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  1. They disappear after a certain time. If they don't it's because there are still enemy troops near. I think (it's been a while) that if you leave them completely unattended they might revert to a fighting state.
  2. One could imagine the TOE could carry over as well which is also a bottleneck. Even if a hypothetical new engine would use its own TOE format, the information can be stored in an engine independent format and conversion to the correct format can be automated.
  3. I changed my NVidia profile like @Lethaface suggested and so far no crash.
  4. Are your settings in the thread? I haven't had the time to go through it yet.
  5. Thanks, I haven't heard of this. I am in fact using a Nvidia card. The thread is here for reference. I updated my drivers yesterday so we'll see.
  6. I have now experienced the crash in CMBS. I'll try lowering my settings to see if it helps.
  7. I downloaded the new demo and I still experienced a crash. Both crashes happened in training scenario as I was nearing the end of the scenario.
  8. I was playing around with the demo and it crashed on me. Is there anyway to retrieve useful information to debug this problem?
  9. The only other option is see is leading with infantry to clear out potential AT positions. But that's extremely risky. Russian IFV can make short work of anyone caught in their sights. UAV are a non option because of the heavy anti air presence. What difficulty level do you guys play?
  10. I found a video AAR of this battle on youtube: *** Spoilers *** Do you guys also encounter this <LASER WARNING> - <SMOKE CYCLE>? In my playthroughs I found that I have no choice but to brute force my way through. All avenues of approach are being covered by heavy weapons it seems.
  11. Hi! I am finally getting a new pc after 8 years :). I have combat mission final blitzkrieg, red thunder, black sea and normany installed. All updated to the latest version. Do I need to unlicense? Thanks! stikky
  12. The only that did not work on the recon vehicles were the radar mast on on type of British IFV. All other equipment work, although for some optics to be used you need to unbutton.
  13. Is this mostly a remake of CMSF1 to the latest engine? Or are there also engine changes planned? Any way good to see the progress
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