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  1. Can't imagine why, I have never had any problems with Avast.
  2. In Nvidia cp set power management mode to Max performance then limit fps to 45 (use msi afterburner), this works for me. The problem is both nvidia and the game are both trying to optimize performance which is why you are getting the up and down behavior - too many cooks spoil the broth.
  3. They appear to like each other - quite a lot. Some people will do anything for a piece of a$$.
  4. There is actually a tutorial somewhere.
  5. The project was not too ambitious, the fellow involved simply did not have the necessary skills to pull it off.
  6. You can do whatever you like but I get better performance and less heat with shadows off and besides to me the shadows don't really look all that good.
  7. Try turning anisotropic filtering way up as well as aa. Turn shadows off.
  8. Ran several turns of fire brigade (this is a big scenario) and on my machine it uses, 1.2 GB memory with 1.5 GB total 300MB vm 916 MB Vid memory W7 x64 12GB GTX580 1.5GB mem
  9. Have you tried to start a pbem game with yourself using the same setup. If it's not your machine then something is either interfering with your file like av or something or it is slightly corrupt which you could also have the guy deliver the file by some other means like drop box.
  10. Turn off all AA in both vid card and game. Turn off shadows. Turn off trees. Set vid card to maximum performance. Set texture quality to performance in vid card. Use balance/balance in game. A little more main memory couldn't hurt especially if you have other things running in background. A vid card with a lot of mem couldn't hurt either. Set vram to something high like 4 or 5 GB and see if it makes a difference (prolly not). If the game is doing a lot of reads/writes to HD then that is where you are getting hammered. Make sure to put your game directory in the AV exclusion list. Shadows, trees and bocage impact the system the hardest. Whats wierd is if I got a 1000FPS I would still use trees with trunks and probably no shadows.
  11. are you out of memory when you use rezexplode? How much disk space do you have? Have you tried rebooting the pc?
  12. Been testing a scenario I’ve been working on using map Asslt Large Hills QB-121 and the buildings on that map seem quite tough even against 88mm HE from a tiger. It could be just certain buildings or just the angle that might be causing the problem you are seeing.
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