolgiies again and thanks for tolerating my nonsense." You don't have to do that, I enjoy your comments and posts. Everybodys comments and especially yours are always welcomed
  16. I like chess too, though I play it very rarely and I suck at it I've been only playing against my friends but I never have lost a chess game :eek: "Meanwhile, I'm crowding your AAR thread, which I didn't mean to do. My aplogies. " No problem, I guess we'll start new thread anyway when the game finally starts.
  17. "After hundreds of tournament chess games and never understanding how I'd lose against guys rated much lower than myself, it finally dawned on me that it's best to regard every opponent as a master." I guess you are right. I almost lost one game because I underestimated my opponent. By the way, how good are you in chess? World Champion?
  18. I still don't have it. You sure you sent it to Kani@jippii.fi?
  19. My sc crashes unfortunately often as well.
  20. I just wanted to thank Alexander for great and fun game. I wish you the best luck in the tournament.
  21. I have not received your turn. Please send it again, thanks. BTW, good luck.
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